This may be a difficult concept for some, however if you have been feeling that the teachings in the New Age community are repetitive, stagnant, and nothing seems to shift you, rest assured, you are not alone.

I am the type of warrior spirit that needs a great amount of stimulation, activity and various frequencies and vibrancy in order to thrive. Depending on your soul’s expansion process, you will discover your own personal ebb and flow as you progress on the spiritual path. You reach a new vibe, it feels amazing but as humans we tend to attach, thinking “omg I found it! This is what I have been seeking” etc.

As you know you this feeling eventually dwindles as well. Our souls alchemize and balance out to maintain a state of homeostasis, just like we do with temperature. We adapt. It’s remains true with our soul. As we expand, heal and purge, our internal energy systems start to come online and more aligned to the soul blueprint we brought down.

The soul blueprint is exactly what it sounds like. Your entire soul is not in your body, just a small piece of you is. Your higher self, and Spirit are guiding this small piece of your soul (the blueprint) into full alignment with the plan you and God created before this incarnation.

In your blueprint you encoded your karmic cycles, your gifts, your significant soul mates, etc. Granted you always have free will but this free will is a very black and white choice, you either choose your alignment or you don’t. Neither choice is wrong. When your blueprint is activated by your higher self and Spirit, this will bring in the next activation. Once you are ready to move into the next vibration your blueprint will activate and a surge of energy will ensure ending old cycles and opening up a new vibration meaning new people, experiences etc. Hence the cycle continues.

As you can see attachment and resistance can truly cause a lot of suffering during these transitions, which is why it’s very important to have an undeniable amount of self love. You will be tested in your self love, to analyze if you continue to identify with certain roles in your life. A great example of this is the main energy archetype that has a strong energy pull on the world. It’s the victim/martyr mentality. The moment you start to pity yourself ( and others) or you fall into a victim mentality (self judgement, unfairness to self etc.) and feeling sorry for yourself, you have reactivated the ego karmic lessons of your blueprint. The ego likes to attach to martyrism, being right, and solidifying a solid gut feeling that whatever happened in your exterior circumstance you were right and can move on.

Be alert to this. It’s an ego trap. When an old vibration ends, Spirit is asking you to get really honest with yourself, to go deeper within yourself to take accountability for your energy contribution into the cycle. Take a look at your past vibrations and triggers and then seek to understand all perspectives and where those vibrations match the current situations in your life. If you are running in a karmic cycle you will see the similarities from the past. You will be presented with an opportunity to end the cycle and move on.

If you are justifying your actions, emotions and your overreaction but yet you can not own up to this with a humble heart then the karmic cycles has not ended for you. Humbleness and the ability to own up internally with God is the key to expansion. It’s not an ownership to another person, its ownership with your relationship to God. Spirit is asking you to get into a deep humble heart to see your faults. Once you do this if you need to make right with those in your exterior world Spirit will bring it up, don’t worry! You don’t get away with anything on this path!

This is why I have been able to heal deep issues with my family. Your ancestry line will show you where your healing is to be. If you still have codependent issues and old patterns with your family (especially with your parents) you have not completed your karma. There are people out there who are close or who have already completed this work and ready for the new vibration out of the new age paradigm.

If you can drop to your knees in prayer regarding your situation and you are opening up completely and honestly (this isn’t about justifying your actions) but instead asking Spirit to show you where your ownership and responsibilities are, this is the key in ending old vibrations and moving into the new. For me I know I must stop reading and teaching my close friends and family. It creates an imbalance as many of them are unable to match what I am here to teach, and so that has been my karmic cycle to end this entire incarnation, which I believe is closing up now since conducting my Medicine Wheel Workshop! (which is still available in my monthly membership)

This takes me back to the new age community and why this large paradigm is another structure that is going to break, morph and change. Anything that was created in the foundation of colonialism will eventually break, be destroyed or changed. The teachings in the new age community took teachings from other cultures and revamped the teachings for a white audience. It was not built with the energy intention of true love, and authentic INCLUSION and so this must shift and change as well. It also means the teachings in the New Age Paradigm are lacking potent ancestry energy codes because those codes sit with those who’s ancestry lines were killed and murdered for this current system.

That being said, an authentic way in working with energy isn’t entirely represented in the community and why I am seeing many souls who have great leadership qualities (not 3D leadership qualities, but deep spiritual leadership qualities) are being asked to step up now to create a freedom paradigm for humanity. This is another reason why your ancestry line is very important. Your ancestors want us to express their gifts in the most authentic way through you and your DNA connection, but this can’t happen until you sit in your own conditioning’s around this.

This calling isn’t easy but I know many of you are being prepared for this because you are experiencing the stagnancy in the new age community. Nothing works anymore. It’s the same old thing over and over again and your growth doesn’t change. Instead you find yourself getting caught up in loops.

If this is the case, you are being called up as a leader for the New Earth to seek deeper within yourself to access more potency in your gifts. Its time to analyse the lack you are experiencing in the new age community and where you know you can improve it. Then look to your ancestry line and ask your ancestors what they desire and to guide you to create more illumination for the world.

Start there. I am with you. Many teachings in the new age community haven’t worked for me for a very long time (something like over 10 years now, and another reason I am very careful who I allow into my vibration) Since Ayahuasca and all the new teachings I have been getting, I am realizing how potent this new freedom vibration is. The members in my group are also having such strong profound changes, I am almost hesitant jumping back into creating YouTube videos and opening up this new vibe but I am working up to that. Don’t worry I will be back on YouTube, I have to be ready to hold a large energy container for my membership and because it’s a new vibration, it’s a little challenging for me.

You see my victim mentality still gets the best of me but I am very aware of it when it does kick in. I know how people see me, and the power I am able to bring through which is why I hold back because most people are very uncomfortable with my visions and what I am shown. I know I can be intimidating but this has been me my whole life and I can’t change it. So those who can’t handle it will eventually leave. I have been known to cling to these people because I didn’t want to be abandoned yet again alone with God (which are deep childhood triggers I have been healing since I was 16 yrs old) but that too I had to face. I have internalized this cycle my entire life but I am realizing why and it’s because I am able to forge through deep patterns of the matrix to bring in a new freeing healing vibration. It’s in my blueprint, like I said I can’t help it, it’s just me. If anything these cycles have helped me step up in my power and realize that yes I can do this, and to stop acting so small to make other people comfortable. That not my job, nor is it yours. You are not to make others comfortable, you are to be yourself fully!

Those who know they are being asked to level up into the new freedom vibe also know this about themselves. Whenever you level up the old vibration will attack you. Remember mediocrity will always attack excellence. That’s not an egoistic statement, it’s a statement by a great spiritual leader Michael Beckwith who has had to face adversity for his teachings many years ago.

Great leaders must face this type of adversity to keep pushing through. I know I am here to help great leaders, to move deep and far into their calling. I’m not here to be your great teacher I am here to see you surpass anything I could ever do. That’s the truth and the will in my heart and soul to push you hard into your greatest self (and it’s never in a coddling way) If you need to be coddled I am not the teacher for you.

Keep forging forward, and allow people to gossip about you, and call you all the names in the book. When you have a deep sense of humbleness to follow and know God and you are following with a deep gratitude to help humanity, my friend you aren’t the problem.

Illegitimi non carborundum (don’t let the bastards grind you down)