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If you are looking to transform your life, there are 3 key points to look for in an authentic Transformation Intuitive Coach.  I am willing to backup my name, my calling, my business and my services that you will have transformation in the first month, if not you can cancel and not be obliged to pay the remaining 2 months.

Investing in yourself is VERY important and why many people who do invest in their transformation do not always see the results they are looking for is because they don’t ask some very important questions.

Not sure what to look for in an Intuitive Transformation Coach? I’ve made it easy, here are 3 key steps to look for when you are ready to invest in yourself:


  • Your Intuitive Transformation Coach will be available to you and they can sit with you in your dark pain:
    Transformation is all about operating in a new way. It’s obvious you are going to have old subconscious patterns arise, where you are going to be open and vulnerable. If your coach can’t be a strong pillar of light in your dark, you won’t get the results you require. Is your coach open to the darkness they have transmuted in their life? Vulnerability is key here, you can’t be vulnerable if your coach isn’t willing to be vulnerable and available. Vulnerability opens the soul’s expression. How much time do you really get with your coach? How many clients do they book? when you are investing you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for.


  •  Your Coach puts preference on your soul’s expansion and alignment, instead of focusing on material manifestation:
    Last time I checked true transformation happens when you focus on your soul’s evolution, not what you can gain materially. When you are aligned your abundance will flow naturally. If you want permanent long lasting results, the obvious choice is to invest your money into a coach who can get you LONG LASTING results, and who will focused on aligning your soul, not your bank account. The physical manifestations always align once you are in alignment.


  • How much experience does your coach really have in working with ALL energy?
    Transformation requires full knowledge and experience working with the laws of the universe, and being able to work in ALL forms of energy. Can your coach handle you when you are at your darkest point? The darkest point of transformation is critical as it is the transition point of expansion. What’s their intuitive background and have you seen their confidence shine through in their delivery as they are clearly working by side with the Universe?  These are very important questions to ask. You want to be able to SEE their gifts, their methods, their tactics, their OWN methodologies. The coaching world gets a bad reputation and rightfully so as there are many “copycats” out there. They can’t get you the permanent results you desire because they are simply repeating teachings passed down from those who first brought them into awareness.



I am confident in what Spirit has guided me to bring to the world and I meet these 3 very key points in every way. If you would like to have a free 1-hour Paradigm Shift Session with me, we can get a feel for one another.


Warning: My personal coaching is very INTENSE, and there must be a dedication to your path to seek deeply and to do the inner work is mandatory. For you to get the full results you must be willing to walk through your shadow and into self mastery. No Master or Wise Soul has entered Mastery with ease. If you are ready book below:



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