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Welcome my dear friends and thank you for considering working with me!

My teachings are about the integrity of energy work on a very high vibrational level and I believe in the purity of our Universe to rekindle our divine innocence within us. I am honoured to be a part of your sacred path as I understand the intensity of opening up, being vulnerable and trusting your heart to the unknown.

The Universe has called me to help activate highly sensitive, and awakened souls who are having trouble navigating through their darkness into their greatest power. Clients who are attracted to my work are stuck and confused understanding their inner battle between their intuition, their heart and their mind. 

I teach vibrational energy discernment so that you can better understand the different energies that are running through your internal system.  I am here to help you revise how you see the world into your truest natural way of operating which is from the inside out.

Energy work is a very intimate and sacred act that should be highly honoured, unfortunately in our world this sacredness is hard to find. 

"Rena is an extremely blessed soul. I have been following her for a while and I really enjoy her openness and the way she brings her message across. My reading with her was a confirmation of everything I am going through on my journey. It was a pleasure meeting her and I really feel like we are soul sisters. Absolutely amazing. Thank you "

Alicia, South Australia

"Rena is a divine gifted soul, alchemist, goddess incarnated in Earth, and I will eternally be grateful to her. She will give you the clarity and light you need in this journey back to your inner and only truth: love. I experienced a paradigm shift right after I had a session with her, this new discovery was the most beautiful experience I’ve had in this lifetime. Please do give yourself this opportunity to receive her guidance and light."

Rosario G. Mexico

"Rena has several gifts which she uses with enthusiasm and genuine caring. I have found her coaching to be on point and appreciate that I receive a video copy of the sessions. The teachings are rich and so dense that I find myself studying the session for a few days afterward in order to internalize all the lessons and messages. If you are interested in doing important self work and feel that traditional methods are too flat or ineffective, I would highly encourage you to consider working with Rena. I have found it to be a profound experience. With love and joy."

Jennifer J. USA

My clear connection beyond the matrix control system allows activation codes to catalyze your dormant energy grid lines within your body. It’s these grid lines that speak to Mother Earth that truly keep us grounded and aligned to life force energy. 

The depth of darkness you have experienced in your life is never too much for me. I have been to many extremes energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally. I am highly capable of sitting and helping you navigate through all levels of your darkness including “wetiko,” the paranormal, sinister psychic attacks, and dark occult forces. 

I am a completely healed wounded healer who chose a very difficult path in this lifetime to find the medicine hidden in the darkest spaces. Navigating our dark internal worlds and energy system in general isn’t easy. This is why I am here for you. 

Spirit has given me the tools through my own healing journey to help you realize that whatever you are experiencing is to be honoured and seen. I see you; I hear you and I feel you immensely. 

Many blessings xo

I currently offer intuitive coaching and readings, depending on your transformational needs:

Spiritual Coaching


The single session offer is for new clients only who would like to experience personally working with Rena. Each 90 minute session is via zoom and includes customized channeled teachings specific to your situation. You will gain guidance and clarity of your situation and the next steps to confidently move forward.

$222 USD

Spiritual COaching


There are 3 BraveHeart packages including 4, 8 or 12 sessions valid for 6 months after purchase depending on your transformational needs. The coaching package will take you into patterns and subconscious blocks you have been struggling with. Rena is able to catalyze you out of lower frequencies very quickly if you remain open to her teachings. 

Each session includes:

  • 90 minute coaching call, valid to book at your convenience within 6 months of purchase. All sessions are video recorded and accessible online on a safe and secured server
  • Customized channeled teachings specifically aligned for you based on your energy vibration and your soul’s specific journey
  • During sessions you have access to your Akashic Records, past lives, karmic clearing, soul blueprint, ancestry healing and lineage, twin flame/soulmate connections, and other relationships in your life.
  • Email Support

4 Sessions $777.00 USD

8 Sessions $1555.00 USD

12 Sessions $2333.00 USD

Tarot & Channelled messages

Soul Readings

Readings are back! You asked and I am back with Tarot and Channelled messages. My readings will not be what you have had in the past. My connection is very unique because I am able to see your direct soul’s path and read energies directly from Source (not angels, guides or other energies) I have been given access beyond the Akashic Records to see your karmic cycles, your blocks, and the misalignment of your higher calling agreement with the Creator.

My readings are highly life changing as they will validate and give you faith in your deep inner knowing. They are very enlightening and fun!

Each session is a 1 hour LIVE zoom session where you can ask as many questions as you wish!

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