I am writing this today to help those who are in separation from their Divine Counterpart and to shine a light on the energies of the One Soul and how these energies work.

Twin flames share the same soul frequency, that is identified very much like a finger print in the Ethers, no other has this key sequence frequency, as it is only available to the Twins and God.

Since meeting my Twin Flame in the physical, the influx of Twin Flames that find me for personal sessions and guidance has been increasing over the last two years. What I have noticed is the turmoil of pain of not being able to let go, surrender and move on.

Our human minds fight the notion that this Divine Love we experience is so powerful that it’s what most people experience when they meet God on their death bed, but Twin Flames experience this in this 3D reality. The profound experience would shake up any psyche, and this is why the Twins run.

It’s an ancient energy that has been lost since the dawn of time where we catch glimpses of this in our fairy tales, legends, and mystical stories of the Garden of Eden, the Golden City, a time where harmony and love between two lovers was the union of Spirit in the flesh. Our souls acknowledge this longing for this re-connection, but it’s the small mind that refuses to see it for it will never meet your conditioning of what turns you on. When we deny the internal connection we continue to live from a physical stimulated experience.

Most Twin Flames are still healing and working through their deep seated pain working through the small mind based on expectations, what’s fair, what is right or wrong etc. The ego is hanging on to old ways of being in relationships every time you face this pure love.

When Twin Flame first split, it was eons ago to experience Earth reality in physical separation in two different bodies, however the One Oversoul remains in tact. When one Twin Flame prays to God, the other will hear that prayer depending on how much Spirit filters down to the other Twin Flame. Communication can also happen directly between the Twin Flames however this can easily get blocked depending on where each Twin is at in healing their karma. Where most Twin Flames get stuck is in this direct communication, pulling at their counterparts’ higher self, or going within and speaking to them, this is fine but it is another form of attachment.

What we are here to do is to integrate all the teachings given to us over time by all those who reached a certain point of accessing Ancient energy and who were able to bring this down. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, etc. are just a few. It isn’t to follow the “teachings” or the man made religions around this per say but to understand and take another perspective to see where, how and what you can learn in your own life.

“The root of all suffering is attachment” – Buddha.

This includes how you communicate with your Twin Flame. You can become attached to this. When we communicate directly with our Twin Flame, we shut God out. We then feel all the energies including what they are healing, what is going on in the 3D world and this can create a massive amount of energy blocks in your own channel to Spirit.

The way that the Oversoul works is through God. When we seek to know God (the mother and the father) we form a deep bond of faith and trust, and through this communication with Spirit we heal, and we are then guided on a journey that unfolds in magical ways. This will either end old energies in your lives or brings in fresh energies to continue your path of healing. The small human mind struggles with forming a deep bond with God because of all the dogma associated with “God/Universe” however no matter what our judgments are on that, it’s the only way to hit the truest space of surrender, trust and allowing. That is when we don’t listen to the small mind anymore, and trust how we are being guided.

I was woken up 2 nights ago at 3:33am and I sleep like a log. I was told to write a new lesson in a workshop I am running with my membership. Groggy and a little pissed off (because I can sleep so sound and deeply) I reluctantly pulled out my laptop and started writing.

It was some of the most potent material I have ever channeled thus far! Immediately after I was in such a state of bliss I passed out until 10:30 am that my kids were checking up on my as I very rarely sleep in that late!

You see our minds bring up the resistance to Spirit and it’s the mind that we must face. Take resistance as a symbol to seek different, to do differently and to act differently than what we are accustom to. This shifts the energy and allows Spirit to work through us.

The mind is only there as a reference library so that the soul can access earthly information. When we communicate with Spirit on a daily basis, and learn to follow the signs Spirit gives us, God can filter in information from the higher realms, come into your body and access the mind library to merge the ethers with the 3D world. This the true one path. Not all the teachings in the New Age community and all the different paths matter. You can learn all you want, the true teaching is your humble heart to God and forming a relationship with Creator. That is when you will meet others who know this true path.

There are many ways to get there, but there is only one truth. Divine love.

Once you access this, the true path will be highlighted to you and you will notice that all life follows this one truth. The animals, the plants, the bugs etc. There is only one truth, and only different perspectives. Don’t get caught up in the perspectives, get caught up with God.

Things will then make sense; you will have your “Ah-Ha” moments and you will feel free.

Freedom is the key here. Twin Flames did not come here to be caged; they are naturally free spirits who follow the guidance of the Universe. If that is the case then while in separation we are being asked to get honest with our relationship with God so that the Oversoul can work as its meant to. The Oversoul will take the prayers and desires, the hurts and pains and then it will organize the energy with God to manifest the best outcome in the 3D world. Do you see why surrender is so important, and why your relationship with God must come first before anything else?

When we continue to follow the small mind based in fear, old ways of operating, stuffing down our emotions, needing proof of God first instead of faith first; when we stuff our inner truths, denying things so we can fit in, hanging onto old relationships so that we aren’t lonely, etc.this is not freedom. Our mind’s “think” we are creating freedom because we don’t commit to someone, or we choose to focus on material wealth because money seems to buy flexibility and freedom, and although some of these mind concepts work for awhile, it never lasts if you are doing deep healing work.

The pull God has on your heart and your mission is beyond powerful that the small mind can no longer wrap its old ways around your heart.

Surrender in the Twin Flame journey is a must, but there is a big misunderstanding in the new age community as to what surrender truly is. It doesn’t mean you just move on, shrug your shoulders, walk away and give up  seeking another relationship to fill a void, or something else to fill that void. The void can only be filled when you form a deep relationship through prayer and daily humble communication with God. It means we dig deeper into the pain we feel and ask Spirit to come into our lives for that healing.

How many of you actually speak to God? Do you really pray and cry your heart out to God? Or are you stuck in new age tactics of healing?

The best course of action is prayer. ALWAYS. It’s all about getting down on your knees and being so very humble in your spirit that you have no idea what you are doing. In fact none of us do. Although I get a great amount of teachings and guidance from Spirit I still know shit.

All I know is God is in charge, not me. I pray like my life depends on it. I cry and grieve with God like a child who is lost. I don’t act I pray. I only act when there is a clear sign to go. This is what surrender is, and this is how the Oversoul energies can heal and allow access to this Ancient energy.

Once we do this and invite Spirit into our lives, is when we truly surrender. It’s when we put the effort in getting to know Spirit in a very humble way, to seek that true deep healing with Spirit is when we can move on knowing that what is meant to be will be and that we have a very powerful force working for us.

In my own Twin Flame journey this is what I have done, and have forgiven and allowed Spirit to move things and do things between me and my Twin Flame based on the Divine Plan. Not my plan, not my desires, but Life-Force Energy’s desires. This way everyone involved can experience love, healing and each soul can come into true healing and alignment with our higher calling.

As I sit here looking out of my window, I can tell you I have no idea what my journey is going to look like?! Sure I have notions and ideas, but I don’t hang onto those ideas nor the visions I have been given. I just go with what is presented to me in the present moment and continue on. Will I ever hear from my Twin again? I don’t know? Would I be open to it? Sure? Do I NEED him? Nope, not at all. Do I want the mission and the journey with him? For sure! Am I hung up on it? Nope!

When we take the time to get to know God FIRST, when we form a deep relationship with SPIRIT FIRST, when we say no to everything else and only YES to when God says yes…well that’s an entirely new way of living and loving for sure!

This way of living I guarantee you is TRUE FREEDOM! Your spirit will fly once you form this intricate deep bond with Spirit and give up all ways of “doing” and accept the direction Spirit pulls you. The vibration of freedom will be the new way of living, including the new relationships that show up for you. You will be accepted and acknowledged in a depth you never have before, you will move and create in a way you could only dream about. You will action and live with a heart FULL of vibrancy.

So, give up your notions about what you know about your Twin Flame journey. Stop trying to analyze all the details that show up and only give focus on your relationship with Spirit. Stop focusing on New Age concepts and teachings around dark and light and get honest with your relationships with God. I know that sounds simple, but it’s what most people don’t do. When you are confused go to God. When you need advice go to God. When you are weak go to God. Pray, pray, and pray and if you are tired of praying, pray some more. It works, but only with a humble heart and spirit. That’s what I teach, and that is what I preach.