About Rena

The Basics:

Rena Wells is a Spiritual Catalyst, with hyper intuition who is very capable of working in all densities of energy. She has cleared and healed deep trauma’s and has been able to stop all pharmaceutical medications. Rena discovered at a very early age her extrasensory abilities helped her to deeply dive into her natural hypersensitivity. She realized the way in which she experienced the world was completely different than most people. It has taken many years to navigate her hypersensitivity, where the Universe guided and lead her at a young age of how to hold a strong, expansive power against darker forces. Since then she has healed complex PTSD, rage, chronic depression, anxiety and self harm. Intuitively guided as a young child, Rena’s clear connection to source enabled her to dive deeply into dark traumas that most of the world is currently suffering from. Rena is able to catalyze her clients into their own healing energy where she channels specific tools for the direct energy frequency of her client’s soul blueprint and their true soul’s calling.

Rena prides herself from breaking away from the Matrix, the system in which we all live in, and for living a radical non-conformist lifestyle that aligns to our ancient tribes including plant medicines from around the globe. Throughout her life her manifestation capabilities were activated very young as she climbed up the corporate ladder, working with highly educated professionals, and surpassing those with “systematic education”

With her highly intuitive connection to Source, her clients are able to tap into their natural sensitivity and realize that their power comes from diving deeply into their soul’s essence, and bravely facing their own darkness. Her clients do not have to fear speaking of what they experience supernaturally, what they hear, or feel. Unfortunately this area of healing is not accessible in the mental health industry, however Rena’s coaching services highly compliment mental health techniques such as CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy).

Rena acknowledges that we were all born with a natural intuitive internal guidance system and so many people are trying to find their way back to a natural state of well being.  Her mission is to help you create your own divine connection to your true self, and your own natural sensitivities. This is true empowerment!

What You Must Know:

If you are looking for certifications and diplomas Rena is not the Spiritual Catalyst for you. She has lived more than enough life experience and have healed deep wounds that most people can’t do in one lifetime. Her healing and experiences come from living a deep connection to Source FIRST before any “formal” education. Being connected to Source energy is her natural state of being, she can help you make the switch from “outside” living to “inside” living. Rena specializes (but not limited) in sexual abuse trauma (including incest), emotional and physical abuse, inner child wounds, complex PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders, weight issues, inner psychological work, toxic masculine and feminine imbalances, highly sacred unions, and building a relationship with the Divine.

Message From Rena:

” Hello my dear friends. Thank you for reading this far! What I am creating is a healing movement to help as many people as I can. My mission is about service to the Universe first and foremost and to be the greatest Catalyst I can be for my clients and in my life. Like you, my evolution doesn’t stop. With my healing complete, I am now expanding, and integrating on a large scale in order to better serve the collective. I am not here to get as many papers I can get under my belt, I am already fully in a power that can activate change in you. I am here to show you the depths of deep energy work and how to tap into that again within yourselves.

I don’t play in the mind, I play in the soul and your connection to Source first. I will take you deep into your gut instincts, and your emotions where you feel the most uncomfortable however if you are willing to face your demons I will show you how you can become best friends with them.  I don’t want you to be fearful anymore because I know you are such a powerful soul and you are here for a reason!

From my soul to yours xo,