Please be aware that all emails coming from as of July 18 2021 my account has been hacked. To email me for any inquiries please go to

Rest assured all of my clients information was never breached and is secured. No information has been leaked. The hackers were only able to lock out my account please keep in mind that I have separate emails that log into different financial aspects of my business to ensure the safety of my clients.

At this time not believe any emails coming from

All other accounts have been locked down such as YouTube and TikTok however my Facebook and Instagram are no longer in service.

If you get emails IG messages or FB messages it’s not me. I do not contact my clients unless we have a coaching contract.

Thank you to all my clients who have been sending prayers and my deepest apologies to anybody who may have been scammed by these hackers who has gained my email account access I am doing my best to resolve the problem as swiftly as possible.

If you have any concerns please email me at