The Basics:

I’m not a professional healthcare provider but I pride myself in that. I have lived a life where I have proved time and time again that the mental health industry doesn’t work. My entire life I have gone against the grain in our societal norms and culture. I have been a divine truth seeker as young as 5 years old when I would experience spirits and guides through my natural intuitive abilities.

I manifested a career in the Federal Government without the educational requirements simply because I tapped into our internal manifestation abilities. The manager had a dream from the Universe to promote me.

This is only one example of how I have lived my life, directly through manifestation and Creator Energy.  I healed childhood life traumas that baffle most professional mental health providers in how they treat patients as they are trained in pharmaceutical band-aid solutions that only help clients at a very early healing stage.

With my highly intuitive connection to Source, I  have personally healed complex PTSD,  bulimia/anorexia, chronic depression, self-harm, and anxiety. After 20 years in traditional western medical treatment, I became frustrated that change wasn’t happening in my life as I remained stagnant in my pain and suffering. It wasn’t until I accepted my highly intuitive empathic abilities as my primary guiding system was I was able to stop all pharmaceutical medications and other forms of western therapy.

My services highly compliment mental health techniques such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), and DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy).

I know we were all born with this internal guidance system and so many people are trying to find their way back to a natural state of well being.   Presently I live a  healthy lifestyle that is filled with daily spiritual practice and coaching clients who are ready and committed to transformation and healing. I am fully committed to helping you connect to your internal energy body and aid you on your journey to understanding how energy works in your body. I am grateful to be a part of my client’s transformation to living a natural healthy state of well being.

What You Must Know:

If you are looking for certifications and diplomas I am not your Oracle/Healer. I have lived more than enough life experience and have healed deep wounds that most people can’t do in one lifetime. My healing and experiences come from living a deep connection to Source FIRST before any education. Being connected to Source energy is my natural state of being and my gifts through this connection were presented to me at a very young age.

I am extremely powerful and I am able to shift your paradigms and mind thoughts in 1 session. As a natural shaman and healer that does not require Earth training,  I have been guided since I was a child by spirit how to work between various spiritual worlds and our Earth plane. I have gone as deep as working with exorcisms and with Source creative power simultaneously in one instance. There is no separation in my world, the dark and light mingle and it is in this instance where you will find maximum empowerment. I combine all energies in my work.

Plant medicine is dear to my heart and I am an Oracle/Healer who is more about breaking free of the current system we live in and to bring back the ancient teachings of energy into our western world. I believe that these ancient teachings are to be incorporated, integrated and honoured into our current western practices.

My Commitment:

This is about creating a healing movement to help as many people as I can. My mission is about service to the Universe first and foremost and to be the greatest Divine Oracle and Healer I can be for my clients and in my life. Like you, my evolution doesn’t stop. I am always healing, expanding and growing in myself so I can better serve the collective. I am not here to get as many papers I can get under my belt, I am already fully in a power that can be a great catalyst to activate change. I am here to show you the depths of deep energy work and how to tap into that again within yourselves.

I don’t play in the mind, I play in the soul and your connection to Source first. I will take you deep into your emotions where you feel the most uncomfortable however if you are willing to face your demons I will show you how you can become best friends with them.  This is pure and real healing to me and my promise to you.

fgirl (1).jpgRena Wells
Goddess Oracle & Healer



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