Many clients of mine are on the Twin Flame journey, and unfortunately, we don’t get to make that physical choice as it was already decided prior to this incarnation.

As a means to understanding energy frequency and the way law of attraction and manifestations work, I am going to illustrate the 3 current Paradigms of the energies on the planet in order to help you live in a complete space of surrender and allowing.

The purpose of our Spiritual path to enlightenment is never about a destination, but in the journey. We all logically understand this however in our human constructs of the ego it is a very difficult place to get to.

I want to highlight first the 2 paradigms of law of attraction and what that currently looks like and then I will highlight the third energy that twin flames are bringing down, no matter if you are in separation or not (as Twin Flames have telepathic communication they can still do this work)

Matrix Paradigm

The matrix we live in has created an energetic bubble that houses all of our social conditioning’s and beliefs from race, family, culture, love, commitment, work/career, how you raise you children, money etc. The new age community has snagged a lot of people in regards to keeping them stuck in this bubble. Granted this stage is needed in order to understand just how powerful you are. Once you bypass this stage you will operate very differently.

The best example I can give you is how I manifest my clients. I support 2 children all by myself (I always have and on my own) and my social media following is not that big, however I make a minimum amount that I require to live and up to triple that some months. I am comfortable, completely free, able to spend, live and travel as I wish (until Covid) I don’t do marketing and sales calls. Everything I do is by service and full surrender. Many people have a hard time letting their marketing and social media platforms go, believing this is the only way to attract wealth when in fact it is the most tiring way.

Manifesting within the matrix will always feed the ego and the security you require based on old belief systems. If you haven’t been able to heal deep childhood issues and traumas, you will continue to work very hard for the physical pay off you are accustomed to. This includes compromising yourself in dramatic, codependent relationships. Addictions. Not being truly heard or understood. Unable to pay bills. Not making enough money. It is the paradigm of the lack mentality. Breaking the ceiling of your ingrained belief systems will take time, and depending on your path, this may be all you came to do in this life time and to create comfort in the Matrix for those who are in that frequency. Remember there is no judgement here. If that is your call in this life then there is nothing wrong with that, accept that.

It doesn’t matter what frequency you are currently residing at. Everyone is meant to be placed where they are at. There is no “better” or “more advanced” it all depends on your soul frequency and where you are in your journey. All energies are connected and we need supportive energies in all 3 paradigms.

If staying in the Matrix, and learning how to manifest and working with energy is what you are here to do,  there is nothing wrong with that, however there is another group of souls who have completed these lessons and will feel a very deep sense of unfulfilling stagnation that will continue to build up until it’s time to step into a new frequency. This is the Service Paradigm.

Service Paradigm

When you are called to be in full service to God, this means stepping into a completely new way of living. This will require you to surrender all that you learned in the Matrix frequency. Many of my clients are transitioning between this and it’s not easy as the Universe asks you to let go of everything you have ever built up, letting go of how you operate within yourself, and trusting the Universe in an entirely different way. Faith becomes very prominent here. Most of my clients have had their activation with their Twin Flames at this point, however they are unable to answer the call because of deep seated unhealed traumas and the lack mentality of loss that creates fear.

Those who are ready to be in service, or who are recognizing the empty void is not being filled by manifesting more work, more money, soul mate connections, sexual pleasures, begin to feel restlessness, a back and forth confusion to the point where many feel they are losing their minds. That’s ok. You must lose your mind every time you step through a new doorway into a new frequency. Moving into service means your soul is calling you to seek ultimate freedom instead of  being tied down to the Matrix Paradigm that no longer fulfills you.

When I was called to leave my career of over 17 years of service ( a work from home career with the Federal Government) and to give up my home, my stability and everything I had built up to take my children  out of school and to travel South East Asia, it was a pull I could not deny. As crazy as it sounds, the energy continued to eat at my soul. It was this leap of faith into the new frequency of service that taught me to trust God in a whole new way.

I was forced to believe and have faith in something greater than myself in an entirely different way than I had ever done before. In the Matrix Paradigm I was taught faith, but that level of faith only required a certain amount of energy. It was when I was manifesting purchasing a new home, or a car, a new partner, a vacation etc. There comes a time in everyone’s journey where you have done it all. I did. I owned the house, the car, the vacations, raising my kids alone, I completely mastered the Matrix and obtained everything I desired and all on my own (without child support mind you or any handouts) You will know when it’s time to move on when you have mastered the material world on your own, without any “help”.

This was when I knew I had to downgrade my life instead of wanting to acquire more stuff. I was pulled to live a minimal lifestyle and to fully give my life over to the Universe. I’m not saying your transition will be as dramatic as mine, but it will push you beyond your comfort zone and it will bring up a lot of fear. I’m pretty powerful, I have accepted that and so of course my changes and advancements towards ascension would also be powerful.

The Service Paradigm teaches us how to live in complete surrender. The entry point into this way of life is very time consuming as we are learning how to operate in a brand-new way which is from the inside out, not the outside in. Very much like a child learning to walk for the very first time we must dig within ourselves for the strength and power to learn a new way without giving up. There will be mistakes, mishaps, and losses but that is all a part of learning how to work deeply with  your unique soul frequency and blueprint (the path you created before you came), and this will ask you to trust fully in God as you face your biggest fears.

The first thing I had to learn was to realize that time didn’t exist, and my ideas around schedule, organization, running a business etc. was entirely different than what I was doing in the past. Keep in mind I assisted in running high end IT projects across Canada and worked in a very analytical role for many years writing RFP’s, business cases, and gaps and root cause analysis etc. My brain was very structured and although that helped me get my online business going, the more I stepped into my calling the more I had to let those ideas burn out.

Taking my kids to the other side of the planet and travelling to unknown places all by myself (I was with a partner at the time but it was highly abusive and I was still on my own supporting every body emotionally and financially) was something I had to do in order to come into complete faith and surrender with God. I had to learn to lean only on God which I have done most of my life however this was entirely different. This was releasing my control tactics even more and giving God permission to take a hold of my life so that I could master true ebb and flow and to step into greater service. This took me over 4 years to accomplish and it wasn’t until I met my Twin Flame 2 years ago that the activation we both powerfully encountered together finally pushed me into a new vibration of complete service. This has been helping me to incorporate a much higher frequency of light codes the more I continue to surrender. This is when you become the full expression of either Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine energy. Allowing that energy to work through you no matter what you desire in your life and trusting in the unfolding of events in your life. Sitting back and allowing. Once you have hit complete surrender is the entry point into the Ancient Third Energy.

Third Energy Paradigm

This transition into the third paradigm means you have started your service to spirit, you are trusting living from your intuition more than the mind, and you are able to communicate effortlessly with nature and the animal kingdom. Yes, everyone can do this, it’s part of our natural survival gifts we all lost during the fall of human consciousness. Entering into this third energy also requires a significant activation, like a merging with your Twin Flame in order to truly know Divine Love. Trust me, this type of activation will break everything in you, you won’t have to question yourself if you have had this type of activation or not. If you aren’t sure, or have an ounce of doubt, then most likely you haven’t. Remember that’s ok. It’s not your time. Don’t judge yourself for where you are at.

In this paradigm you no longer do things conventionally like you did in the other 2 paradigms. For instance, I have no idea what I am doing in the day (unless I have bookings) and I go with however my day unfolds. It’s quite liberating and so much freedom!

Most lightworkers reside between the transition between the Matrix Paradigm and living in the Service Paradigm. In order to move into the Third Paradigm requires a profound physical meeting and catalyzing energy with you and your Twin Flame, and the complete surrender of that connection once the purification process is over. This means you have healed all childhood traumas and have returned to a childlike state of knowing who you are as a soul, and allowing Spirit to completely work through you without any resistance. This means you sacrifice manifested realities and material pleasures in order to move into this new energy. This includes ending karmic relationships that bore you, sexual encounters that only feed the ego, material comforts etc. This doesn’t mean you lack anything, quite the contrary. It’s in the surrender and the giving to others that Spirit continues to support you in ways that surprise you. You enter the magical realm of the Garden of Eden where life manifests in ways you could only dream about! For instance when I go outside and sing nature sings with me. For instance the other week a robin red breast sat a couple of feet away from me in the grass singing with me. Or a rabbit will show up and watch me. The animals know when you hit this vibration, they are attracted to you, they no longer run. Nature and her animals will show you once you hit this place. Yes this magic can be felt in the other Paradigms, but if you are in this third energy magic becomes consistent, and an everyday experience. It’s also why once you hit this vibration, you must continue to honour this purity as a sacred gift and to keep your vibration clean. It’s why I am very picky who I hang out with, who I allow into my circle and why I don’t work with many New Age spiritualists (and I never have or will) You will also be gifted with being able to read energies so clearly you know the various frequencies that are playing out around you. This is because God is leading you, not the small mind. In the other Paradigms, the small mind still has some form of control. In the third energy it has none.

You see God already knows what is good for your soul, you actually don’t have to manifest anything, but you can’t get to this point until you move through each paradigm and this can take lifetimes.

Each of us came here to master this ancient frequency in order to express Divinity in a way that was lost a very long time ago. This ancient path is not for everyone in this incarnation but it is available for everyone and it’s everyone’s birthright. It all depends on your soul frequency in this lifetime, the contracts you made and what you signed up for. This path into the third energy are for leaders who are here to anchor this old forgotten energy into the Earth plane. Like I said before, it’s not “better” or more “enlightenment” trust me it’s a super difficult path, and those who are called on it have walked and experienced darkness this entire incarnation.

Not to say you can’t experience magic in the Matrix or in the Service Paradigm, you most definitely can, and you will, however the difference is you grow and change so much you will grow tired of certain ways of living. We are constantly growing and evolving and so will the way you experience God. This requires constant change. Eventually we come to a place where its just easier to let God guide us where we can sit still and chill out under a tree instead of trying to make things happen, or by avoiding what we know what needs to happen!

Where you are at in your path is perfect, trust me, the path into this third energy would scare and frighten most people. Be ok with where you are at and know there are warrior spirits of light doing this work for you to bring into existence a very rare high vibrational love. This is why Twin Flames are here. When they are together and open to one another the dynamic force of God is able to be freely expressed into the Earth. This reactivates dormant lay lines and grid lines that became distorted as Humanity fell in consciousness. This is why Twin Flames and their love can aid to usher in a new vibration by bringing this healing new vibration into the Earth for all of humanity to experience and to continue with the evolution process. Unfortunately this energy is not easily accessible and why Twin Flames are being asked to level up to aid Humanity.

All of us are healing, and depending on which Paradigm you relate with, each step is going to ask you to take a hard-honest look at your heart, your gut instincts and what you know to be true deep within you. You will have to get honest with yourself of where you must detach from old manifestations. Past vibrations can not always follow you into the new. It doesn’t matter if it scares you, or that your path will upset others, remember that there are other energies at play that are asking you to trust the whispers of your inner knowing and to have faith. Some of us will avoid the calling until absolutely necessary, but if you are that type of person realize you are simply postponing the inevitable and hurting those who require to be released onto their own path. Some of us are here to aid and birth others into their truest selves and in the let go we gift them something wonderful; their soul’s expansion. We can very well hold others back because of our own fears. Don’t think this out, FEEL it out for your emotions are your compass to navigating the many energies you feel on a daily basis. I know how regretful I have been in my own dishonesty over the years and hurting those I loved because of my fear. Your path will unfold, no matter how hard or how long you fight it, just be mindful of the pain and destruction your own denial and internal dishonesty and excuses causes over time.

This path through all 3 paradigms is constantly asking you to be ruthlessly honesty with the excuses you tell yourself and the fear you don’t want to face. I say just do it. The less damage we cause to others because of the lies and excuses we tell ourselves, it’s best to get the hard parts over with so the new can usher in. Have the courage and bravery to face your biggest fears.

Our 3D world is in fact living in the past. If we are stuck focusing on the 3D world, we remain living in the past. How we manifest is from a deep authentic space in our heart and gut instincts, starting with energy intention FIRST and then we sit back and go about our day. Your higher self will naturally pull you to where you need to go. Depending on where you are at in the 3 Paradigms fear will kick in. When fear shows up it is never an indication to run and avoid. That’s the autopilot ego response we have learned as collective on Earth. It teaches you to stuff the truth down, avoid and run. The trigger is there to face it not to run from it. That is when growth will happen.

When we choose to trust the energy first, we give God permission to come into our world. This is why you are here, to be that expression of the Universe. Trust that Spirit knows you better than you know yourself. Trust that you will not be mislead and that you don’t know what would bring you true abundance and happiness until you go towards what you fear the most.

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