After only one hour with Rena I have been given the gift of Clarity, courage, understanding and a solid direction to move in.

This was one of the most powerful coaching sessions I have ever received and the value of this hour was far beyond anything I ever expected. Rena understands what we are going through the steps we need to take to get to where we want to be. Allow Rena the opportunity to step into her gift and show you ALL that you need to know and you will never regret it. It is an investment in your journey in your life and most importantly in yourself, so make that investment and get on the fast track to success how ever you define it.
Jason. W., USA

She is the purest channel for Spirit I’ve yet to come in contact with and I’ve come across quite a few. She is the real deal.

“Rena is a unique individual. I’ve been working with her for a few months. She is the purest channel for Spirit I’ve yet to come in contact with and I’ve come across quite a few. She is the real deal. I personally do not leave reviews for people or recommend businesses I do not wholeheartedly believe in. She’s humble, respectful, honest, authentic, nonjudgmental, and loving. She listens. If you’ve been lead to her page, I believe it’s for a reason. That curiosity you feel, trust it. She’s worth every penny and more in my opinion. The help she provides is priceless. You will not be disappointed. Blessings ❤️
– Ivy C., USA

Rena is a true inspiration in my life. She has been a genuine role model for living life in a mindful and aware way. She has taught me the value for looking within, observing, and opening my heart and soul. She is without a doubt a huge motivation towards my push to owning my power and shining bright. I am so lucky to know her and have her be a part of my journey. She is absolutely incredible, thoughtful and sincere.
Victoria D., Canada

Alicia, South Australia. Rena is an extremely blessed soul. I have been following her for a while and I really enjoy her openness and the way she brings her message across. My reading with her was a confirmation of everything I am going through on my journey. It was a pleasure meeting her and I really feel like we are soul sisters. Absolutely amazing. Thank you 

Rosario G. Mexico: Rena is a divine gifted soul, alchemist, goddess incarnated in Earth, and I will eternally be grateful to her. She will give you the clarity and light you need in this journey back to your inner and only truth: love. I experienced a paradigm shift right after I had a session with her, this new discovery was the most beautiful experience I’ve had in this lifetime. Please do give yourself this opportunity to receive her guidance and light

Jennifer J. USA: Rena has several gifts which she uses with enthusiasm and genuine caring.  I have found her coaching to be on point and appreciate that I receive a video copy of the sessions.  The teachings are rich and so dense that I find myself studying the session for a few days afterward in order to internalize all the lessons and messages.  If you are interested in doing important self work and feel that traditional methods are too flat or ineffective, I would highly encourage you to consider working with Rena.  I have found it to be a profound experience. With love and joy—

Elizabeth S. USA: So I don’t ever write reviews but my reading with Rena was the most pure, spiritual experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t ask questions at first. She just channelled spirit and told me things that made my jaw drop. Tears streamed down my face as I heard things that I resonated with. She made me understand why I’ve been feeling like I’m going crazy. She lovingly said “no honey. You’re not going crazy.” I’ve had readings before but I’ve never walked away feeling so good. The clarity that she gave me was the most amazing gift. I know that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. This was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Rena. I’m going to invest in myself and continue working with her. I was led to her for a reason. I firmly believe that. Thank you so much Rena. You are a beautiful, gifted, amazing human being. 

Since our work together, only an hour and a half, I’ve given my clients the strongest readings I’ve ever done. I no longer feel constantly angry, and I can truly sense the weight that’s been lifted off of me.”

“I chose to book with Rena during a tough spiritual transition in my life. I work as a professional intuitive, and I was tired of the same old energetic blocks keeping me stuck. I knew I was ready to help my own clients on a whole new level by pushing past my own self-sabotage. One of my biggest concerns was the amount of trauma I tend to carry around for others, specifically those in my family line. During our first session, Rena stated simply, “You don’t need to be doing that. We’re going to clear that today.” And she did. Since our work together, only an hour and a half, I’ve given my clients the strongest readings I’ve ever done. I no longer feel constantly angry, and I can truly sense the weight that’s been lifted off of me. I no longer consider my family’s energy something I must “heal”; I’m simply meant to be the truest version of myself. I cannot wait to continue to work with Rena’s gifts in order to step fully into my power and become the healer and intuitive I’m meant to be.”
– Chrissy T., USA

Hala, USA: They say people come into your life for a reason, but I believe that Spirits have been guiding me on this journey.  Every person that has come into my life especially during my awakening process has provided me a piece of the puzzle.  That’s how I felt when I stumbled across Rena’s video on youtube.  Her message resonated with me that I immediately set up an appointment for  a reading.  I did not read testimonials but just had a feeling that she can confirm what my intuition has been telling me all long.  She is  very loving and professional. The minute we connected on screen, I knew that she not only did she see me true essence but felt my energy.  Rena is highly intuitive and that’s what I loved about the reading.  She knew my situation and was very helpful but very gentle in telling me things that I already knew but did not want to accept.  I know I will use her again whether for a reading or some spiritual coaching.  It was a wonderful experience and I feel stronger and more empowered in a the direction that I want to take. She is my catalyst to help me stay on my path of love and not to look back what no longer serves me.  Do your soul a favor and connect with Rena.  I’m grateful for her and everyone on this journey and I know as a collective we are never alone. <3 Lots of Love and Light

G.N. USA: For weeks I’d been watching general tarot readings on YouTube, but kept coming back to Rena’s because they resonated so strongly with me. I must’ve watched a 100 or more readings from dozens of readers in a span of month. While many of them were just fine, Rena was the only person who I felt inspired to reach out to for a private reading. BEST DECISION! Within five minutes of my reading, it was clear that Rena is the real deal. I purposely provided only the basic information she requests for a reading. She’s never met or talked to me or my TF, yet from our photos, she very quickly honed in on details and truths she couldn’t possibly know without a true connection to spirit. Her channeling is so pure, moving and powerful. You literally can feel the love and light pouring out of her, even when spirit is calling you out on your stuff. I’ve received the most wonderful gift of clarity, direction, healing and faith. Absolutely divinely timed for my TF journey. Rena, infinite blessings and love. Thank you.”

Shara H. Canada: The logical side of my mind had been battling realizations about my present situation that I no longer agreed with and it left me feeling untethered. I found a video on Rena’s YouTube page and after watching it, I decided to book two sessions with Rena back to back. The readings that Rena did for me, validated and confirmed much of what I was going through while making me aware of what I was missing and underestimating. The details that seemed so personal that I had never spoken them out loud, were revealed and examined with a calming perspective that made me feel more aware of how I was approaching my situation. Rena’s soothing demeanour that is both candid and loving, made me realize what an indispensable asset that her type of healing is, despite my logical side not understanding it. Your perception of your world adjusts and you find yourself asking the right questions to answer. Grateful for this connection.

Suminder T. Canada: I have had about three readings from Rena. I was so impressed from my first reading that I got few more to enlighten other areas in my life. I learnt so much from my readings. It has been one of my most positive experiences in life. She is super accurate and intuitive. I am sure she will be able to help you connect with yourself and get clarifications and answers In your life. Connecting with Rena has been a blessing and educational. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your beautiful gift with me. I look forward to our next reading.

Lilly, Youtube Subscriber: Rena is, by all means, a very gifted reader with unbelievably hyper intuition. Her reading is very powerful and in-depth which could absolutely leave you with clarities, guidance, and divine insights, even THE answers that you’ve long been seeking. I would say Rena’s reading is a must-have if you are on your soul’s journey, lingering at crossroads (be it mundane or spiritual), and quest for truth.

Kirsten G., USA: Rena is an AMAZINGLY gifted reader who has a beautiful, warm, and confident energy. She helped me know my knowing about myself, my life and my path, in a clear and approachable way. I feel very sure about what she told me and very positive about my life right now. Give yourself a gift of a wonderful Rena reading.

Elizabeth H., Canada: I have worked with Rena for many years, and her spiritual teachings have improved my life by making me more aware of my blockages. She has guided me to begin to manifest my truth in all it’s glory. To live in the now is FREEDOM!

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