I am excited to announce that I will be returning to YouTube but in a very different way. I am in the process of creating different video series to aid Allies and Conscious Leaders of the New Earth. The leaders and allies of tomorrow are not going to be your current Social Media Influencers, your Government nor your Politician’s. These groups will continue to build the old system by implementing band aid solutions which we are experiencing today (social distancing, travel restrictions etc.)

The Allies and Leaders of tomorrow have been prepared their entire lives to break into this role. They have worked through and healed deep trauma’s and have gained tools our current system does not have. I have been blessed to have a super clear channel and clear communication with a variety of plants. What most people do not understand is there is already an alliance forming right now, but it’s not something you can see.

It’s Nature and she is currently gathering her allies. I was clearly shown the green energy highways of consciousness that all plants and animals communicate on. It’s why animals have insight of massive natural disasters and move out of the way before the event. Humans are the only ones who have lost this connection.

What is happening with these allies and leaders, is a formation not to heal the Earth but to defend it. Healing humanity is the key to making this happening. Earth will get rid of Humans if she needs to. Please realize that animals and plants do not “think” like humans do. They are naturally intuitive and sensitive to energy and they have telepathic communication via these energy highways. Elephants have proven telepathy where scientists have witnessed and logged these events for years. The True Allies of Earth will defend and not part take in energies that are not aligned with Nature. COVID is Mother Nature defending herself, it will get worse. We are being asked which side do we support? The toxic system or Nature?

What does this mean? It means we must get serious about the food we put into our body, (the way in which we farm and grow our food is the main reason we are experiencing climate change) how are we supporting and feeding the economy that creates destruction of our natural resources (buying products with Palm Oil etc.) that clears out the Amazon Rainforest, where are we stuck mentally in our own fears for the future, will there be a future for my children? Etc.

I have already formed a deep and strong Alliance with Mother Nature and have been given the go ahead to start these videos and the healing programs to help Humanity move out of the old Earth and into a new way of living.
This does include plant medicine. Our Spiritual New Age community needs an upgrade as well. We must realize that chipping away at our ego and meditation practices as good as they are, they are very limited practices that can not currently bring big massive changes. They are needed but they won’t bring the profound transition out of the Egoic Mind in order to move out of the old system and into the new. We simply don’t have the time for this. Healing deep trauma’s takes years and if not LIFETIMES.

Lets face it, everyone in the system is sick and has deep trauma hidden in the subconscious patterns. For us to Ascend into our truest and greatest selves so that we can support the New Earth, we don’t have 20 years of time to chip away and do this work. This is what’s frustrating many people, because we need something like THUNDER to shake us!
Plant medicines like Ayahuasca is like a bomb. It will shake us into awareness. Yes it’s intense. Yes it drastic for many, but that is what is being called to happen. We don’t have time. It’s why Ayahausca left the Rainforest, to start her formation of Allies. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The new series will be ready to Launch towards the end of October, including the healing programs that will tie in with the series. Each video will have detailed messages I have been given directly from plant medicines (predominately Ayahuasca and Psilocybin)

Here are the topics that will be covered:

1. The Mental Prison of Society/Competition/Darwin
2. Healing Ancestry Lines and DNA Coding/Religion
3. Race, Culture and People (BLM, BIPOC)
4. LGBTQQIP2SAA Healing, Alignment and Balance
5. The Empaths, The Intuitive’s, Highly Sensitive and Energy Discernment
6. Dark Works. Moving and Working Energetically Through Sinister and Dark Forces
7. Accessing Soul Blueprint, Healing Karma, Soul Family and Mission
8. Reconnection to Earth, Plant Souls, Animal Souls
9. Next Step of Human Evolution: Consciousness and Other Dimensions10. Earth Alliance, Community, New Earth Gridlines, and Twin Flames Mission

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