Unstoppable Vibe Class


Your 5 Week Course Outline:

Week 1
Mindwork- Understanding Current Paradigm-Evolution of the Conscious Mind-Neural Pathways of the Ego-Application to Self (false self and true self)

Week 2
Moneywork-Prosperity Mindset-Dimensional Manifesting (3D, 4D and 5D)-Intention, Choices, Decisions-TAO Operation

Week 3
Gutwork-Less Action Fast Attraction-Loving Contrast-Applying Laws of the Universe-What is Reality?-Midpoint Assessment

Week 4
Creating a New Paradigm-Manifesting Next Steps-Holding Alignment-Allowing-Creativity, Visions and Imagination-Energy Discernment

Week 5
Success stories-Continuing Soul Operation-Higher Self Guidance-Manifesting without Gaps.


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