Having the ability to see energy and how they intersect, interact and connect, Ayahuasca has shown me in very vivid details more so how energy filters and works through our energy systems. During Ayahuasca everything in my vision changes. I am able to see the physical manifestation of energies that most people see in their 3rd eye. My pineal gland is very opened hence my visions and being able to merge this physical world with the energy world is one reason I nearly lost my cool during my first ceremony. The merging of both worlds was very intense and took me a bit to become comfortable with. This is why I truly believe some people lose their minds during Ayahuasca or who have a mental break. It’s the two worlds merging into one.

This is part of my work, not only to aid with the Yin/Yang balance on the planet but to help you work with these natural sensitivities we all have. Especially those who are highly sensitive to energies and fearful of this merging. It is very intense and why Ayahuasca has shown me how to help other’s trust, recognize, and navigate these internal vibrations with the visions. Enlightenment is a destructive process and it will psychotically break you. I have been shown things I can’t put into words, but the knowing of truth is more vivid than anything we live in this 3D matrix. I trust in the medicine tremendously. I have no doubt. I have been shown in my healing work that I am able to help with the mental psyche breaking by helping you move your consciousness out of the mind and heart duality and into your soul’s knowing. Relieving the anguish of the mental psyche breaking is alleviated the more you focus on getting into your pelvic region (your gut instincts, your intuition, your deep inner knowing) This energy does not sit in the mind or the heart.

Over the many times I have now taken Ayahuasca (over 20 times, which in my opinion is still very much an amateur) I have come to understand my path and why it has unfolded the way it has. I have been prepared this entire lifetime for this calling, which includes my Twin Flame journey and how to properly navigate these energies. 

I have consciously been on the Twin Flame journey for over 10 years (but spirit told me my  Twin Flame’s name when I was 7 years old, however I didn’t realize why this name stuck with me for so long until after I met him). I knew when I left my marriage, I was seeking my divine compliment, Spirit has been guiding me this entire incarnation, and it’s all been based on my inner knowing. After many ups and downs, and finally giving up on ever meeting my Twin Flame, I met him. Upon meeting my Twin Flame (which shocked me deeply into my medicine woman path) I had to work out the internal energies over the last 18 months of knowing him. It’s taken awhile to discern what were old karmic patterns and what aligned to Divine Love. The more I healed and cleared within the deeper the telepathy and the connection to my Twin became. Being super intuitive and working with my emotions and the energies around that has always been  much more natural for me.  Over the course of time and over many, many ceremonies, Mother Ayahuasca has been showing me how our energy systems work, and how they work for yin/yang balance. This is for all Twin Flames. 

Divine Feminine’s hold a well of Divine Love channeling the portal between Heaven and Earth. She is able to move between the dark underworld and utilize that energy to contrast her into her light. She grounds the higher energies into the Earth’s energy way lines for all life (her masculine, her children, for Earth, for all sentient beings and her ancestors). Masculine energy can only be completely balanced until he merges with his Divine Feminine. When a Masculine merges with his true counterpart he has access to the channel of this Divine Love and all the gifts of healing that come with it. It feeds him, nourishes him and he is then able to live authentically from that vibration and build the structures needed for a new conscious movement to lead and shift the world into peace.

This is why it’s so important for the Divine Feminine’s to rise at this time and to do their dark shadow work. We hold the portal between all dimensions as our womb is a vast dark region of endless possibilities. We create, hold and give life. Our Masculine’s come forward and shine a light on the Feminine energy, leading others through the dark with his light back to the well of Divine Love. Every sentient being on the planet has a natural order of alignment, this is how masculine and feminine energies work for humans. Remember when I speak of masculine and feminine energies, it’s the energy and not the gender.

If you observe the imbalance of Masculine energy on the planet is because masculine energy needs the feminine to properly function in their calling. It’s not to say he can’t live without the feminine, but if union is in their soul contract for this lifetime it will be very difficult expanding in consciousness once all codependency and karmic situations have been healed.

Twin Flames on the planet are having a problem with the energy that they are feeling from their counterpart, how to handle this, why this connection never goes away and how to work in this.

Until I met my Twin, I had a very nicely closed up circle of light deep within me that was exclusively reserved for me and Spirit. That’s it. My special space for only me and God, nobody could get in there, except my children of course. Then he held me during an Ayahuasca ceremony and our souls instantly merged into pure Divine Love. He waltzed right in there like he belonged and it threw me hard off my game especially around my intuition. I had mastered to that point how to work in energy at a very high level. Never did I think I would have to relearn, break things down, and rewire myself after meeting him.

My abilities have picked up (which I never thought possible) and now I am seeing how closely the mirror really is with your Twin Flame.

Here’s what I have learned how Twin Flame’s Energy Systems Work:

  1. When you speak to your opposite energy within yourself (for me I am the Divine Feminine, when I speak to my masculine side) you are in fact speaking to your Twin Flame in another body. There is no difference.
  2. When you feel deeply (for instance being moved by music, when you sing, or dance etc.) you are speaking to your Twin Flame. When you naturally feel aligned and in flow you are connected to them.
  3. If you are able to sit in those deep spaces and then ask your Twin a question you will hear their voice in your gut and feel their response energetically rise up from the gut into your heart. This one is tricky because you must know yourself authentically and have a concrete deep knowing of how spirit speaks to you. The energy will always move up from your gut knowing FIRST and then into your heart. Its unmistakable.
  4. When you choose authentically with zero doubt so will your Twin Flame. Spirit told me clearly in December to go to Mexico for Ayahuasca. I wasn’t planning on it but when Spirit calls me, I listen, no questions asked. I went. I only recently found out my Twin and I had just missed one another. You must be strong in your energy with zero doubt when you make a choice. The Universe will always align you and your Twin Flame because you are the same soul frequency.
  5. If you feel pain from your Twin Flame it’s your shared pain. That pain is in you and it’s an opportunity to get deeper into it to heal it. When you heal your Twin Flame will heal. You and your Twin Flame both heal at the same pace. You take turns, it’s a dance, nobody is in the lead. Depending on what you each have learned over your eons of separation, those lessons will integrate and compliment both parties. One counterpart will have more experience in one area than the other. This is how you teach and learn together merging as a one soul. When pain surfaces it is an opportunity to seek deeper within to heal that in order to keep the channel between you and your Twin Flame.
  6. Karma will block the connection between you and your Twin Flame. The reason you feel a back and forth in your connection during separation is the filtering of darker energies as they heal and clear. This is the discerning part between Twin Flames to take the time to get very honest with how you are working with the energy within yourself. This takes a super authentic heart to ensure you are not making excuses for old patterns and behaviours. Because Twin Flames are the exact same soul, your Twin Flame will operate internally in the exact same way as you do. This is why the mirror is so exact. The essence in how you feel and work things out is exact. I use to think I was much faster at learning and integrating than my Twin Flame, that was my ego. I have come to realize we are both slow and fast depending on which Twin has the most experience in that area. When we sort those energies out on the inside the telepathy, and connection gets stronger. The more you heal the more you feel your Twin Flame. It’s inevitable.
  7. Acceptance that you are not separate from your Twin Flame and you will feel them inside like they are right next you for the rest of your life. Once both Twin Flames are awakened to this connection, for peace to come into your life there is an acceptance internally that this energy will never leave you. You can’t help but feel them and think of them everyday even if there is no communication. Most Twin Flames don’t want to feel this because it’s painful. When you resist feeling this pain or feeling your Twin Flame, this resistance will build up. The pain wants to be seen via your Divine connection to heal.  You are the exact same soul, and once you accept this and accept that you can speak to them internally, you will heal with this new vibration inside of you, and this is is when peace will come. No matter what has happened in the 3D you are in a sacred space that only you and your Twin and God can meet. Nobody else can come into that vibration. It’s the holy trinity. Once you accept  that you will feel them forever, that there is no beginning and end with this person, peace will come. Pain only comes because we have not accepted this Divine Love to merge fully and deeply into our consciousness. 

The realignment of our internal energy systems is happening now, we are being forced out of the logical mind way of living and getting deeper into the unknown. Most of us are being asked to take a leap of faith into following the unknown which is the intuition. This represents the heart of the condor. The mind is the eagle. The merging of the eagle and the condor is the 3rd energy, the trinity and is felt in the pelvic region (your gut knowing) This is a real prophecy that is happening on the Earth right now, which is why Twin Flames are choosing to come together. They are the perfect balance of merging the mind and the heart with the knowing of the gut.

As above so below

As within so without

This is the New Earth and the new vibration of harmony, peace and love that is wanting to manifest on the planet. A new way of being that brings freedom to everyone.

It’s very important in sorting out the karma and darkness that continues to resurface, especially if there is still a resistance to your Twin Flame and this connection. The resistance is the trigger of where there is to be more insight, more healing, surrendering, and loving what is coming up. Only this connection can bring up the darkest energies to heal because it is the purest love. To have light we must have dark. It is the dark that makes the light conscious. When the dark arises it’s time to go into this and see the dark as a way to push you further into your awakening. The deeper you go into your pain, the brighter the awareness you will gain. I know this isn’t easy. Feeling my Twin Flame and accepting that I will have this connection for the rest of this incarnation I had no choice but to learn how to work in it. This is why I had to work through my own ego of doing this work. Mama Ayahuasca told me she is the balance medicine for the planet. She is made up of masculine energy as well, the bark of the vine is masculine. The leaves are the feminine. When boiled together they merge into medicine. This is why I believe Ayahuasca brings Twin Flames together as I know 2 sets of Twin Flames have had uncanny, very similar experiences as me and my Twin.  I’m not saying Ayahuasca is for everyone, but for my tribe and the mission that is unfolding, it’s definitely about yin/yang balance.  The medicine has been very clear with me that I must get these teachings out to help Twin Flames on the planet.

The next step for many on the Twin Flame journey, including those in 3D union as there is always work to do, is to deeply learn the internal energies, telepathy and your natural abilities as a one soul, and then merge those energies into your 3D life.  This is the work I have been guided to teach to help you heal addictions and codependency in all areas of your life. For many this potent, magical Twin Flame activation alone has left many Twin Flames stuck in doubt, and pain. This hinders growth in the connection.  This connection doesn’t have to end in those energies, instead make a commitment to learn how to work through them by diving deeper into what comes up for you when you feel this connection. Your Twin Flame has shown you where you need healing, that’s a gift in itself. This gift shows you how closed you are to Divine Love. Use this gift. Stop expecting anything else from them and learn to use this love to filter through you so you can heal deeper.

If anything this love will open more doorways for you and with complete ease, but first your internal energy channels must clear, and the purging of karma and darkness must be reverently loved and surrendered to the Universe. Detach and allow the natural unfolding. When we attach we shrink in our growth. When we let go and have faith, we grow. xo