The Game of Guilt/Shame Patterns & Victim/Martyrism Mentality

When you pity yourself for feeling the way you do about a situation not being “right” or “fair” because of how it affects another person you are immediately giving your power away, and those who are unconscious, or who lack emotional intelligence will feel justified when you give them that power and you will feel depleted…and the cycle continues.

The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

In the ethers we also have 4 elements which spirit wants me to address as the 4 Pillars that make up the fabric of our Universe.

Pillar 1: Wetiko (evil, sinister dark energy)
Pillars 2&3: Yin (feminine energy includes deep shadow work. Works and compliments Yang energy)
Pillars 2&3: Yang (masculine energy is direct and action oriented. Works and compliments Yin energy)
Pillar 4: Third energy is when yin/yang energies are completely balanced (also known as the Holy Trinity, or the Holy Spirit etc)

Magic Exists on the Other Side of Fear

You will only attract what is going on inside of yourself and that includes your deep seated subconscious patterns. Many people have magic within themselves but its hidden in the pain and the darkness we don’t want to face. We are most fearful of facing that darkness not because of the pain but because of what is on the other side. The unknown.

True Sacred Feminine Energy

It doesn’t cling, it releases This love opens and receives all energy It doesn’t matter if it’s a handful of darkness A true Sacred Feminine will welcome that darkness She will mould the dark, Careful to honour the tiny specks of light caught in its own density Her entire self opens to the surrendering of…

Shades of Black: A Dance With Darkness

Many of us are confused about dark energy and many aspects of the new age movement focuses more on alleviating the pain associated with dark energy in our lives. What we must acknowledge is that the dark is here for a reason and it’s meant to help us recognize our power in a very deep…

My Apologies

To all my followers, this has taken me some time to come back out into the world and express myself. I know some of you have been following me for many years, witnessing my ins and outs on social media, hearing bits and pieces of my roller coaster life of self discovery. This ambition to…

We Fear Love

This is one of the best quotes taken from the original text from A Course in Miracles reworded by Marianne Williamson. When we feel resistance in our path we feel a pang of fear or anxiety deep in our guts. Humans have been so conditioned by this world that we have defined our emotions in…

How Are You Really Living Your Life?

Earth is the epitome of contrast and duality, it is the reason we come here. In spirit, we are a part of a collective that ebbs and flows towards highest good for all in every momentous choice. Observe a murmuration, where a flock of birds are moving and flowing together as one. As you watch…

Authenticity is the Key to Everything

It boggles my mind that so many people, even those who are active in the spiritual community have no idea how to be super authentic.  As a super sensitive empath don’t even try to lie to me. I’m tricky that way and you won’t even know it. I will be open and truthful to my…

Ego Love vs. Universal Love

This world is so caught up in labelling what true love is, and unless we feel that exciting lust, the rush of attraction, the Zaza zing or the butterflies in our belly, we then assume and judge that it can’t be true love. I beg to differ. In order to understand true Universal love is…