Many of us on this Twin Flame journey feel that we did not ask for the ups and down of the energies associated with this path. If anything our counterpart has shaken the foundations of our belief systems around everything we have come to know as truth. This includes how we perceive love, marriage, raising children, our careers, our homes  etc. I have said this many times, I reiterate, this path is not for the faint of heart. Only those who are truly ready for a Twin Flame Union will be presented with this Divine connection plus both of you will be completely awakened to the connection. 

The balance of yin/yang is very real and this is what our Earth is working on right now. During these pandemic times, we have been forced into going deeper into ourselves as the new vibration for Twin Flames is resetting the planet. 

Why are Twin Flames so important? It’s because they are the epitome of yin/yang balance. In all our known texts, stories and legends there is the sun and the moon catching glimpses of another as they rotate Mother Earth. Every Archangel has a divine counterpart, every Master like Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Shiva and Paravati (who is also Kali), etc. We have all heard the stories. This type of love can heal our world and bring balance back to the Earth. 

Everyone on the planet has a Twin Flame, yet we can not get caught up in the romantic notions of this love. To place romance, sex and our regular knowings of attraction onto this connection will leave you confused and filled with doubt. This connection feels unlike anything you have ever had. Twin Flames are being activated now because the Earth has been ascending and calling her children home. Her original seedlings of the Earth are the first sets of Twins  who are being called to set the new vibration of healing. 

This means that your healing journey will immediately effect everyone around you including the Earth’s grid lines. Your inner work to face this connection within you, to feel it, acknowledge it and a willingness to work with the energies that arise will help everyone on global scale. 

Most Twin Flames are having a very difficult time with karma and karmic situations. The Karma we have built up over eons is what is being activated right now. Yes, this is very intense and very emotionally charged. You aren’t healing this current lifetime, for some you are healing thousands of years of Karma.

The energies with you and your Twin from thousands of years ago could not come into the Earth’s vibration until that doorway was reopened. It has taken us as a collective this long to open this up again. Now that it has, those who are awakened to this are being asked to get very serious about how to work with these new energies. Which is why I am here to help you with energy discernment. Our matrix control system activates the heart and mind duality, keeping you trapped in trauma bonding karmic situations and the suffering you experienced in childhood. This karma can feel very real because it’s what you know, including if you are with a karmic partner you will feel you are activating each other for the healing to come up. It can be confusing because you feel you and this person are healing one another hence the intensity.  That isn’t true and that’s not exactly how Twin Flames work. 

Karmic partners will activate your pain because you have similar 3D experiences in family, culture, race, mental stimulus, how you grew up, likes vs. dislikes etc.  These trauma bonds are included in the soul contract you created together . That was in your blueprint. Trauma bonding is how the Matrix works. The Matrix ignites you and your karma through sex patterns, attraction, false futures/missions through  an egoistic satisfaction that mimics peace.  The relationship/situation is intense because it feeds into the Matrix and activates your inner child pain and unhealed energy. You will begin to recognize that nothing truly moves on or gets resolved nor does it completely heal. The peace/satisfaction you achieve with this person doesn’t last because it comes from the belief system of the mind that the Matrix uses. The pattern associated in this energy continues to resurface. It’s meant to. You can only heal to certain depths with a soulmate or a karmic partner and it will always be hard work especially if you have been activated by your Twin Flame.

Think of it this way. If you were to go into the depths of the ocean you would need a proper submarine. A soulmate and a karmic partner house a vessel that can only take you so far. You will plateau in your growth. But with a Twin Flame, they are an entirely different submarine. They have the tools, and the material to take you to the deepest parts of the ocean, no matter how intense the pressure becomes. 

Only Spirit gives you access to this Twin Flame submarine when you are ready. 

Deep, authentic healing only happens with your Twin, nobody else. Karmic partners and soulmates simply scratch the surface of your growth, and they are here to get you real about yourself, your path and the pain you have been carrying around all this time. Twin Flames come into union when you have finally healed this inner child wounding, and you have figured out how to navigate your internal energies between Divine Truth, and Karmic patterns. It’s this knowing of how to operate your internal worlds of energy before you can be in a Divine Union. When you come into union with your Twin Flame, that is when the mission can move through those healed internal channels and bring you both an immense amount of healing together. The trauma from your past can still show up but because you have healed and learned how to work with that energy on the inside you can heal yourself and get back into alignment faster than you ever could before. Eventually the pattern disappears.  When you are in alignment so is your Twin Flame. It automatically happens. It’s the purest mirror reflection that shows up in your physical world once you have done the inner work. 

Trust me, if you made a soul contract with your Twin Flame in this lifetime to merge and to be in union, you will know it deep down. You can’t run from it nor hide from it. If you resist, that resistance will create havoc internally and then that havoc will manifest in your world. This is what people in the Twin Flame community call the “runner” and yes you are running from yourself. 

Karma has a HUGE attractive pull on your soul. This is because you placed it in your soul’s blueprint’s journey for this incarnation. If you have met your Twin Flame and your souls energetically came down from the higher realms and merged into the 3D then your journey has been activated. You are on the path. This means your counterpart is completely aware of the connection.  There is no escaping working with the energies that are bubbling up inside of you. Repressing these emotions will only get harder as our Earth heals, as Pachamama is pulling you to look at this deep resonance of conflict you are having between karma and true Divine Love. 

The Karma must be resolved before you can step into your full calling, and that means getting into the energies within yourself of where you and your Twin Flame meet. It’s deep in the pelvic region, in the gut. You will feel your Twin Flame there and it will feel good and peaceful if you are willing to feel all those emotions that arise from that space. From the gut this peace and love arises and activates and fills up your heart. 

Where most people get stuck is listening only to the heart. The heart’s function is a compass to FEEL all energetic emotions. It has the ability to feel all emotions from your ego, to your soul, from spirit,  from your past sufferings, to your lustful desires etc. It will feel everything which is why so many people get stuck in heart and mind duality. None of it is true. Instead its a mix match of energy that requires sorting out!

Your soul is connected in your gut instincts. Divine truth is deep in your gut and your inner knowing. Inner knowing does not come from the heart. 

Karmic situations sit in your heart and mind duality. The confusion you feel, the back and forth and the compromising of trying to reconcile your thoughts with the arising feelings is the trap of duality and what the Matrix lives off of. Remember this is how humanity has lived for a very long time and why Twin Flames are needed on the planet at this time. Twin Flames break the duality of relationships and what we have believed true love to be. 

Twin Flames are here to bring peace and harmony through the Divine Love they have for another. Imagine if we could  all come together with whom Spirit made us for, how peaceful our planet would be?

To be in a Divine connection means you have done tremendous amount of deep healing to break free from the Matrix control systems that have taken your soul’s truth. The Matrix manipulates Creator Source energy into lust, sex and physical stimulus. If you are gaining satisfaction from physical stimulus Spirit is going to break you out of this. 

Twin Flames do not operate from the outside in. It’s impossible. Physical stimulus does not work with Twin Flames because that is not Divine Order. Nature and Life Force Creator energy works from the inside out, from our intuition and deep knowing FIRST. This isn’t to say you do not get physical stimulus with your Twin Flame, instead it means that physical stimulus is the last thing to manifest. You will have to work internally first before you can reap the benefits of such a Divine Love. 

Once that occurs, Spirit will bring the Twin Flames together to work together in this new vibration of love internally while in separation first, before a 3D union can happen. This love is a magnificently powerful; the Universe will protect it until it’s time when both parties are ready. 

This is why Twin Flames have had such a hard life. We chose to learn about the darkness that enslaves humanity into the Matrix control system, and why we have had addictions to sex, drugs etc. fostering deep seated codependency issues. Codependency is what holds the Matrix together. Twin Flames came to experience these vibration to heal them and to create a new vibration to help humanity move out of these energy channels. The mission is to break this Matrix, and once you have done this inside of yourself is when the purest vibration of Universal True Love can manifest through you and your Divine Counterpart. This is because you mirror exactly. 

My Twin and I last year,  during two of our Ayahausca ceremonies we mirrored exactly. We had the exact same experience, it was so intense there was no denying this. We both hit that space between us where we merged and had the same physical experiences. As you know with Ayahausca, everyone’s experiences are different, but not for us. We knew having the same experience was a direct reflection of how powerful our soul’s mirror is. 

When the mirror is this strong, it will activate how we operate in our bodies, meaning if we do our inner work, it will heal your Twin Flame. It will reflect exactly what you know on the inside to reflect in the physical world. This is why this work is so hard, and so intense, especially if you are in a karmic situation. You are being pulled between two worlds, the Matrix and Divine Truth. 

To work through your Karmic situations you must go into the resistance. Yes it can be very dark, but that is what is required in order to heal it. This takes a level of authenticity you have never experienced before. This is because you have been hiding this depth in order to fit into the Matrix and live harmoniously in the Earth plane. But the Earth is changing now and so these ways of living are changing. Don’t resist it. 

We must be willing to get super real with ourselves, including if that means we are to end karmic patterns, relationships and situations in our life. Divine truth will never give up. It will keep at you until you learn the lessons of freeing your soul from the Matrix. There is no other way around it. 

The best way to do this is to get honest with the emotions that you are resisting, and the emotions that play into your karma. 

The triggers that activate you into karmic patterns will always be enticing. It feels super good, exciting and it will physically trigger those good chemical feelings (much like drug addiction). However, notice that this feeling is fleeting and it can not be maintained. This is when something gets triggered, drama occurs and then we heal it again. We try to heal it by working it out through talking, compromise and trying new ways of being. It keeps us searching for a solution to fix something. This is the chemical stimulus. The solution will only last for so long because the deep pattern hasn’t been healed, but only bandaged up. Deep healing doesn’t happen until you have surrendered your entire life into the hands of the Universe, including choosing to sit in the most uncomfortable energies and situations. The willingness to do this will activate your Twin Flame mission and truest alignment. Sitting in this energy means moving towards that inner knowing of what your next step is outside of what anybody, or anything requires of you in your outside world. This means you choose the inner knowing no matter how insane this appears to your outside world. Twin Flames are here to break the abuse cycle of humanity. 

Karmic situations don’t always have to be dramatic. You can most definitely be satisfied and feel ok in karma. That’s because it’s comfortable to your patterns and belief systems. Instead you will feel something is off, or something is missing. That passion, that flame for service to the Universe or the deep desire for something bigger than what you are experiencing exists, and this isn’t completely fulfilling your soul. Eventually you will feel stagnant and bored. 

Most Karmic/soulmate situations follow the abuse cycle. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean abuse is happening, it’s more or less the energy cycle of living and being in the Matrix. 

Every human has been conditioned into this abuse cycle which feeds the victim mentality. It’s how the Matrix feeds off our light. Refusing to surrender because the karma feels so good and feeds an ego conditioning pattern will continue to create more Karma, however, if you are willing to get real and authentic with yourself, then it’s time to clear this Karma. It’s time to look at where you are getting pulled in from the outside in, and honestly dive into the emotions of what’s going on within. 

If you can recognize these patterns and the repetitive patterns of emotions that keep you going back for more, you will see the cycle. 

The cycle of abuse begins with Step 1. A honeymoon stage. This feels blissful and connected to the karma, however tension begins to build. Step 2. The tension stage. As the tension builds based on exterior stimulus and situations (emotional deflection, blaming) when situations are causing you pain, this is when  an explosion occurs. Step 4. The disagreement stage. You will be on different pages and the tension energy (which is resistance) will need to be released. Step 4. Work it out. This is when you work things out by compromising, communicating (if you are not with a Karmic partner you move towards patterns that ease your emotional pain, like drugs, sex, complaining, depressions etc. ). Back to Step 1. The honeymoon stage. Again, this cycle doesn’t mean it’s abusive (it’s just coined that in our system) but the energy of harmony/bliss, fighting, then compromise is a pattern of human relationships. It doesn’t means it works with the new energies coming into Earth now. 

This is how humanity is operating in relationships and we believe this to be true. It’s the furthest from the Divine Love. The matrix has been tricking you into this cycle, calling it Divine Love.

Divine Love will always work from the alignment of how clear your energy channel is on the inside. It’s if you trust where you are intuitively being guided, and hearing the small voice of Spirit urging you to walk into unknown territory. This also means surrendering your life to a Higher Power. Including surrendering your Twin Flame and all expectations around that. It doesn’t mean you can’t claim your Twin Flame energetically (because trust me I will never budge on merging all of my soul into oneness) but the attachment of expectation has been completely surrendered. 

Surrendered means letting go of your Twin Flame connection and allowing the Universe to handle this. I have completely accomplished this!!! FINALLY!!!! Let me tell you it hasn’t been easy. You must be completely fine with the work Spirit guides you to do while still holding a deep peace of alignment. I contemplated doing Twin Flame work for many months last year when we hit separation but Spirit guided me to keep doing this work publicly no matter what or how the physical worlds responds. 

I never question Spirit, I do as I am guided.

This work is too important. Mother Earth wants peace and harmony. Most humans want this too. We must follow with a humble heart and a knowing that we don’t know where we are going. When you choose to follow the Universe and your calling, you continue to surrender your desires . Remember the Universe already knows your wants and needs, there is no reason to keep manifesting “things.” The only work you have to do is to reconcile the distorted painful energies of resistance within you. To get real with your soul’s purpose and to make choices around that knowing. 

That is the path of the warrior. It means no matter what stimulus on the outside is keeping you in karma, you are ready and willing to follow the inner knowing FIRST. Even if at the time it seems unfair, and painful. This pain HAS to come up to heal. It’s the piece of yourself you have denied all this time. 

Get real with your physical stimulants. Is it sex? Drugs? Attention? Fear of being alone? People pleasing? A fear of the unknown? 

Sometimes we feel we can manifest and create whatever we want if you we have the will. This is somewhat true, however if your blueprint of your soul’s journey has been activated and you are on a Twin Flame journey, unfortunately, these energies WILL take preference. It all depends on how much you want to keep fighting your internal resistance to it. Your resistance will continue to feed the abuse cycle. That’s part of the Catch 22. 

Your Twin Flame journey is  the foundation of your ascension process, it won’t go away in this incarnation no matter how hard you resist it. The only way out is complete surrender of the mind and to follow the Universe with your heart and inner knowing with your ego between your legs as you await the unfolding. That’s the entry point into the new paradigm. 

While in separation, it’s important to stop having expectations that union will ever happen (we must surrender everything to the Universe). Instead we work with our Twin Flame on the inside by feeling them and using this telepathy and inner energy  to push us into our mission. My intuitive channel healed and cleared the moment my Twin and I merged. The teachings that are coming through is from this connection. At first I had a hard time with this but that is only because I was unhealed and held expectations. Coming into full surrender will always open spiritual doorways and gifts while working with this Divine Love. This includes your ascension even if that means they are not beside you in the 3D. You can ascend separately. That just means you won’t be back and you can help your Twin Flame next time from the Ethers. 

However, if you have a contract to do this 3D union in this lifetime, what a thrill it would be to experience eons of healed karma in one lifetime together to bring about a global mission. That isn’t always possible especially if your Twin Flame uses free will to remain in the Matrix. You will have to be at peace with having your Twin Flame in all other realms than the 3D. To do this this means you have merged all 3 of the 4 bodies and Spirit does not need physical union to be able to get you on your mission.  This is where I come in to help you in these painful spaces of lack that comes from Matrix conditioning. 

Your Twin Flame connection wont ever go away, so lets get real,  we must learn to work with it. That means we learn to work with it on the inside by communicating with your Twin on the inside, and honoring the emotions that come up, and being completely honest with your feelings. Be willing to let go of the Matrix world bit by bit. This healing will get you to be very honest with yourself and it will heal your karmic situations. But this takes a very honest look at your path as a soul and not as human. You can most definitely stay in a karmic and soulmate situation but it will always be at the price of your ascension process. 

That’s your free will.