What My Clients Are Saying

Here are just a few lovely words my clients have to say about my services. Thank you to everyone who has opened their heart to my teachings and spiritual guidance. Through you, I too expand and it is my pleasure to serve you xo AHO xo


“L”., Youtube Subscriber: Rena is, by all means, a very gifted reader with unbelievably hyper intuition. Her reading is very powerful and in-depth which could absolutely leave you with clarities, guidance, and divine insights, even THE answers that you’ve long been seeking. I would say Rena’s reading is a must-have if you are on your soul’s journey, lingering at crossroads (be it mundane or spiritual), and quest for truth.

Stephanie A., Canada: I had my 1 hour free session this morning….Rena is the real deal folks!!!! The shifts I experienced in just one hour were incredible. Such a beautiful soul. Happy manifesting!

Kirsten G., USA: Rena is an AMAZINGLY gifted reader who has a beautiful, warm, and confident energy. She helped me know my knowing about myself, my life and my path, in a clear and approachable way. I feel very sure about what she told me and very positive about my life right now. Give yourself a gift of a wonderful Rena reading.

Victoria D., Canada: Rena is a true inspiration in my life. She has been a genuine role model for living life in a mindful and aware way. She has taught me the value for looking within, observing, and opening my heart and soul. She is without a doubt a huge motivation towards my push to owning my power and shining bright. I am so lucky to know her and have her be a part of my journey. She is absolutely incredible, thoughtful and sincere.

Kara M., Canada: I’d like to share my spiritual guru’s homepage, Rena Wells. I am constantly surprised and amazed by what she sees, always blown away by her psychic powers and tarot card readings. I am a major, major cynic about…well everything, but her intuition and way of saying the truth truly makes her unique and impossible to ignore. Thank you Rena for your wise words and otherworldly intuition about spiritual energy, our place in the cosmos, and my own personal journey to enlightenment.

Elizabeth H., Canada: I have worked with Rena for many years, and her spiritual teachings have improved my life by making me more aware of my blockages. She has guided me to begin to manifest my truth in all it’s glory. To live in the now is FREEDOM!

Adriana G., Canada: Hi Rena, Not sure if you remember me but we met in the summer for the Lions Gate event. I’m just going through something very deep that has forced me to look inside and reached within. Today, out of total impulse, I looked you up and found your November 22 Divine Feminine Reading. I’m still in shock! It’s like you were doing a tarot reading for me. Word by word, card by card…I can’t even explain. Listening to you truly showed me the path that I knew I wanted to be on but I was resisting by victimizing myself. I can’t thank you enough for shining so much light onto me and for reminding me of my Mission. I had temporarily forgotten it because I was overwhelmed by pain. You are a true healer and an inspiration. From my heart xo

Jason W., USA: After only one hour with Rena I have been given the gift of Clarity, courage, understanding and a solid direction to move in. This was one of the most powerful coaching sessions I have ever received and the value of this hour was far beyond anything I ever expected. Rena understands what we are going through the steps we need to take to get to where we want to be. Allow Rena the opportunity to step into her gift and show you ALL that you need to know and you will never regret it. It is an investment in your journey in your life and most importantly in yourself, so make that investment and get on the fast track to success how ever you define it.

Sandy F., Canada: Rena gave me the tools to consciously open up to my Goddess Self yesterday. I am a Light Weaver and paint with the Angelic Realm. This connection has opened up a much vaster deeper aspect of myself. I am so grateful. Thank you, Rena, for all you share and all you are.

R & J Anwell, USA: I just received a reading from Rena, and I was very impressed. Everything she said was incredibly accurate and provided clarity (and hope) to my situation. 10/10!

Nina P., India: Lovely reader with kindness, honesty and compassion.

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