All your healing starts with your ancestral line. You don’t need to take classes, and learn any new age healing modalities. Everything you need is inside your DNA but you can not unlock those light codes until you heal the dark codes that were activated in your ancestry line eons ago.

“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.” – Mother Teresa

Truest words ever spoken. This has been one of my main mantras for over 20 years. I knew I had to heal my family and my lineage. I know this isn’t what most people want to hear, but it’s very true, and it can’t be done any other way. We as humans can not know true humbleness, and forgiveness until we go within and do this. Keep reading…

So many healers and new age participants continue to seek OUTSIDE of themselves to bring in “new energies” in order to teach and heal. Everything we need has already been filtered into the Earth’s natural energy hotspots and grid lines. Yes distortion in these grid lines has happened but it has not been completely eradicated. There is nothing new to channel or teach, it’s the ego that attaches to this belief system

Colonialism further distorted these gridlines by forcibly removing and scattering tribal bloodlines from their original grid systems (geographical location). This is why it’s very important to know on a soul level (not necessarily your human DNA lineage although that needs to clear) but the journey of your soul’s incarnations. When you tap into your past lives, and your many incarnations is where your soul’s blueprint can activate the light codes in your DNA. Without this piece of knowing your past lives will keep you in the dark of the karmic cycles that need to heal.

I have had many lives as a Shaman in the Rainforest (ayahuasca), Canada/USA Indigenous (dog sledding/fur trade times, peace pipe) and Mexico (peyote specifically). My soul has given me very clear memories and experiences that  I have proven in the earth plane (like historic dates etc.) which is why it’s very important to know your soul lineage as much as your human lineage.

This isn’t about new age concepts that you are a Starseed, or an incarnated angel, or any other labels we have been fed to feel different or special. So many people attach to these ideas instead of taking everything with a grain of salt.

All souls were created in a particular frequency. Depending on what frequency your soul was created in will depict your calling to bring forth that frequency down to earth. To know your place in the Earth plane is to get super honest with your soul but in order to that you must first start with your DNA ancestry line.

Let’s get started.

Working with your Human DNA Ancestral Line:

Every soul in this current incarnation chose to be here at a very precarious time. The Earth is healing and humans are literally being forced to get into alignment with nature. The divide that is happening now isn’t between race per say (but that is how it is currently manifesting, the energies are still sorting out), it’s between the Earth and Humanity. Are you here to aid the Earth or are you still stuck in human concepts and belief systems of right vs. wrong, making money, new age teachings etc. You either choose to align to help elevate the planet or you choose to keep fighting and supporting humanity via personal goals and the payoff you get from the external world.

For me I align with the Earth first in order to serve her. The Earth and the animals are much more important than Humans. If we can follow the teachings of our Mother Earth, she will help Humanity. It won’t be the other way around, so get out of your new age concepts that sell “enlightenment” All of us are here to realign with the Earth, and to heal our DNA lineages. That’s what is going to shift Humanity, it won’t be the other way around because humans have ALWAYS chosen human survival first. We won’t have a human race if the Earth decides to get rid of us 😉

The Earth can not come into full alignment until dark karmic cycles are healed. Karma is the correct term for the new age concept of law of attraction. Remember everything in our new age community has stolen teachings from pre colonial times and have revamped it for economical purposes. If you want to read more about how the “Western” world began with this type of commercialism I highly suggest reading about Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays. They used group psychology to scheme and emotionally manipulate the masses via economic advertisements to “brainwash” consumers into a structured money-making system.

Until this point power and control was achieved with war, attacks and torture. Freud and Bernays’s introduced psychological mind control into the mix. This is currently how our world operates especially on social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook etc. You see a pretty girl who writes all the right words (especially a white thin woman who fits the system’s standards of beauty) and immediately you have an emotional response and you are pulled in. This is when you check out the other nice-looking pics/videos attached to the nice story, and you get emotionally manipulated into buying her products or supporting her in some way (liking, following, sharing etc.) It doesn’t matter if what she’s teaching has legit truth, all you know is that it “FEELS GOOD” or it “FEELS ALIGNED. Its only aligned to your ego not your soul.

This is the foundation of all First World Countries and why so many people are stuck in the basic old mind paradigms of making money, living 9am-5pm and the structured “white picked fence” syndrome.

It’s not real. Nothing in our colonial system is real. I highly suggest you watch this video before continuing with this article :

Group Psychology: Divide and Conquer

Depending on what skin you chose to incarnate into, there will be heavy karma to heal based on your ancestral line, but it doesn’t have to be such hard work if you are willing to see where you need to make the changes in your own belief systems.

White People:

If you are white, I understand you might be having fears about leaving a system that has supported you and your family for centuries. The system was created to effect, manipulate and infiltrate you and your family the MOST. READ THAT AGAIN! Keep reading it until it sinks in.

The support from white people was needed for Freud and Bernays plan to be a complete success in the Western world. Did your ancestors come over to the West and kill Indigenous people? Did your ancestors purchase slaves and bring them over from Africa? Sure, some did. Were your ancestors brainwashed? Yes, definitely because top leaders and politicians at the time needed your ancestor’s support.

Your family lineage was implanted by darker energies, and emotionally manipulated by feeding the ego of power and righteousness based on skin colour. If you are unable to look at that, then that is where your healing process begins. Read and research about Freud and Bernays’s to start. Take a deeper look at that, and see the injustice not only in what your ancestors lost by being manipulated but how much grief and shame it caused to other cultures and races on the planet.

GRIEVE THIS FOR YOUR ANCESTORS and for yourself! They want to heal WITH YOU, because you are connected to them via your DNA. This will humble the ego allowing you to dig deeper. A vulnerable, open humble spirit is the access point into truly knowing the purity of God. Your white ancestors only desired in their souls what every living sentient being wants. That is to live in peace and harmony with their family, their children, the animals, other races/cultures and the Earth. This isn’t about taking responsibility for what white people have done, instead it’s GREIVING that your ancestors also lost so much wisdom because you were also manipulated by your very own brothers and sisters! That needs deep healing and you can’t get that healing by following other white new age teachers unless they have already healed that within themselves and have aligned with the Earth. Your new age white teacher will be working with BIPOC, not other white people, so be aware and conscious of what is happening around you!

FACT: Everyone on the planet has been manipulated by a select few that run the world but for white people it’s your own white brothers like Freud and Bernays’s who have stolen your entire lineage, and your sovereign rights. Think about that. FEEL THE INJUSTICE in that. HEAL IT by becoming humble to it so that your light coding in your DNA that has been repressed for over 500 years can start to rise.

If you are able to look at this, then look at what you have lost in your ancestral line in regards to family, community, honouring your ancestors (your grandparents), spiritual rights, your culture etc. All that was STOLEN from the white people and it placed them as the front-line soldiers to ARMY for the elite. Isn’t this what war is all about? This is why you see American’s pay tribute to the confederate flag, honouring the rights to bare arms, supporting their soldiers for freedom? The top elite created the illusions of war keeping white people in a patriotic loop of deception separate from true healing. This is showing us how many people are still brainwashed honouring the manipulation of their ancestors that happened centuries ago. If you recognize this, then you can heal it.

The way to heal this is not about seeking comfort and alliance with other white people, or with your country’s support system. You also won’t be able to heal within the new age community because it’s all filled with half truth teachings revamped and stolen from BIPOC. What needs to happen is for white people to LEARN from BIPOC, and to educate other white people based on your SOUL’S blueprint (which we will get into). Keep in mind there are a lot of BPIOC souls incarnated in white bodies at this time but that mission can not come into effect until you heal your white lineage first.

White people who are awakening during this time are to become that bridge between both worlds which is healing your DNA lineage and humbly learning from BIPOC to align with the Earth. Your job is to heal the injustice of your white ancestors who were manipulated to serve the white elite and to bring those white people you are working with and align them with BIPOC healers in order to continue that deep healing.

Before the Western world your ancestors were either struggling or they had money to create more money. People only choose (and I use the word choose because BIPOC where enslaved and didn’t have a choice) migrate when they are seeking growth, prosperity and new opportunities. Your ancestors could have been very poor and saw the opportunity of owning land for the first time, or maybe they had money and wanted to build up their wealth. Whatever the case they saw the opportunity because they too somewhere along the lines were coerced into the money making, rule, divide and conquer mentality.

Brainwashing and manipulation isn’t that hard to do with humans. If you can invoke an emotional response via visual and emotional triggers (by playing into physical stimulus which is also how addiction works) you can hook most people out of their internal truth and wisdom and into a false, masked truth. This is why I teach my clients energy discernment to get very honest with what is happening in their emotions and gut instincts instead of what is going on in their heart vs mind duality.

New age tactics always talk about the mind power, so be careful with that! If the new age teachings you are following make rational logical sense to you I doubt it’s aligned to Mother Earth. Mother Earth’s medicine is visual, and it doesn’t make sense to the mind. Mother Earth speaks in vibration not rationale because it makes sense to your soul. True high vibrational teachings make you confused, but at peace deep within, for when the mind is confused it’s breaking the ego allowing your soul to gain access to true healing.

These mind tactics have been used for centuries. If your new age teachings have an energy imprint that moves between your mind and your heart you are being tricked. Notice how good these teachings first feel but soon enough realize you aren’t really growing in your life? The feeling is fleeting, it’s not tangible, and soon enough you are back spending more money on a new age teaching to get that feeling back. That’s addiction. That’s manipulation. It’s a loop. It’s a trick. Start to recognize that internal integrity by honouring and listening to the quiet voice of your gut instincts and go by that. You have to dig super deep to hear this voice, but keep going!

If you are able to see the truth then dive deeply into your family patterns. Gain the awareness from seeking where your family is stuck, then hold yourself accountable to heal that within yourself. When you begin to heal inside of yourself this will automatically begin to heal your DNA line and activate the light codes of your DNA. You will see shifts in your immediate family when you heal internally. You won’t have to say anything to them, because the light will be activated in you and it will start to change them. If your immediate family is resistant to you then you are not healing your internal DNA. No new age teachings can heal your DNA. None. Only alignment to the Earth can do this because the Earth is your true mother including her medicines. Your DNA coding can only get activated when you HEAL YOUR DNA LINEAGE. This means you can hang out with your parents for long periods of time without getting triggered. This means you enjoy being with your children and have a deep intimate closeness with them. If you have issues around this then you still have healing work to do!

Educate your family about your ancestral line and how you were all manipulated out of your gifts that Spirit gave you. Show your lineage how your ancestors were manipulated to serve and hurt others who are not privileged by the system. Align with BIPOC to LEARN REAL healing modalities so you can then help other white people.

White people don’t have any healing modalities because your DNA was infiltrated and repressed for 500 years! Your healing abilities currently come from your soul blueprint but before you can get into your soul blueprint you must first heal the DNA line. Then you have to learn healing modalities based on where your soul guides you from BPIOC healers and only white healers who are aligned and working closely with BPIOC healers! You are not going to heal if your healer is white who only works with white healers. It’s not possible because you all have the same wounding and are in fact trauma bonding. That’s not healing energy.

Trust me, BIPOC healers will know when you are ready to align and work with them. BIPOC have preserved their healing light codes in their DNA because through the massive trauma of colonialism over the last 500 years, BIPOC had to rely on one another and our ancestor’s teachings in order to survive. We become closer with our families instead of separated in order to PRESERVE the teachings of our ancestors and this is why the healing codes are still active in our DNA today. Do you see why the body you chose to incarnate into is VERY important?

White people were manipulated out of their ancestor’s teachings, so much so that much of  your healing DNA light codes are deeply hidden because your lineage has been living for centuries in the dark activation of your DNA coding. Your healing codes are not completely lost, the light codes are in your DNA but you can not activate them until you do this healing FIRST and align with your soul blueprint, which we will touch on next. You can not go about this any other way by learning from new age channels and teachings. You can only reactivate your healing codes by aligning with BIPOC healing modalities (not westernized relabeled teachings like what has happened to Yoga) and Mother Earth’s Medicines.


Forgiveness is radically required to move beyond the past. It’s time to focus on your gifts in your DNA line. Further healing by acknowledging the power you hold from your ancestors is paramount during this time. BIPOC hold ancient codes and teachings that align with the Earth gridlines, and her medicines (Iboga in Africa, Ayahuasca in South America, Peyote in Mexico, Mushrooms throughout the planet including India and the SOMA, Egyptian Lily flower etc.) We have natural intuitive abilities that helped us survive massive possible extinction due to colonialism and the ability to bond, protect nurture and care for our ancestors during colonial times is a true gift. The work we are to do is to be open to those who are ready to put their egos aside, and who are truly humbled by the teachings we have to share. You will know if their integrity is in tact. Remember we too have been white and have access to see the deeper insights of the dark patterns our white brothers and sisters struggle with because that darkness was deflected onto us. When humbled white people show up, and are willing to see how the darkness in their lineage has contributed to the current system is when we can fully help our white brothers and sisters, but again, they must be COMPLETELY humbled and ready to learn.

BIPOC’s who incarnated into white bodies can gain access to true healing modalities as well but only after they heal the DNA aspect of their path. Once the DNA lineage is healed is when past life memories of their soul blueprint, new abilities, and gifts will begin to filter in. Even if you are already intuitive, your channel will heal, it will become more precise, clear and it won’t be siphoned, and everything you channel will be aligned with the purity of God.

For BIPOC in BIPOC body’s, focus on forgiveness and then harness the power of your ancestors. Don’t get stuck in the duality of right vs wrong that is happening on the planet. Remember, the energies are sorting themselves out. What did your ancestors teach? What are your ancestors gifts? I know in my family line plants were very important to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. My mother’s side all the sisters are deeply into natural plant nutrition and most of my aunts etc. rarely eat meat and dairy. I have learned about internal cleansing plants, and plants for your dental hygiene etc. Both sides of my parent’s lineages are also HIGHLY psychic and intuitive. It’s a coding I received in the womb. These are things we can not lose! Start learning more about your lineage.

Working with your Soul Frequency Blueprint:

This where most of the new age community tries to gain access to the higher realms first before getting into true alignment with the Earth. Many new agers believe that we can channel and bring through light codes into the Earth plane without healing their darkness first. Its not how energy works and in fact based on ancient teachings (like Hinduism which is the oldest religion and my DNA lineage) I have been shown that we are to surrender and move energy UP through our system FIRST. We can only have access to the higher realms (which doesn’t channel from the top down, that’s new age revamped teachings) until we have all come into full alignment with healing our ancestry line, and in full alignment with the Earth. You do not gain access until you have completed this. Spirit is very wise, and knows who has done this work. Until then your intuitive channel will be siphoned and manipulated to a certain degree.

It really boggles my mind that there are so many teachers out there who are so against plant medicine and yet they claim they know our true Mother. To know Mother Earth is to drink and heal with her, bond with her intimately like you would your birth mother. You trust the Earth so much you take her inside of you, bringing her into your body, and that includes getting into alignment with the plant medicines. All of us are brainwashed in some fashion and we all need psychological healing. Humans can not heal humans. Only plants can do that because we come from the plants. The plants do not come from us.

I can say I have completed this process and have fully aligned with our true Mother, as I have personally witnessed and healed my immediate family (my parents),  hence why I see so clearly. Spirit has given me access to very ancient codes and insights because I have healed my ancestry lineage (working on my extended family now). Once my extended family has healed more access to the higher realms will be given to more members of my family. I am already seeing it in my cousins. Again I did nothing but activate myself and heal internally and the external shifts happened naturally in my family. That’s the power of true alignment! You don’t need counselling, or to talk things out. It will naturally shift.

If you are against the medicine that aids in psychological healing (like Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybin etc.), and you are a new age teacher, I would highly question your integrity around power, how clear your channel really is, your issues with money, the inner child healing still required, wanting to be right or seen as special or different, and the internal control issues you have. Why do you fear or fight against the natural medicines given to us by God? Plant medicine isn’t a “path” it’s needed in this day in age because we are all diseased. When we are all ill, we all need medicine.

We are all animals, and we are not separate from the animal kingdom. Humans first lived in harmony with nature and nature guided us and showed us how to live. When we got into psychological distortion we took her medicine.  It’s pure ego to say we don’t need the plants when they are the first sentient beings on the planet, and I refuse to work with new age teachers who claim to know the Mother and yet who reject her medicine. They are working in a very dark manipulating path, which will come back to haunt them. That’s the distortion that is happening on the planet and what keeps everyone separated in their corners. It also enforces the paradigm of white people against everyone else. Every single tribe and religion have a link to plant medicines (psychedelics). I will write about this in the near future. It’s the missing pieces to gain true alignment with the natural energy highways of the Earth. You don’t gain access until you have met Mother in the medicine.

The truth is, humanity is nothing without the Earth and if you can’t heal with the Earth, you are not for the betterment of the planet. Some hard truth, but that’s it in plain black and white.

All souls on the planet at this time are needed. Depending on your path, and the DNA you chose to incarnate into, you have a special placement in order to heal your white DNA lineage or to heal and forgive white people for the past. Then everyone is to align with BIPOC healers to LEARN and support one another. It’s the only way to bridge the gap. This is when the Earth medicines will come in to bridge the gap, for the Mother is calling all her children home.

The teachings BIPOC have access to have been preserved over the last 500 years in their DNA and in time they will be openly shared with everyone who are authentic, humbled and willing to learn these teachings in order to help and heal others. It won’t be shared for profit and power.

This is the peace and harmony of the New Earth.

Once we are close to completing our ancestral healing, our DNA’s coding will begin to change and our light codes will be activated. Spirit and Mother Earth will then call you home to get reacquainted with the Earth and her medicine. There is no linear path and so the back and forth is very real until our DNA lineage is completely healed.

As we heal our ancestry line, you will begin to notice how clear, true and powerful your intuition and the messages become. It will give you a deep tangible satiability, a peaceful knowing in your gut of truth. A satisfying feeling. You won’t be wrong in your messages and you will gain very powerful and real guidance in the form of premonitions, visons, rituals, etc. because you have done the work. Your soul blueprint can further download into your DNA and activate your light codes because you made space by healing the dark. Again, you can’t do this until you walk the rites of passage through the dark tunnel of your ancestry line.

Getting to know your soul and your past lives is also an important piece in knowing who you are as a soul. In this present moment you are merging all other lives into the present moment and you are remembering who you are as a soul in order to bring that through your healing mission. How do we gain access to our past lives? That again starts with healing your family DNA lineage. Those memories will naturally come to you when you heal the dark. When the past lives are presented to you is when Spirit is asking you to heal it and then learn the lessons you couldn’t learn in the past life. Those lessons will become your teachings to help others.

This will then merge other pieces of your soul that became trapped in the darkness (Shaman’s call this soul retrieval something I am able to do as my Shaman Teacher and I brought a man out of a coma during an Ayahuasca ceremony) We came to the Earth and fell out of light into darkness. We keep coming back here to heal humanity in order to free our Earth from HUMAN EGO that hurts her, and to reclaim other pieces of our soul that are lost. This is why the dark continues to show up in your world, it is chasing you to face it because it wants to return and merge a piece of your soul frequency that was trapped. 

So, you see you can’t get anywhere until you do the brunt work of healing your ancestry line. The more you do this the past lives that you encoded to know about in this life will show you the karma you are to heal, the path you are to walk, and the medicine you are to take. This will guide you to form a strong knowing and relationship with our Mother (Mother Nature). This is when your truest path and the life mission you created for yourself will be presented to you. Spirit is intelligent, there is no other way to go about this but to start with your family, especially with your parents and your children. The siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts/uncles etc. will follow. Get out of the woo-woo new age teachings, get real with your family. This is why the new age system is breaking. Sometimes we need to play in misalignment as your higher self will guide you through many false teachings, fake activations, and teachers until you realize you never really healed, instead you were distracted. Like a child we are to experience and figure this out in our own time. There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

When it’s time, Mother will call you home to re-evaluate and to get honest with yourself. The Earth Medicine that chooses you will show up for you. You won’t have to seek it, that’s Mother calling you home. You will then be redirected to your ancestral lineage once again if there is anything else to heal. You will gain wisdom and then, you may also fall back into old patterns and loops. Remember, this path is not linear, it’s a constant back and forth. It’s very important to remain humble and not to buy into any teachings by any humans, not even what I say. Get aligned with Mother Earth and heal your ancestry line and then the TRUTH will be revealed to you.

There will come a point when you know your healing is complete and that will be when you are at complete peace in your life 98% of the time. Truly. Drama no longer happens in my life. It’s so chill and aligned. Until then it will be a back and forth, but that is ok. Nothing in our world is linear and it’s always peeling back the many layers.