As many of you know I too am on my Twin Flame journey and have been actively surrendering this connection to God, but the lesson I continue to learn is that surrender is never ending. To make the unconscious conscious is an everlasting falling and surrendering into the unknown

Allowing Spirit into my vessel and breaking down my walls, I have concluded this will always be a way of life. I can’t go back. The Universe wants to express itself through us but how can we be that expression if we do not tactfully learn how to live in a surrendered state?

This means we are to trust and have faith in the unknown first and foremost but listening to the gut knowing before the mind. My writings and my teachings come from my own journey and life experiences as it helps me connect to my clients. I have accessed tangible insight (medicine) in some of the darkest parts of the collective consciousness based on the extensive healing I have done. As of late I haven’t been able to sit down and blog as I have been busy with clients and so when I finally decided to get back into it, I read my last blog post and realized how controlling and mean spirited it was. It has to be that way, I am raw with all of you, its where I find my freedom to express so we can all learn. I want you to see my human side as much as my divinity.

The Twin Flame journey is the most difficult integration process I have ever had (yes even beyond the healing I have done!). The exact mirroring of the two souls is a constant ebb and flow between extreme light and extreme darkness. Its why most people who haven’t experienced it judge it.

I am going to use the last post as a teaching and share the things I have learned thus far to be in a surrendered state.

The core of the mirror between Twin Flames means that we are to become whole and united within our yin/yang energies first, living a surrendered life to God and on mission or very close to mission. What I have noticed in the last blog post about the Divine Masculine inabilities to surrender is a direct reflection of the Divine Feminine inability to let go of massive control. This is hanging onto the distorted masculine energy within ourselves and why many DF’s get stuck and are unable to let go of their twin after the activation process. They are clinging to the distorted masculine energy within, and so it enables separation and blocks.

What I have noticed strongly with distorted feminine energy (and having lived an exclusive lesbian lifestyle for 10 years) I got deep into femininity. I understand why my soul guided me down that path, and it’s because the distorted feminine I believe have many more control issues than the Divine Masculine’s.

Stay with me on this.

Twin Flames have been around since the beginning of time. Every spiritual methodology, religion, belief etc. speaks of the masculine and feminine, from the Sun and Moon gods to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  There is also a story of the Greek God Zeus fearful of humans because they were created with a divine counterpart. Humans were created with 2 heads, 4 arms and 4 legs and they shared 1 heart. Zeus was a jealous God and tore the Twins apart to dissolve their power, having them roam the Earth searching for one another. Their love is so great and powerful that in every incarnation they will time and time again find another, no matter the geographical distance to activate and try their best to come together again.

I have done a tremendous amount of research on ancient civilizations, and the stories of divine balance between yin/yang, its been a life long practice but it also helps that my father is obsessed with ancient cultures and their ways of life.

There is truth in these so-called legends, and way of living we can not seem to grasp in the matrix of illusion we have created for ourselves in this day in age.

I personally have experienced this magic with my Twin Flame when we merged and in truth it sounds just like those old stories. Until you have experienced this type of union, there is no way the logical mind will be able to grasp it and understand it, in fact it will make the unconscious angry and jealous towards this type of pure love, denouncing it’s existence because it breaks their own belief systems of love.

Once the Twins were separated the Divine Feminine could no longer be in her reciprocal energies of receiving, openness, and allowing, for it’s the Divine Masculine who naturally protects her by building security and home for her to work her magic. With the Masculine separated the Feminine had to learn to access their masculine from the one soul consciousness and protect herself. This means we had to learn a certain level of control. The purest essence of a true Divine Feminine does not have control, we flow. We feel. We follow our intuition; control is a Masculine trait.

I am a very strong Divine Feminine meaning my Twin is a very strong Divine Masculine. Having to be in a masculine role for most of my life in order to raise children and create my own stability with zero help from anybody (not even child support) I had to be predominantly in my masculine energy, so much so I worked high up in a man dominated field of IT project management and business analysis!

Honestly that seems so foreign to me now!

I see this type of control and distortion quite a bit in the feminine mass consciousness, to the point where they don’t want to let go of that control because they are fearful they will lose their mind in the energies of the mystical unknown where there is psychic knowing, empathic visions, and intuition. There also comes a point in a Divine Feminine’s life where letting go of control can be so difficult to find that fine balance of being in both energies while in a surrendered state. This is the holy trinity within (masculine, feminine surrender to God). It is the simultaneous act of being able to harness the masculine energy to build up her life, while letting go of control of what manifests in our 3D reality and accessing a complete state of surrender. It’s imperative for Divine Feminine’s who are on a Twin Flame journey to learn how to operate in this fashion by letting go of the control and to receiving intuitive messages. It is like living in a parable, or an an oxymoron.

This is another reason I came to my parents’ home in Guyana South America, I truly and have finally accepted that I need help in my material world in the form of tangible community support. I can’t do this path alone anymore. I have the money and resources but that doesn’t mean anything without family. Doing it alone and for so long has exhausted me. Plus, I had to feel the land of my ancestors to fall more deeply into my Feminine energy safely, while getting that support. I am forever grateful to my parents for how much we have all healed!

Since doing so my business has boomed and my motivation to create more content is through the roof! I am sure you are all noticing it! This is the essence of pure Divine Feminine energy, the fall into surrender to allow whatever may be will be!

It’s not the easiest balance to master, but it will continue until we get into a fine balance of yin/yang within ourselves first. This is why there is a great push and pull dynamic with Twin Flames. If we are working for that internal union first, is when God will say yes it’s time for union to do this together, it will come together peacefully and magically.

What I see in the distorted feminine energies on our planet is a fake new age concept of sexuality and sensuality that aligns to esthetic beauty standards. Open up Instagram it’s everywhere. Distorted feminine energy has the underlying tone of massive control issues, and it’s hindering the evolution of consciousness.

Women gossip, subconsciously in competition with one another, determined to have a certain outcome and they use that determination to control and manifest certain timelines via manipulation, jealousy, and a poverty lack mindset. They misuse their God given intuition to keep their life to a certain standard all the while acting pure and sweet. It’s an act I have been able to see for a very long time and hence why many women have issues with me who refuse to heal! Those who are really wanting to heal we become family!

Some feminine’s become so attached to this pattern to the point where they can not fully let it go, which calls in darker forces that siphons their intuition. This is because the mind has become distorted, attached to a certain thought process it will eventually create a psychological disorder. Trust me I worked hard for almost 30 years not to fall into these psychological traps and I thank my traumatic past for this contrast to show me my light and why I only work with the One God!

Distorted feminine energy wears a mask that fools many, and they are able to deflect and psychologically manipulate men (and other women) that they know more, or have great ideas because they can intuitively know energy all the while they are leading these men down a scary path deeper into darkness.

If you haven’t done your healing work, you can not fully know your feminine distortion! We must be humble to admitting this especially if we haven’t fully healed our deepest traumas. We are not going to be clear channel or fully know our life path until that is complete.

This is why I am here; I have done this work; my work is now integrating into a continual surrender in order to receive the next steps from Spirit to guide the collective.

When the Twins were separated we can understand why the feminine energies became so controlling as a means to survive and protect oneself as the masculine’s became lost in their inner intuitive knowing. They walked deeper into the darkness, into perversions and codependency with a massive thirst for power in order to control their earthly creations. Divine Masculine’s intuitively know something is missing deep within and it looms and rises every now and then to seek deeper, but our world has reinforced to our psyche that men don’t feel, they are to suppress and to continue creating business, money and structure for their happiness. This leads to addictions, depression and relationships with overly controlling, clingy and manipulative women.

The return of the masculine to the feminine is when both twins completely surrender to a certain point within themselves and the first activation happens, but this is only the beginning of the journey. Remember you only have one twin flame, and the separation process is needed to understand that nobody will love you to the depth as God does like your Twin Flame. You can love and be with someone else but it will only go to a certain level, nobody can match your twin flame, no matter how hard they try to get there, it won’t ever work. Twin Flames have a unique frequency vibration that is only for them and God (mother and father energies) a soulmate can come close but it won’t ever cut it.

When I decided to write another blog I didn’t even recognize the energy frequency of my last blog entry, in fact when I reread it, it made me want to purge. I realized deep within me I was rejecting a piece of my Divine Masculine as I was trying to control his own purification process and the way he processes energy and heals. It will be completely different than what I do as Twins express differently and so this is why I am writing this entry. To share my own realizations of my growth and journey on this Twin Flame path.

I want my clients and my followers to understand that sharing openly is a form of power, sharing the growth I do will keep me humbled to all of you to be that clear channel. I most certainly do not wish to be put a pedestal but to be seen as a friend, a reflection of what you see in yourself. Its where true empowerment resides.

The control is real, but the it’s deeper in the Divine Feminine’s collective consciousness. Divine Masculine’s control comes in the form of creation, building and making the cash. DF’s we are a whole other bag of control to keep that depth of intuition, sensitivity, and soft innocence hidden and protected. We must realize that when we try to control in the mind in order to reap a certain outcome, or to manifest and create a lifestyle because we are fearful of change; When we cling and attach externally to people, places and things, we give up our truest essence of who we came to be.

I know my mission and calling is here to help Divine Feminine’s primarily to access these points of depth and surrendering into the scary unknown worlds of psychic, empathic and intuitive healing gifts. We hold that deeper intuition Divine Feminine, more than the masculine energy however for eons we have been working solely from distorted masculine energy to protect and control.

We must ground deeply in the womb, the sacral chakras and follow that deep knowing before the mind. It’s a reconditioning that will bring up fear that we are crazy, or losing it. That’s what society has pegged us to be, emotional and irrational! My DF’s! WE ARE EMOTIONAL AND IRRATIONAL! It’s that piece of control that makes us look crazy is when we deny these aspects of ourselves! I dare you to accept something otherwise.

Once we transcend that need to control, and to purge the emotional world, your intuition and psychic worldly gifts will come online, and quickly! You will become more redefined and receptive to energy learning how to live from an entirely different way than you have before.

When this happens, you won’t need to control your outside world. You will be content and peaceful within your soul knowing, a new place of acknowledging your newfound power because you courageously decided to heal and access your  lost innocence from within the darkness.