Sacred Ubud

Having a private very exclusive spiritual experience has only gotten harder in Ubud as tourism has exploded over the years, but this opportunity still exists! Come visit the Island of the Gods, and see for yourself why Bali is known as the Holistic Heart of Asia! Rena lived in Bali from 2016-2017 experiencing the ancient spirituality of Hinduism with highly gifted healers and energy workers. Get ready for an affordable, yet highly transforming, peaceful, high energy 6 days with a very small group of people. Live in the vibrancy of the Ubud forest, surrounded by beautiful nature.

In-house massage, meals included, yoga, experience 1:1 at a temple with a talented healer, personal transformation coaching and readings with Rena, spring water temples, airport pickup/drop off, and much more. Our goal is to keep this quiet, peaceful, spiritual, and intimate, something you can’t find with other retreats.

If transformation is what you are looking for this is it! Work through your subconscious patterns, own your power, heal with a gifted local Balinese Intuitive Healer, and experience purification in the most sacred temple in Bali that is kept closed to tourists.
Rena will work directly with you to ensure that your 6 days are focused on your transformation. A personal customize package that will directly speak to your needs.

Upon booking and reserving your spot with your deposit, you will be sent a welcome package, a private consultation to better understand your desires, and 3 energy assessments that have been divinely channelled. It must be completed to better understand your internal energy systems. Once this has been completed a customized healing package will be put together for you.
While in Ubud you will have direct communication and access to personal coaching sessions, spiritual and intuitive guidance, all in a natural, harmonious environment to fully relax and allow.


6 Days of Transformation Program:

Every day there is free time for you do your own thing. We customize everything before your arrival, what day you would like your yoga session and in house massage, your daily 1:1 coaching sessions etc. Every morning there is meditation before breakfast, and group work after breakfast. Here is an outline of your 6 days

Day 1: Preparation and analyzing your blocks. Deep choices, life mission, your 3 tops goals and knowing your authentic self vs your old self

Day 2 Evaluation, getting deeper into aligning to true self and old belief systems around money, and relationships
Day 3: Discovery day and releasing the old, a day of forgiveness.  Water Spring retreat to cleanse (this day is limited to free time)
Day 4: All about relationships including relationship with self. There is a midnight retreat to the sacred temple to work with the shaman and to fully align and continue creating space for who you truly are.  
Day 5: Transformation and integration, shaking up the nervous system so you are fully aligned, and affirming this energy deeply into your system. Taking 1 actions towards your mission
Day 6 is reflection and putting together your plan and actions towards creating your new life now that you are fully aligned


Your Personal Hosts

Meet Rena and get spiritual, transforming coaching, and daily intuitive guidance that will get you out of the conscious mind and into your true divine power. Work with Rena 1:1 at your leisure, while basking in the energy of Sacred Ubud will get you in touch with the deeper you. Rena prefers intimate private work, that way you see results faster, and what a better way then a week of transformation in the holistic heart of Asia



24139789_1850461138297652_712321440_o (1)Tjok Alit, is a highly gifted Shaman healer who can see the energy that causes illness and blocks in the body. He enters another realm of consciousness which can appear to be hypnotic, and sometimes uses a Balinese Shaman healing tool called the dragon stick to aid with very deep healing.  Until now he has only done sacred healing and purification for the local people of Bali but is willing to conduct healings to a small select group.  This is a once in a lifetime experience working with an aligned, intuitive Balinese healer, with private access to one of the most sacred temples in Bali. Bypass the crowds, and work privately 1:1 in a very small group of people



Your hosts Putu and Cherry the owners of Ubud Harmony Villa will do everything to make your stay comfortable. They are experts in hospitality and can help with arranging anything you need during your stay in Ubud. Don’t worry about anything, if you need help or advice to plan and organize your personal time, they are helpful, readily available and punctual. Putu and Cherry can also provide bike rentals as the Villa is located in a popular area for cycling.




gung2Gung is an amazing knowledgeable tour guide, highly empathic, spiritually aware and he has very strong translation skills. He works closely with Tjot Alit to authentically translate the energetic messages during the healing ceremonies a when a message comes through. He will also provide comfortable transportation to the Pura Pusering Jagat Sacred Temple and to the Spring Water Temple





2 Excursions Included: The Spring Water Temple & Midnight Healing Ceremony

1. Midnight Healing Ceremony at The Centre Temple: Pura Pusering Jagat


The Pura Pusering Jagat is the Center Temple and considered the most sacred temple in Bali.  It is kept private and not marketed to the public and tourists. Rena was very blessed to have a rare experience to attend a midnight purification ceremony with only 3 other people, and it was an experience she will never forget. Now she has an opportunity to share this with a small group of people. On a regular basis, all waters from around the island of Bali is gathered and brought to this central temple to bless and keep dark energies away from the island. The energies you feel in this temple acts as the central spoke of a wheel, joining all energies from around the island and generating and emitting energies of blessings to the Balinese people.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience your own private excursion to have a traditional Balinese Hindu ceremonial blessing, purification and healing inside the Temple. This is another reason the group retreat is kept small and intimate, it is for the preservation of this holy practice.

2. Tirtha Empul (Holy Spring Water Temple)


The Tirtha Empul is a Hindu Temple located in a valley between two hills with big springs and sacred by the local residents as a place to melt all the bad influences in the body and purifies the soul and mind. Tirtha Empul Temple or better known as Tampak Siring Temple or Holy Water Temple is a place to purify our self from the bad influences in life where we can discover the traditional showers sourced from the springs at this temple. The water that comes out from the shower is believed to eliminate all kind of diseases including adverse effect in the human life and give the new holy spirits.





Your Private Villa: Ubud Harmony Villa

Ubud Harmony Luxury Private Villa is the perfect setting for self reflection, spiritual growth and transformation. It’s tucked privately away on a small side street in the forest overlooking a river and far away from other tourists.  What makes this Villa different than others is the intimate private ambiance that hotels and commercial retreats can’t give you, and yet it is still very close to all the attractions.

There are only 3 bedrooms in the Harmony Villa, and each room is equipped with a very comfortable bed,  air conditioning, private bathroom, wifi, a safe, all toiletries,  and a bar fridge. You will have all the comforts of home.

Ubud Harmony Luxury Private Villa is located in Ubud. 3.4 km from Ubud Market, the property is also 3.4 km away from Ubud Palace. The property is 4.4 km from Ubud Monkey Forest and 6 km from Elephant Cave. The Villa is equipped with a seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a kitchen, a dining area and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a bath.




The Suites

Main Floor Master Suite, Private Bathroom with Soaker Tub 6 days/ 6 nights
(taxes not included)
Single Occupancy per person $2700.00 CAD
Double Occupancy per person $2500.00




Upper Floor Class Suite, Private 3pc Bathroom 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
Single Occupancy per person $2500.00 CAD
Double Occupancy per person $2300.00 CAD




Upper Floor Large Patio Suite, Private 3pc Bathroom 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
Single Occupancy per person $2500.00 CAD
Double Occupancy per person $2300.00 CAD




All Inclusive!

  1. Master Suite All Inclusive Package
    Single Occupancy: $2700.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
    Double Occupancy: $2500.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
  2. Upper  Floor Class Suite All Inclusive Package
    Single Occupancy: $2500.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
    Double Occupancy: $2300.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
  3. Upper Floor Large Patio Suite All Inclusive Package
    Single Occupancy: $2500.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)
    Double Occupancy: $2300.00 CAD for 6 days/ 6 nights (taxes not included)

    What’s Included:

  • Accommodations include private room with private full bathroom and air conditioning
  • Daily Meals (3 meals a day in the villa)
  • Spiritual Welcome Package upon arrival
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Daily Maître d’
  • Free Wifi
  • Satellite TV
  • Room safe and room key
  • Holy Temple Excursion (includes temple clothing, late snack, spiritual offerings, and transportation) and Healing/Purification Ceremony
  • Spring Water Temple Excursion (includes temple clothing,  lunch, spiritual offerings, and transportation)
  • Daily 1:1 Personal Coaching, Readings and Intuitive Guidance
  • Customized individual coaching plan, subconscious depth work and blockage removal
  • In house private massage session
  • In house private yoga session
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Personal Host for planning your stay
    *Airfare, and personal organized trips (transportation and food outside of the villa) is not included. Bar fridge contents will be charged*



 Book Now!

Available Weeks July 2018: 
Week 1: Monday July 2- Sunday July 8
Week 2: Monday July 9- Sunday July 15
Week 3: Monday July 16- Sunday July 22
Week 4: Monday July 23- Sunday July 29


 Reserve Your Spot Now and Book Your Private Consultation

*Deposits (up to a maximum of $500.00 CAD) are fully refundable up to May 30, 2018. When you pay your deposit you will be automatically scheduled to pay another $500.00 CAD within 30 days of the first deposit. Thereafter you will be billed and contacted to pay the remaining balance and taxes 30 days prior to your departure date (this will be sometime in June 2018) Payment Plans Available*
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