A New Earth: The Age of Aquarius

The Matrix enslaves everyone. It doesn’t matter if you benefit from the system, or if the system kills you. We are all slaves.

Over time I will go into deeper teachings and downloads I have been given for most of my life to show  the energies that are dark in nature that are taking over our planet and how they are manipulating everyone psychically and psychologically

For now I wanted to talk about the 3D world and how this is manifesting in our world and how I have seen a vision for Unity. This will be a step by step series as I get deeper into light codes and the new energetic grid-lines that are being prepared in the Ethers especially around Twin Flame Unions for a New Earth etc.

Right now, the only way to escape hatred, and more warfare is to unite. How do we come together peacefully? This is going to be the responsibility of every single person. Nobody is going to save us. Humanity as a mass consciousness must unite in peace and loving energies to support one another, and to fight for one another when it’s needed. If you are in a human body you have a responsibility to humanity. You are not left out no matter your colour, gender, culture, sexual orientation, race, etc.

What is your responsibility as a Human being based on the family lineage you decided to incarnate into? As a soul, you have a responsibility to relieve and heal karmic energies based on the DNA you picked. Maybe in your last life you were a black man who was murdered by the same ancestry line you came into in this life? You see, our tribes and ancient wises ones that walked this Earth already knew there was no segregation. They knew the buffalo you ate could have been your mother incarnated who died 20 years prior. Respect for the Soul goes so much deeper and beyond the skin colour and the vessel., however that does not mean we turn a blind eye to our human brothers and sisters who need us to support and fight with them.

What is your responsibility based on your vessel?


White Bodies: Recognize that a marginal collective of your ancestors broke away from their tribes who were in touch with the natural evolution process that was in alignment with all other tribes around the globe. This happens in nature, like hyena’s who found that stealing, killing, and bullying for survival was easier than putting in the hard work that comes from being part of a tribe.  Working in harmony within a tribe takes a great amount of physical labour and there can be mentally taxing tasks in order to work as a cohesive community/team. Being a part of a tribe is not easy, you have responsibilities and if you slacked the tribe felt it. It was because of this fall in consciousness is when darker energies siphoned this lower frequency of separation. Breaking away from the tribe and taking on the motto “divide and conquer”, over time the masses grew multiplied growing egoistic class systems, pyramid constructs, and patriotic hierarchy which in turn birthed Colonialism. Today, White people have a choice to end these massive dark karmic cycles. To end this karma for your ancestry line is first to start by educating yourself about your privilege (if you are born white you can not escape this privilege, you are born into it. This is also for anybody who passes as white ), then share and educate others, call your Government offices, partake in peaceful protests, post your support, donate to causes, check in with yourself when you are triggered or in denial, and research more ways you can help. Share with other’s what you have learned and keep learning how to handle your triggers, and emotional upsets in a healthy way. With you ending karma and providing a support to the rest of humanity your power to change will give leverage to heal decades of trauma. It will empower not only yourself and your family, but the entire planet.

BIPOC: You have suffered greatly and understand what is happening on the Earth. Asians & Brown people, on top of supporting our Black family, it is up to you to give extra attention to the Indigenous people as they are ostracized in close proximity to Black people. We are safer than our Black and Indigenous family, please contact your Governments, educate, post, share, speak up, etc.  Indigenous family, please do what you can and keep educating and helping everyone else to see where humanity is failing. We can’t miss any gaps. When we stand stronger together we will feel stronger as a unit to bring change. We can stand together to support our Black family. We know in turn they will stand with us as they have in the past.

We must also remember when our White family returns to learn, when they cry to understand I know how tired you are for our ancestors who have repeated this over and over, but we must continue. We can not be quiet. We have to keep speaking up and loudly until justice and peace reigns for everyone. Open your heart to the White family returning, and yes, I know you have, but we can always love deeper. That’s our gift and our strength or we wouldn’t be here! Share that big heart for they are learning and willing. This time is different, we won’t let things slip. We must keep our truth and never fear to speak it when our White family is present. No more playing the victim role, we are here to empower humanity! Speak up, loud and proud unapologetically. Your strength and perseverance are honoured by Great Spirit.

Peace and change are coming in such a big way that finally our Ancestral traditions and ways of life that support community, diversity, peace and well being for all can finally have a chance to end karmic cycles and bring balance. No time to rest, new leaders and a new Earth is arising, and we must get ready to support and ground powerful Ancestral Wisdom back into Mother Earth, the Earth that was taken from us so long ago.