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    …And We Are Off!

    Ready…Set…OMG! Here we go! This blog won’t’ belong as my cab will be arriving in 20mins. I’m off to my Ayahuasca Retreat and to work with some amazing Shamans. Already I have been gifted an amazing opportunity to work with one for free! This is the turning point, what I have been working towards my entire life. All the deep emotional healing, the years of authentically really getting to know me, and to know my purpose. I don’t believe I will return the same but polished off! It’s limited time with devices so I will be MIA for awhile. Until then… Be kind to yourself and love one another deeply.…

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    Day 1: Water Fast

    It is 12pm: I’m hungry. I’m not going to lie. Half the day is gone and my stomach is on a hunger rampage. I’m tired, having brain fog and all I want to do is sleep. I’m also nauseous but that’s normal and it was hard not to have my coffee this morning. I know I really need this and I’m feeling really good giving my body a break. It can now heal and cleanse as I prepare for Ayahuasca in just a week and a half. This video has really helped me to know that what I am going through is normal. 7 Day Water Fast I’m thinking now I…

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    It’s A White New Age System

    Ya, I’m so going there so hang tight. I joined Gaia.com to watch their series called Psychedelica. You can watch the trailer here: Gaia Trailer: Psychedelica In this blog, I’m going to talk all about White People and POC (people of colour including everyone else on the planet) As a heads up, this post is not about blame but to reveal the truth of the situation between Caucasians and POC. Leave all emotions at the door cause this is some truth talking. I’m sure we can all agree that the system that we are living in started with colonialism? That’s a yes. Multiple countries on all continents were invaded by white…

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