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    Feminism Hinders Yin Yang Balance

    Speaking as an ex-labelled “lesbian” I know all too well what feminism is all about. I also know that it isn’t all black and white, and there are many facets to this equation. I’m going to show you that as humans, we continue to separate and label instead of binding and uniting. There are three stages that the human consciousness has been going through in regards to intimate relationships. Keep in mind I am talking about the energy and not about the physical body. Stage 1 Relationships: Marriages between masculine and feminine energies started as a method of survival or political gain. We married to bring together countries, nations, families,…

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    Ego, Enlightenment & Pain

    Ego is a tricky thing, and it will spin a web of really good feeling thoughts and emotions to trick you into a pattern. This is what’s happening in the spiritual community, very much the same patterns our world religions have undergone. Reach for the light and forget the dark! This creates more separation and denies the totality of what the Universe is all about. That might bring up some defence mechanisms but if it does, then it is most definitely worth exploring. Defensive behaviour is the first indicator that ego is prevalent in your world. I invite you to dig deeper whenever this feeling shows up. Our souls are…

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    Sexuality is Energetic not Physical

    So this post is a long time coming and something I have reconsidered over and over again. It’s very personal to me but since my Ayahuasca experience, and since coming forth to be transparent on this blog, I know my followers enjoy my honesty. So here goes. I’m sure you have all heard that Ayahusaca will turn your world upside down. Heck, that’s an understatement. Even though I am very transparent on my blog, I still honour my privacy so this will be an overview. I came out as a lesbian 10 years ago and left my unfulfilled marriage. Not to say I didn’t love my ex, very much so,…

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    “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

    Based on everything I have learned as a child, there is one quote that has been my guiding force. That is “the truth shall set you free” These words resounded a deep resonance of knowing within me, and even though I didn’t quite understand what it meant at the time, I knew that it was very important. Having walked through the darkest realms, I have gained attuned abilities to know the slightest energy shift in authenticity. Nobody can “fool” me anymore because I have learned to truly trust my gut instincts. If you want to know the extent of my darkness, simply conjure up a horrible situation and I have…

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    Mama Ayahuasca Heals All

    This post is going to be difficult to write. Mainly because there are no forms of human communication that can express the magnitude of this power. Telepathy would attribute to being a clear form of communication, and yet that can only happen when you are fully tapped into Source energy. Many people see me as strong, a warrior but it was Mama Ayahuasca and the staff at Bluestone Ayahuasca who showed me true mothering as I melted into my vulnerability. This was the pivotal moment in my growth. Being an overly sensitive child where I naturally picked up empathetically to others energies, heard their thoughts, saw energy, I grew up…

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    …And We Are Off!

    Ready…Set…OMG! Here we go! This blog won’t’ belong as my cab will be arriving in 20mins. I’m off to my Ayahuasca Retreat and to work with some amazing Shamans. Already I have been gifted an amazing opportunity to work with one for free! This is the turning point, what I have been working towards my entire life. All the deep emotional healing, the years of authentically really getting to know me, and to know my purpose. I don’t believe I will return the same but polished off! It’s limited time with devices so I will be MIA for awhile. Until then… Be kind to yourself and love one another deeply.…

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    Breaking the Fast

    I actually broke my fast yesterday, just 8 hours shy of making it to 7 days. I made a video of breaking my fast and what this experience has been like. From now I will be following a vegan OMAD (one meal a day) lifestyle. Keep in mind I wasn’t feeling hunger until yesterday. That’s why I listened to my body it was going into a deeper cleanse as my bowel movements consistency and colour had changed and got darker. Deep intense cleansing happens around the day 7 mark and into day 14. If you push through this you then regain energy. I wasn’t willing to do that.

  • 7 Day Water Fast,  Spiritual Body Health

    Water Fast Day 6 & 7: Finish Line

    Yesterday I couldn’t post, the detox was bad. Not nearly as bad as day 1 but definitely up and down. I mostly slept and kept close to the bathroom, I could feel my liver working at expelling the toxins. I am thoroughly disgusted with what I have seen come out of me, and this might be TMI for some but the smell was like death. Truly, like dead rotting bodies. My breath smells, my urine smells, my body stinks UGHHH! 6 Days on a pure water fast and I’m still expelling nastiness!!! How many toxins do we hold in our body and for how long? It’s no wonder we can’t…

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    Day 5 Water Fast: 12 lbs Loss

    As promised here are my chunky pics. I’m seeing a slight difference but the way I feel is amazing. I have lost mostly around the rib cage, my legs and my tummy. Last night I finally worked out!! WAHOOOO!!! My energy seems to peek at night so I most definitely did not want to be up all night again. I tried to run but my body just wouldn’t do it and I had a hard time breathing. I realized that when you fast NO CARDIO, for me anyways. I’m not sure if other people can but I can’t. I don’t know if it’s my lungs clearing out from the many…

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    Day 4 Water Fast: HOLY ENERGY

    Well, I’m going to be blunt and say it. The medical community doesn’t know a rats ass what they are talking about when it comes to fasting. Granted I believe Western medicine is good for things like surgery etc. but other than that I don’t see the point in going to a doctor. I can do my own check-ups at home and I would rather do natural forms of healing then prescription drugs. I’ve done it before, I’ve even healed strep throat, something I have had since I was a kid, it would return whenever I got the flu. The last time I got it,  I made up my own…

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