I am going to be writing some hard, direct truth about men on the twin flame journey and why it is super important for Divine Feminine to use this journey as a form to catalyze them into their greatest power. This connection isn’t to be romanticized nor to have expectations of coming together in union, and if that hits you the wrong way that means you should look at it. Any trigger that creates a defense mechanism is to be looked at deeper with the observer mindset in place. Don’t run from uncomfortable truths shared here.

I am going to start with my own journey and why I will NEVER, ever have anything to do with my Twin Flame for the rest of this incarnation. The main reason is that I am a very powerful medicine woman and the plants speak through me very clearly. In this day in age, I need a man who is going to be courageous enough to stand beside me, defend me and work with me. My Twin Flame is a Caucasian privileged wealthy man who will NEVER be able to find the courage to let go of the colonial system built by his lineage. That being said he runs. He doesn’t have a single back bone in his body and its quite sad because his children will continue to see him as a huge disappointment than a man who could have brought change in a big way to the planet.

Even if he ever shows up in my life, I will tell him where to go, for you see I have been activated enough into my power to know the vibration that is meant to stand next to me. That will be a man who loves the power I bring down and who isn’t afraid of it, jealous or intimidated by it. My twin will never get there. There is too much at stake when it comes to his pride and ego.

Let’s go deeper. Most masculine Twin Flames must have courage to be with a true Divine Feminine, because it’s all about mission work. Most of them can’t do that because that requires a MASSIVE humbling of the ego, and to fall to the feet of the Divine Feminine for forgiveness. That isn’t something men are taught in this world and so the power of the connection, topped off with the massive world conditioning isn’t something they can do.

Can we have hope that sure maybe one day they will and can do this? Sure, but are you going to waste your life sitting around hoping and praying that it will happen?

What I am finding super attractive now is moving back to my homeland of Guyana and meeting real Shaman’s and Medicine Men who work in the Rain Forest. A man who has a vast amount of integrity, who honours nature over wealth, the Earth over societal business and who can see the power of us together, damn that’s the vibration I want. My Twin Flame has the potential but you can’t live with potential darlings, forget potential. Go with men who are manifesting their power! That turns me on more than my Twin Flame ever could.

You see just because the activation is magnificent, potent and yes very real, that doesn’t mean this Earth can handle that potency, and although yes, I believe most Divine Feminine are ready to do that work, the Divine Masculine’s are not. Stop hanging on to that heightened experience. Let’s be honest, look at the Twin Flame community? It’s not real my loves. These people don’t have big healing missions who say they are in union and so are they really Twin Flames? I don’t see them transforming societal life, instead it’s another coaching program or psychological aid.

True Twin Flames in union change the WORLD, they change societal values and they are truest warriors that speak against the normal way of life we currently know. It’s not about two people healing so they can set up house together. Then what? How does that change anything in our world? Let’s be honest, the state of our planet right now, we are in need of massive healing instead of focusing on how we can be in a romantic partnership. Earth needs us in a really big way.

We are to be becoming our best selves, healing to the depths of our soul so that our true gifts resurface, learn new forms of divination and healing to aid the planet first. God will bring the love when you are ready.  Your job is to figure out your mission and to discover yourself FIRST. When you surrender that piece to Great Spirit is when God will romance you in the years to come.

Yes, I am all about letting go of the Twin Flame journey. I honestly can’t stand my Twin Flame; I think he’s the biggest fake to ever live. He’s a narcissistic, egocentric sex/ alcoholic addicted white man who only wants wealth and money. He doesn’t help the planet he kills trees and supports zoos, eats meat and dairy and only dates basic white model privileged women with zero talent.

It doesn’t matter how magical I am (because I am pretty epic), the Divine Masculine’s stay with mediocrity because they don’t want to put the work into their best selves to break down the life, they are comfortable controlling.

Read that again.

Ask yourself, is that what you want as your life partner? I definitely don’t. Nothing he can do will ever win me back, I have my own money, I have my own resources to help the planet (high political connections in Guyana who are already saving the rain forest), he has nothing I could ever require. All his resources are based in a white matrix that only support white people. Yes, we are interracial but he continues to treat BIPOC as resources (his staff) and leverages them for his own good. He only used me for my power and ran when he couldn’t handle it. How does that help Mother Earth? It doesn’t. Not even the love we shared is enough because he has no idea what real love is (nor will he ever experience it again because that coding is in me not anyone else). I take great honour he will suffer for the rest of his life what he did to me and how he treated me. Karma will serve him the rest of this life and my loves that is ok to relish in that. You are allowed to swim in your karmic justice, enjoy it!

True love hit him hard in his face and he ran clinging to the next narcissistic model girl there and used her as an emotional crutch to be close to me (she was my roommate who also treated me like shit which my Twin refused to look at because of his own white privilege) because he was afraid to be alone with me.

Divine Feminine why do we put up with this crap?

I don’t have time for childish scared little boys who get mislead by fake gold and glitter and egoic desires. A real man tames the ego and honours the magic in the Divine Feminine without you having to ask!!! If your DM is running, he doesn’t want it. Stop making excuses for him and stop entertaining “man children”

You can’t change these dynamics my friends. The truth is always sitting and staring at you dead on in your face. Accept it. Move forward and figure out your true mission. Come together with other Divine Feminine’s, reach out to me, join my tribe, and heal yourself into the next vibration of abundance. Utilize your Twin Flame as activation to push you into your best self and let Karma handle these scared little boys. They aren’t men, and far from it.