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For those committed to their growth, looking to expand their souls, and ignite their natural-born abilities with a supportive community. Members will receive monthly meditations, activations, collective readings, exclusive coaching videos, YouTube extensions, group Q&A calls, access to the member-only discussion forum and more! Rena’s clear channel brings down codes and activates your natural energy system through visualizations. 

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  • Monthly workshops & downloadable meditation to activate your energy systems
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  • Exclusive Spiritual Coaching videos on how to work with and expand your natural empathic and intuitive abilities
  • Ability to book exclusive live readings with me at a reduced rate (I only open my calendar for readings to members, so this is the only way to get a reading with me)
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%16 is donated to aid the Earth on different causes such as protecting the rainforest.

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What the tribe is saying:

Rena is a divine gifted soul, alchemist, goddess incarnated on Earth, and I will eternally be grateful to her. She will give you the clarity and light you need in this journey back to your inner and only truth: love. I experienced a paradigm shift right after I had a session with her, this new discovery was the most beautiful experience I’ve had in this lifetime. Please do give yourself this opportunity to receive her guidance and light

Rosario G. Mexico

After only one hour with Rena I have been given the gift of Clarity, courage, understanding and a solid direction to move in. This was one of the most powerful coaching sessions I have ever received and the value of this hour was far beyond anything I ever expected. Rena understands what we are going through the steps we need to take to get to where we want to be. Allow Rena the opportunity to step into her gift and show you ALL that you need to know and you will never regret it. It is an investment in your journey in your life and most importantly in yourself, so make that investment and get on the fast track to success however you define it.

Jason W. USA

Rena is a true inspiration in my life. She has been a genuine role model for living life in a mindful and aware way. She has taught me the value of looking within, observing, and opening my heart and soul. She is without a doubt a huge motivation towards my push to owning my power and shining bright. I am so lucky to know her and have her be a part of my journey. She is absolutely incredible, thoughtful and sincere.

Victoria D. USA

The logical side of my mind had been battling realizations about my present situation that I no longer agreed with and it left me feeling untethered. I found a video on Rena’s YouTube page and after watching it, I decided to book two sessions with Rena back to back. The readings that Rena did for me, validated and confirmed much of what I was going through while making me aware of what I was missing and underestimating. The details that seemed so personal that I had never spoken them out loud, were revealed and examined with a calming perspective that made me feel more aware of how I was approaching my situation. Rena’s soothing demeanor that is both candid and loving, made me realize what an indispensable asset that her type of healing is, despite my logical side not understanding it. Your perception of your world adjusts and you find yourself asking the right questions to answer. Grateful for this connection.

Shara H. Canada

My Story

It’s taken me a long time to get here. I have walked the path of deep pain and suffering and never did I believe I would be here helping others. My calling has come to me out of pure humbleness to heal and share the medicine I found while trekking through some of the darkest traumas that plague and corrupt  the natural energetic balance of yin/yang on the planet. My darkness has been my greatest teacher by showing me what complete imbalance felt like.

The only reminder I had on this journey was a tiny spark of light hidden deep within me that I recognized and clung to as a small child. It was this spark (Great Spirit) that never stopped encouraging me to keep going. In this darkness I found healing medicine that I know is inside everyone. This medicine didn’t work with my logical mind nor could I rationalize it, instead it was teaching me to FEEL through a myriad of energy frequencies helping me to discern the slightest shifts between light and dark. 

Forgetting the mind and fully welcoming my sensitivity was the key to liberating and healing deep wounds and pain most of the world is currently suffering from. Deep traumas such as incest/sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse which create psychological and emotional diseases like depression, PTSD, anxiety, BPD, etc. 

The gift of darkness has shown me that most of humanity has closed off their sensitivity when this sensitivity is the central core point to how we are meant to naturally function and operate. It’s our natural birthright. These gifts include hypersensitivities (labeled as autism, ADHD, ADD, etc), psychic sensitivities and  empathic abilities. Our world and the system does not honour these gifts which is creating an imbalance of distorted yin/yang energy to manifest on our planet. 

I told Spirit in my darkest days,  if I made it through this pain then I would serve humanity.  I asked Spirit to express its beautiful Divinity through me so I could help others. I am grateful you have found your way to my healing movement  and to my membership:) Here I will provide teachings to guide you back to your natural sensitivities and how to manage them. Thank you for opening up to me! It’s a deep trust I truly honour xo