Work With Rena

Thank you for considering to work with Rena and choosing her to be a part of your path. Rena takes energy work very seriously as she believes it is the most dishonored aspect of spirituality. Many teachers do not speak to the different types of energy frequencies, nor are there many intuitives who can distinguish the small shifts of energy you are connecting to or working with. Most people simply open and trust. Rena sees this as walking into a lion’s den without the proper knowledge and tools on how to work with very dense energies masquerading as the light and all other frequencies in between. Rena has been prepared since childhood to do this deep work where her hypersensitivity is able to distinguish the most miniscule shifts between dark and light. She will help you to discern different frequencies and how they directly affect you and your internal energy systems. This will catalyze you into a clear divine channel as a starting point to work with.

Rena is able to activate the dormant energy grid lines within your body that utilizes Kundalini, and she clearly guides you to establishing a strong connection to Creator/Source Energy. She does not guide you into working with spirit guides, or angels or other realms until your connection to Source is true, honoured and peaceful. This is to minimize other energy interferences and to keep you energetically healthy.

As a natural intuitive, and healer, Rena’s energy is very potent, and she will be able to catalyze you out of your current vibration in just one coaching session. If you are booking her for a reading, she can pick up details of all relations in your life only based on a first name as she does not require birth dates or details of your situation.

The dark trauma Rena has had to clear from her lineage has not been easy, but this is the gift of true insight she have been gifted by the Universe to help you move out of your darkness and she can show you how to utilize that energy to catapult you into your greatest power. She truly is your lantern in the dark!

If you are interested in Spiritual Coaching, this comes with a fair warning. Rena works with spiritually awakened and very advanced highly sensitive clients who are ready for utmost transformation, and massive energy activation. There will be heavy integration. Please come with a humbled ego as you must be willing to put your ego and belief systems aside. Her channeled teachings are specific for each client, as her connection to source is VERY clear. You must be ready to face your darkness if you are planning on booking coaching sessions.

The depth of darkness you have experienced in your life is never too much for Rena. She is highly capable to sit in all levels of your darkness including “wetiko” the paranormal, sinister psychic attacks, and dark occult forces.

“Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your sacred journey. Much love and blessings always xo ” -Rena