Watch the channelled teachings as there is more information than what was written.

If there is anything I am an expert at is the energy of narcissism, betrayal, psychic attacks, codependency, addictions, self loathing, gas lighting/deflection/projection.

Yes, everyone was born pure of spirit but what we must also understand is that we did not incarnate with our fullest soul frequency, and what I am about to write may shock you. Please continue with an open, non judgmental mind. The world I grew up in was far different than what most humans have experienced. I have been living in Spirit FIRST before the mind for as long as I can remember. The abuse in my life pushed me at a very young age into the hands of God the Father/Creator Source.

My intuition and clear channel did not come easy, and many marvel and are envious of it. I am so accustomed to attacks from darker energies, people who I thought were my friends, family members etc. depleted my trust in so many ways, including in myself that I became very comfortable with all forms of dark/evil/wetiko energies. My gifts came at a price of deep repression, where I was pushed into the darkest realms that at the age of 7 suicide idealization became a constant reality, and several attempts throughout my life.

For those who were envious of my gifts, I have said to them, if you truly wanted these gifts please remember what I had to endure and walk through in order to get here. Most people only want the gifts and not the hard ass work it takes to look deeply within to heal.

By the time I was 16 years old I officially categorized myself as insane, crazy and this was because what I saw and experienced on a regular basis was not the status quo.

I grew up seeing Ascended Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, White Buffalo Woman, Joan of Arc, Ganesh, Shiva, etc. When I expressed what I saw to others, and my conversations with them I soon realized by their facial expression that they did not see what I saw. Instead I was met with criticism, ridicule and laughed at.

It pushed me even further into myself where nobody understood me. I began researching bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorders, histrionic disorder, narcissism etc. I figured something was severely wrong with me. I went on all types of medications, but my visions and the Ascended Masters never went away. Instead the medications pushed me further into the darkness where I was attacked much more severely. It wasn’t until a psychologist in my mid 30’s after working with her for a solid 3 years, bless her heart, she blatantly said to me:

“Rena, I truly do not believe anything is wrong with you. You are gifted beyond most and you are here to help many. You are too accurate with what you see and I do not see any signs that you are delusional. Remember those who have these mental disorders, they in fact deny that anything is wrong with them. You my dear, believe you have multiple disorders, and you aren’t denying that you do. To me you are simply gifted and need to stand in that truth”

I immediately began to cry because I finally felt some relief that maybe I am just super connected to the expansive realms, and finally God sent me someone who truly saw me who would not lock me away! That was the moment I needed and I started to realize that maybe she was right, and if I’m like this there has to be more people like me! That is when I truly jumped into healing deeper and working with my gifts. It was Jesus who guided me on my path, I did not trust anybody else because of the constant attacks by darker forces. I prayed like mad, and it was a very slow process to open up again. Spirit opened the doors and brought me teachers and a Shaman who gave me my name “StarChild”

To this day I still get attacked by darker forces, but far in between and very rare now, and it’s no longer energetically or psychically but through other unconscious people who are being siphoned through their own pain who attack me. Please remember it has taken me close to 30 years of healing myself to get to this point.

I know there are many gifted people like myself, and more gifted than me who are stuck in these dark realms. I am only here to open the door for you, because it is my truest wish to elevate the mysticism in our world. These super sensitive souls who are suffering are already completely enlightened. Enlightenment has been completely distorted that we don’t actually know what that means anymore. What I do know is that there is more beyond enlightenment.

The dictionary definition of “enlightened” means:
The word enlightened comes from the Latin prefix en meaning “in, into” and the word lux meaning “light.” Combine these meanings — “into the light” — and you’re describing what it is that characterizes an enlightened person: a sense of clarity and understanding.

It’s the ability to fully heal the psychological mind in order to see clearly through illusions. The next doorway is into the mysticism, which has been stifled and suppressed over history. Our mystical world is seen through the third eye and our natural empathic abilities to feel a wide variety of emotions are to be used as a compass to guide us and to express our truth. Humanity has become so stuck in the emotional realms; we are unable to find complete balance between the mind and heart duality.

This is why our gut instincts and our intuition are very important and why it has been stifled throughout history. We as a mass consciousness to create peace on Earth, to bridge Heaven and Earth is very powerful, but this power has been taken from the majority of us by darker energies. Mystic and psychic empathic abilities play a very important role in human evolution. All of us have these gifts, but over the many incarnations, and the DNA lineage you chose to incarnate into is where the healing is to start. All of us are to gain enlightenment, the clarity of the mind and the deep inner knowing of the heart. In order for us to maintain the balance between the heart and the mind is our intuition, which is found in our pelvic floor, the gut instincts. This is the regulator of your entire energy system. It’s also the missing piece in psychology.

This is why the history we have learned is not our “true” history, yet a fabricated illusion to keep the world avoid of mysticism, magic and conscious expansion supressed.

Psychic gifts and intuition are available to everyone and this door into mysticism and real magic will open into true clarity and purity only after the psychological mind and the psychological triggers that attach to an emotional response has healed. The ego is to be tamed, for it is needed to know how to move around a third dimensional world, it is not to be abolished at this point in our conscious evolution (like some new age teachings encourage)

The first teacher to appear to me was The White Buffalo Woman when I was about 3 years old. My father, away on a business trip brought back an indigenous doll with braids and dressed in a white shamanistic ceremonial dress. Immediately that evening, the spirit of the White Buffalo Woman began speaking to me, but not in words. Through dreams, deep love and empathy for my spirit. It was telepathy, and a deep knowing more than a psychological conversation. For the next 3 years she stayed with me and I spoke to her regularly. I don’t remember the conversations but I believe many of those teachings she gave me are coming through now.

Through the abuse I endured, it was this light and White Buffalo Woman who held me, and told me to keep this light pure. To hold onto God’s love. This is what kept me safe, for this light I knew at such a young age that nobody could take that from me.

This is where many people get lost in our world. At a very young age, holding onto that purity is not an easy task, and if you are chosen to hold that purity, you will be tested and pushed through the darkest realms on the planet. This walk through the darkness is the rites of passage we must all go through, some walk deeper than others, but suffering is not avoidable.

Please don’t take “chosen” as something of importance, it’s a walk of deep suffering that most people would die from. It takes a certain resolve and strength in order to walk this darkness, and this is why I am able to help guide you through it, especially with Ayahuasca. Sitting with you in your pain is not hard for me, for I have been initiated through it. I have lived it, experienced it all and healed it. It’s not a special path, it’s a path of pure surrender, humility and humbleness. Working through all types of abuse for close to 30 years, I can say I am in action and on mission now. This dark walk is where humanity is to proceed and why we are going through a massive upheaval. It’s time to walk through the dark my loves, it’s time to face it, don’t fear it. I promise you will discover your truest self through it. It’s worth it and I would do it all over again. Honestly!

If you do avoid walking through the shadows, I would question who and what you are connecting to and to get deeper within yourself. I know of people like this, I dated one for a long period of time where she refused to face any form of suffering in order to gain a deeper knowing of herself. Instead she reinforced that I was crazy because of my trauma. If this is you, it means you are separate from the collective and the mass consciousness, we all came here together to heal.  The next era is not about following gurus and leaders, it’s about coming together in community to heal.  You either choose to walk through the dark together or you are living in separation consciousness.

You see I don’t believe those who abuse, who are narcissistic, and who do wrong are evil. I believe and know that their souls are pure and bright, for God created us all in purity, however they are so splintered they are unable to act, feel, and do good to others. It means darker forces old a higher concentration in their actions than their God consciousness.

What has happened over many incarnations, as the dark consciousness fell, and humanity lost themselves, when we left an incarnation, a lower self was stuck in the darker realms. There is a dark gridwork that works atop the light gridwork that covers our connection to unity consciousness of our true parents (our Mother Earth and Father Sky) We continue to incarnate to retrieve those missing pieces of our soul that got lost in the dark gridwork. Mama Ayahuasca has shown me the gridwork from my very first ceremony, its what made me almost lose my mind, because everything was blown open for me. It has taken me over 2 years to truly integrate what I was shown.  

This is another reason why I was called to work with Ayahuasca, for through her, pieces of your soul are retrieved out of the dark etheric realms and reunited with the pieces in your body and I am able to do this. Depending on how splintered your soul has become over the many incarnations, this process to reclaim all of yourself can take some time. This is also why Ayahuasca doesn’t work for everyone. Some souls have splintered so badly, it will take many incarnations in order to get to a certain point before the medicine can fully activate and work.

When a soul splinters and pieces of that light body detaches, it is replaced by darker forces, dark energy frequency codes that activate your DNA, and other dark attachments. This happens to everyone and why we keep coming back to Earth, is to bring back the natural balance of the Garden of Eden. Mother Earth has been holding us all as a mass consciousness to heal, so that the Father, our Creator energy can manifest fully in that brightness.

We are hitting a very important time in human consciousness expansion, where the Divine Feminine must first walk through the dark to lead the Divine Masculine’s through the shadows. As I said this walk is not easy, it’s a humbling, deep surrender of pain, old beliefs, seeking reprieve of the resistance through prayers, to hold the utmost humble heart and yet to fully detach to our exterior world. It’s the true walk of faith to a higher source where you will be carried, healed and shown the way without trying to control the outcome. When a Divine Feminine has done this or close to completing this is when you will meet your true Divine Masculine.

Twin Flames are the first to do this walk, for when the Divine Masculine has finally made their way through the path forged by their Divine Feminine, that energy will leave a lightened trail for others. It won’t take years to do this, because the path will be lit up by the love of their unity consciousness of their oversoul. When Twin Flames come into union, and that energy is anchored into the Earth’s gridlines, this will help other Twin Flames find their way. As this energy increases, more divine light will reactivate the light gridwork of the planet helping the rest of humanity to access the magical realms of consciousness.

I also wanted to bring up that being a Twin Flame is not to be romanticized. Twin Flames come from other expansive planetary frequencies to aid Earth, and it’s not a “more important” role etc. again it’s a walk-through deep suffering and darkness in order to meet your Twin Flame. It’s not about creating a typical life based in societal living. Quite the contrary, although that is a part of it, but there is so much more!

Twin Flames who have incarnated at this time chose to walk this path to elevate the Earth, and to aid in the healing of all other sentient beings and humanity. They came to bridge and expand consciousnesses. We must learn to get out of this mental concept and idealization of what enlightenment is, and that evolution is higher and lower. It’s not. Its all about vibrational placement, and frequencies. Staying in your own lane by healing, keeping your frequency elevated, and clear will attract what you require in order to evolve. The more we cling, resist and try to manipulate, the harder it will be to heal, including missing out on some important soul lessons.  

Everyone is powerful, everyone has intuitive mystical gifts for our telepathy and intuition started in the womb and how we spoke to our parental mother. A new born survives not by speech and mental concepts but through the natural empathic abilities given to us by Great Spirit. This is through intuition and feeling. All of us are here to work together and to get out of mental egoic ideas of what true leadership looks like as there are many pockets in the new age community who suffer from a “guru” mentality.

Our New Earth is about sustainability, community, magic, healing and deep love for all sentient beings. Twin Flames already hold these potent light codes, and it’s up to the Twins to bring these codes down.

What is happening right now is the spiritual energetic warfare between various frequency levels of narcissism and empathy and who is connected to the magical light gridwork, who are currently in transition and who are working in the dark gridwork. Energy discernment is what Jesus taught, to know the light and the dark and this is why we are put through some dark healing cycles, to know these energies.

Depending on the splintered soul, there will always be an energetic power struggle between a narcissist and an empath. This is because there is an exchange of energies that are seeking balance. Everything in the Universe is about balance. The ultimate balance is true sacred alignment between the mother and father energies. Again this can not happen until we walk through our pain and heal. Depending on where you are at in your healing journey and your current incarnation, you will go through a balancing act via relationships, various encounters, and energy exchanges in the psychical world. Once that energy can no longer maintain balance, that encounter will end.

There are many frequencies of narcissism, and all of us have experienced being selfish, mean to someone else etc. but these experiences are needed to know where our soul has been splintered in order to reclaim this piece of ourselves from the ethers. Until then you will seek it in something exterior of us, or in someone else. Most of our splintered soul pieces are never too far away from us, awaiting its merging process into your vessel, however there are pieces far out into the ethers where plant medicine’s like Ayahuasca are able to get deeply into those realms to bring them back to self.

This isn’t black and white, and we can’t simply label someone narcissistic etc. as there are far left and right-wing frequencies in all concepts. Empaths can most definitely be narcissistic and vice versa, again it’s the frequency of both and the need to exchange energy with one another in order to grow. Granted there are pure evil forces siphoning pure souls, but there is so much splintering happening it’s hard to truly label anything. Yes there are unconscious people who do take and suck energy from an empath but remember if they are doing pure evil, most of their light has vacated the vessel. These experiences are needed because it’s showing you where you are in the realms of helping humanity to heal.

The empath will always want to fix someone and help them because you can feel that piece of purity in a narcissist’s or a “broken person’s” energy field, however to claim the power of your empathic abilities is to stand up for yourself!!! It’s needed to end the unbalancing of energies and that is because of the splintering that has happened, the narcissist will never leave. They need an empath’s light to feel anything good. They refuse to leave and once an empath starts to stand up for themselves, the narcissist plays up the act.

These are people who are completely lost within themselves and the healing process will take quite a long time to heal, however for some their encounters with an empath will activate something within them. A reminder of a piece of them they have lost in the ethers and this will encourage them if not right away, at some point in their evolution process to find that missing piece. This can either happen right away or it can take several incarnations. As for the empath, that dark energy will remind you that you too have been missing a piece of yourself, and this is when you stand strong enough to reclaim it.

At this point is when Twin Flame’s can come into union, or you gain new profound sense of mental clarity, remembering who you truly are! Depending on where you are at, some people might have to experience another narcissist, others might not. Personally, I had to go through many abusers to reclaim all of my soul, that is how splintered I was!

It was Ayahuasca that brought me the last piece of my missing soul that had splintered from me eons ago. That is my Twin Flame, and during our energy merge, massive amounts of healing and hidden talents began to emerge soon after I was able to integrate. My singing abilitiy was immediately activated. His recognition, when the masculine see’s his feminine, his creative energy is birthed through her. That’s pure creation at work.

Thus far in 1 year I have learned ukulele and many songs, also composing some on my own. In 7 months I have been able to easily pick up guitar, and play, without any formal training. This is the magic of Twin Flames. The more each counterpart heals individually, God will pull them back together. When they come into union they will activate the Earth’s gridlines. This will open doorways for so many to heal and to also find whom they are meant to be with.

We are hitting the point of sacred marriage, known as the hieros gamos is starting to ground on the planet. True divine love is being activated right now so that we may help all souls become whole, aligned and powerful.


What God Has Put Together Let No Man Put Asunder

Wherever you are at in your journey, I hope this article brought some much needed clarification for you.

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