Spiritual and religious practices incorporate methods to connect to a higher source, God, the Universe, etc. and humans unwillingly trust what they are taught instead of listening to their deep innate intuition. This is why many powerful healers today chose very traumatic and difficult lifelines and reincarnated into certain family’s to help them finally break into the mysticism of life.

All of us have a gift to intuitively feel and experience different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness. We have all had strong “Ah-Ha” epiphany moments especially if you are on the conscious evolution path and doing deep healing work.

But humans are naïve. We have this belief system if our hearts have good intentions and we hold a strong willpower within us then that is what we will get in return. This isn’t entirely true and not exactly how the law of attraction works.

Here’s why.

Your internal energy frequency can only hold a certain vibration based on how much healing of your ancestry lineage you have completed. If you have a strong alliance to your family’s traditions and belief systems, you will only be able manifest a little bit more or to the container level that your family has already accomplished. If you have been able to break out of the traditional mindset patterns of living and doing things differently, this is a great start to breaking the ceiling and manifesting beyond what your family has done. The more you heal your ancestry line the more powerful you will be.

I understand as difficult as this appears, if you are willing to face the resistance head on (because taking the first step towards anything that’s different is scary! Especially breaking family patterns!) you will see over time the shifts in your family relationships, abundance levels, plus massive amounts of healing in your immediate family will be experienced! This all happens because you chose to do your internal healing work. Your DNA links you to the healing medicine for your ancestry line.

The body we chose to reincarnate is a direct reflection of the ancestry lineage blocks that requires healing. This isn’t something we can run from. Even if we look at our astrological charts, these aren’t necessarily the end all of who you are. Quite the contrary. It’s the jumping off point. Everything we have in our physical world is simply the jumping off point, the leverage, the direction to guide us on what to transcend, heal, and evolve from. Whatever constricting belief systems our family lineage has used for eons for survival purposes, we chose this particular DNA to transcend our ancestors dark codes. This in turn will ground into the Earth and bring balance back to our Mother.

The dark energy in our blood lines were activated eons ago. You picked up this coding when you were in your mother’s womb, making it inevitable that you will have the same patterns and belief systems as your family no matter how hard you try not to be like your parents, I’m sorry something you didn’t want will come up to heal. It’s when we choose to finally break away from defining ourselves as our cultures, family’s traditions/belief systems and the way in which we have survived thus far on Earth is not necessarily the true way of living. Instead it’s what we are suppose to be healing and breaking out of! We take the good from our lineage and transcend the rest, using the dark energies as leverage to push us further into expansion. This means at some point in our evolution process we can no longer follow the ways of how our family’s have survived in the past.

Darker energies will always have an underlying base energy of fear, blame, guilt/shame, injustice, complacency, lack mentality, victimhood, and martyrism, even to the point of enforcing abandonment/abolishment tactics, or using force, shame and guilt to gain control. Most times as a last resort there will be a flat out certain declaration that mysticism, and diving into the unknown is just a dream-world, it’s crazy/psychotic, a fantasy, and out of touch with reality. Do you see the underlying fear? If fear is the base energy vibration of your life and your choices, you will experience the patterns that come from that energy. It will never feel peaceful, instead it will always feel stuck, back and forth, hard and difficult. Nothing will truly heal. Instead over time we will deeply feel and know that we are stuck in suppression, which eventually turns into depression, addictions, and compromising self etc.

This is how the darker forces feed off your light especially through other people in your environment. If the top 5 people in your close circle do not bring healing life force energy into your life, then you are in a cage and your soul is asking you to break free. Living in suffering and complacency instead of ebb and flow is the farthest from the truth of how the Universe operates. It’s these patterns that are keeping many powerful lightworkers and healers stuck on their path.

A great example of the enforcement of family lineage dynamics would be marriage and commitment. Marrying and building a life with someone because of a surprise pregnancy instead of following your gut instincts of what you truly desire. Staying in a situation because of family pressures and ideologies of right vs. wrong etc. Many people get pulled between light and dark dualities because this is the animal part of the human psyche that pushes us to survive. Humans have hit a tipping point in consciousness asking each of us to evolve out of the reptilian mindset. The reason why healing is so hard is because it’s this part of the brain that is dying off as we evolve in consciousness. As a human race we are ready to evolve into a higher Universal vibrational frequency of mass consciousness. It’s not that we don’t need to “survive” but currently as a human race we have already surpassed the goal of survival, now we are seeking to thrive! We have gone beyond shelter, food and having things. The only reason we still have starvation and poverty is because we have evolved into a selfish, disconnected race that enforces an imbalanced lifestyle away from nature and all things natural.

These types of family/race/culture dynamics will always hold a base platform energy of fear and compliance. To break out of these ancestral molds is not an easy task, because the ego’s lack mentality will kick in enforcing our need for more money, food, a bigger house, etc. and we too subconsciously try to keep our alliances with society/family/family in order to survive. Are you recognizing the fear energy?

Yes in the past we needed to survive but today we live in a time where there is so much separation in our communities, we no longer require our family to “survive”. I have proven that. I raised 2 children 2 years apart from the time they were 1 and 3 yrs old, built a career, and financial stability by myself, all alone, with no child support (I’m being completely honest, for the exception of being financially secure where I could hire a live in nanny, I did it all) As hard as it was, it was possible, whereas in the past a single woman with 2 babies would have never survived. Yes I had a live in nanny, but before you judge me I spent my maternity leave breastfeeding while simultaneously managing a home and studying late into the evenings, so please know nothing in life comes easy, I worked hard for everything in my life. We as a race have proven to ourselves, we can do this alone even if its hard work. So why are we so afraid to move into the unknown? The answer is in the energies and what is going on behind our physical world reality.

These times are giving us a tremendous amount of opportunity to break out of old ways of thinking and doing, and it’s giving each of us the chance to explore our greatest potential into the unknown. This will free your soul from the DNA constraints of your ancestry line and as you heal these patterns by creating space it will give you access to the full potential your ancestors could not fully obtain. The gifts in your lineage have been deeply buried over the last 200 years, and it’s in these gifts which are deeply hidden, as you heal they will begin to emerge.

Human evolution has been going on for 300000 years and in that time, we have relied on the reptilian mind of survival. As we gained momentum and moved into conscious exploration, an intricate piece that pushed us into consciousness is psychedelics and plant medicines. They were an intricate part of our evolution process.  When we arose in consciousness is when darker energies began to infiltrate the human psyche and change the DNA coding into operating from the dark instead of the light. These dark forces enforced lack mentality and the animalistic need to survive which created a strong hold in keeping us stuck in old patterns and ways of living. Whenever we try to break free from the dark it’s not an easy task, it’s very very difficult because of the ancestral magnetism.

We experience a strong pull and multiple energetic hooks that snags us deep within our gut where our intuition and emotions get triggered. These feel very real hence why we get so confused! Learning to internally heal and work with our emotional triggers is very important in order to transcend the mental and emotional suffering. As we keep on with our healing, many of us experience an internal spiritual warfare, a push and pull dynamic that makes us feel crazy some days! This continues until we are able to have the confidence to choose the unknown instead of our old belief patterns. The push and pull is the battle between your light and dark.

This is where we get into the mysticism and the spiritual realms, which most people do not understand because the art of magic, cocreation and energy work has been slowly dying off and if not it’s very close to complete extinction. This is why I take energy work very seriously, why I am very careful who I do medicine with, and why I picked my current DNA lineage. Both sides of my parents family are super psychic and intuitive, natural healers, but nobody has been using these gifts until I showed up!

Many teachings of using Earth Magic, symbols, talismans, intentions etc. were lost especially during Egyptians times and the burning of the Library of Alexandria. If we look back at what we do know historically, human civilizations fell in corruption because of hubris. Hubris is the ego, an unconscious excessive energy within ourselves of pride or self confidence forged in material and external gratifications.

We are seemingly always trying to prove to the world that yes, this relationship is healthy (or it’s meant to be), yes my career is my path, yes I am doing everything according to the world look at my stability! This all falls short when we know deep down, we aren’t fully at peace. Believing that once attaining a level of power, and then controlling that power while withholding knowledge or creating excuses to maintain this level of stability is the basis of how our world survives.

The world we currently live in thrives on Hubris. Humanity has not surpassed the ego mind and instead we find ourselves losing our connection to the Earth, humanity, the animals, all because we now lack the mysticism that many of our spiritual teachings and religions are built on. We have told ourselves these are just stories and mythical legends without any basis of reality. But what reality are you tapping into, because if you are truly intuitive you will realize these are other places of consciousness. How is it that we believe the magical stories of the past and yet we fear and blatantly ignore our innate curiosity to it to dig deeper?

Instead we call it fake, crazy or an illusion. What do we do to the super sensitive empaths and intuitive people like myself? We give them medication and admit them to our mental hospitals. We are keeping the mysticism aspect of who we are as a human race under suppression which in turn suppresses our evolution. Animals and plants are already tapped in, we are the only race that isn’t.

To face our ancestry line to heal it within ourselves, I am not going to lie. It’s super dark. I get it, I have been healing my lineage since I was 16 years old! I had no choice because how I experienced the world through my abilities was considered insane to everyone around me. I had to learn at a very young age to navigate the spiritual energies of the Universe from a human body perspective, and encounter very dark energies as young as 18! This is why I reinforce the importance of knowing who you are working with when it comes to energy! Energy work should not be taken lightly and yet, everybody is doing it without truly knowing what they are getting themselves into! Also everything is in divine order and so balance will always come into play over time. In order to know real, divine mysticism you must heal your personal demons that feed the patterns of your ancestry line FIRST and to choose differently, no matter how scary. It’s the rites of passage into the real mystic world.

Why is that? Why must we suffer? Everything in the Universe is about balance, and its simply pure ignorance to believe that you can sit fully in the light while ignoring the dark and vice versa. To know the highest light, we must experience the darkest dark, especially if you have strong empathic and intuitive abilities! You will get attacked more than most by darker forces because on the other side of that darkness is the most magical experience. Once you face your dark, you will be able to merge and balance both the dark and the light.

Trust me, due to the trauma in my life, the darkness of this world pushed me at a very young age (I would say around 2 years old) to fully depend on my survival not in the physical word but in the magical energies of God. I have been operating from the inside out much longer than most people, which is why I’m so weird if you ever hang out with me HAHAHA.

Suffering, pain and grief is all a part of the life cycle, it’s needed to break our ego into something so very mystical that if we didn’t break, we would dismiss it completely. Here’s an example. When someone you loves dies why is it the family grieving will more often than not get mystical signs that their deceased loved one is around them? Grief and suffering will break the ego and shatter the heart wide open. This means the mystical magical realms are open and you are receiving these energies because the mind is broken grasping to understand death and what is beyond that. The heart is opened from the pain of losing someone dear to your heart. It’s only in the breaking do we find truth in the power of the Universe.

There are darker forces that suck our light energy. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. The darker the shadows present themselves to you is relevant to the amount of fear you have in regards to your true power. The darker you experience the brighter you are. Dark forces infiltrate the unconscious aspects of the psyche through your family templates, the belief systems, and behaviour choices/patterns. By tapping into the human psyche of lack in your ancestry line, you will see where you are constantly working for the material world because it comes from the basic energy of survival.

Depending on your past trauma (every human has experienced trauma at some point, to deny this is denying your shadow aspects) and how attached you are to your family traditions, your culture, your race etc. is a direct correlation of how you fit in the system. By taking a serious internal accountability of these patterns will show you the immediate blocks that require healing.

What we are doing when do this healing work is in fact healing our psyche, our logical minds out of distortion and into true yin/yang balance. The mind must break in order to incorporate a higher level of consciousness. The magical realms do not speak to logic, they speak to emotions, frequency and vibrations. Ask yourself what is the base energy feeling of the situation you wanting to heal? Is it fear or love? It’s always one or the other, it won’t be both.

Each of us must come to a realization that by healing these mental ancestral blocks does not mean you are putting down your lineage or your culture etc. What it means is that you are ready to PURIFY your lineage by transcending the darkness and activating the light healing medicine within your DNA. In order to do this will require diving into unknown territory, taking a leap of faith by following what your gut instincts are telling you.

Once we make a solid choice to follow our gut knowing and to start putting action towards these deep intuitive knowing’s, do not be surprised if old templates and patterns start to test you. Those immediately in your environment who feed the old patterns of your ancestry line will have resistance to your growth. To walk into the mystical magical realms you must be sure of who you are as soul and to move forward no matter who or what is holding you back. The dark forces will show you where you must be so dead honest within yourself and not to be swayed by the mind. This is why so many people who start to work in energy have a hard time, juggling back and forth, fear of endings and change etc. It’s because we do not trust our spirit. To trust our spirit we must face the dark energies that have control of our mental health by tricking us by using our empathy to put others first, by overgiving of yourself to help others, and overlooking the underlying energies of manipulation that keep us stuck and complacent in our lives.

The more healing we do the more we release. The more we release and shed is when our souls expand in light. When we expand in light, we have the certainty to move forward into the unknown without feeling guilt or shame.

If we continue to stay in old patterns based in fear where we fear the endings of things, or how things will change, we stifle our light bodies from emerging, and from accessing the higher realms of magic. This is when darker forces latch on pretty hard, reinforcing your comfort zones and feel good comforts you found in your patterns. I know when my mother makes a good chicken curry and roti I want to eat it to feel like I did as a child, because I felt my mother’s love in her cooking. If I was to do that today, I would have serious digestive issues and be sick and bed ridden because I am a vegan and way too sensitive for animal products now. Would it be nice to eat that chicken curry and feel that energy? Damn right! Does it help me? Hell no!

When we are truly serious about evolving our consciousness and aligning to who we are meant to be, we must be uncomfortable. Everything is a choice. Those who are on the healing path, we know we will continue to be manipulated and controlled by darker forces presented in the unconscious people or situations around us. Its up to us if we want to buy into the stories of fear, and guilt that keep us stuck, or we will be asked to dig deeper and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Your choice is to either feed the darker entities or you surrender to Spirit to transmute those energies with a courageous heart in order to bring you deep inner peace.

Choose wisely.