My first workshop is out through my monthly membership. This is a 4 week teaching all around Divine Feminine energies and activating your energy system to receive this coding. I know this is such a big topic on the planet right now and I wanted to share the grueling lessons and darkness Spirit had me walk through from a very young age in order to understand the small shifts of energy between dark and light.

For those who align to my work in yin/yang balance, twin flames and sacred balance you might want to consider this 4 week workshop. The visions Ayahuasca has revealed to me, some have come to fruition and others not yet. I have been shown a large planetary mission where I have been given the roles of certain people, events, timing and how things are meant to come together. It’s these types of insights that I mostly keep to myself but I am being told that I can share some of them.

The Shaman’s I work with are Twin Flames. You can’t deny their love and connection (everyone is affected by their divine love) and it’s felt from the moment you walk into the retreat site. Ayahuasca also brought them together to serve the medicine as she did with me and my Twin Flame (and yes my twin flame is awakened to us and the mission). The balance of the 4 elements including the 4 foundations to build any type of foundation is very important in the Earth plane because this union of two sets of Twin Flames who are doing this deep type of work will go through massive initiations and darkness in order to serve such a big calling. Trust me, it’s taken me years to accept this as my path. I never felt good enough, or that my abilities were a gift (I figured it was curse more than anything for a long time)

Granted I am not in physical union with my Twin, but energetically I know exactly where we are at. Our telepathy is unblockable and unstoppable.

I have been shown why and what needs healing in our ancient connection, and we can’t rush physical human growth. What I am seeing right now is not about union but where feminine energy is healing, which includes myself and those Spirit has aligned me to work with.

In this article I am going to explain the importance of Divine Feminine Energy and why it’s so very hard to rise into this type of sacred energy. It will take a HUGE amount of karmic clearing and that does not happen over night. This path is one of patience, perseverance and a humbled heart.

I will be aligning Sacred Feminine Energy to the Divine Truth of nature. The same life-force the plants, the Earth and the animals follow. I am able to do this because of my high sensitivity to be able to communicate with plants and animals and have been intricately shown and taught by Mama Ayahuasca how to do so better than I have before. The key elements that are keeping Divine Feminine’s attached to the Matrix control system are these types of patterns. Each bullet point all interplay with one another, layering with each other to create the energy blocks in your system:

  • Victim/Martyr Mentality
  • Codependency/Control
  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Inability to express all emotions (biting your tongue, suppressing your ideas/thoughts)
  • Over giving/pleasing
  • Using lust/emotions/ intelligence/sex to connect to people

As you can see these characteristics are inundated in our system that even at a very young age where we teach our children to put others first before themselves. We are so scared in raising selfish children we don’t realize when we teach them to put other’s first they are denying their own temple of divinity. We see this as selfish when in fact it is a natural law of nature. You will never see animals sacrificing themselves in exchange for evil or out of alignment acts. Yes you hear about the dog saving the family from the fire, or the monkey saving the goat from the river etc. Compassion is our natural way of being and helping life to survive is definitely embedded in our DNA, however you will never see an animal WILLINGLY give up their internal power and soul’s light in exchange for dark energy where darker energy is manipulative etc. Death is natural and so dying to save life is natural. Giving your soul up in exchange for something less than your soul’s birth right…that’s another story.

To open the doorway into Sacred Feminine energy we must battle the demons that attach to those bullet points, and combine them with others (if not all of them) to discover within our inner lack and self worth issues, and why we begin to deflect this behaviour onto others. Anything we say or do to others first generates from with before any type of expression is given.

We have become so divided in our world that people are either narcissistic (unknowingly because of systematic conditioning) and overgiving/pleasing others (because helping other’s gives them a sense of identity)

There is a third energy that rises above both experiences, and granted you can’t step into Divine Feminine energy until you have walked both sides. That includes in this lifetime you have been both the narcissist and the victim. That might be hard to see, or to accept. When we choose to finally face our darkness we never want to admit when we have hurt others. This is the why this work is so important and so very difficult!

I hurt many people in my life from my parents, my sister, my kids to my partners. I’m no saint and I am proud of that fact. It means I looked at my dark stuff and made those changes. It means I faced my demons and accepted them to and released them to become better.

You don’t just become kind. You can force your mind to be a certain way but if so you will always be out of alignment within if you haven’t authentically and energetically healed both sides of the coin. Many women today bypass their own pain and ignore healing their wounded inner child because being kind and nice trumps everything in our new age belief system. Many new agers fall into this “love and light” “be kind and all love” mentality because ultimately they don’t want others to experience the pain they have. Granted yes that’s compassion but in a very “human” 3D construct. Instead we take that compassion and push that darkness deeper into ourselves, avoiding it while continuing to make excuses in our behaviours to always be kind, nice or caring.

How about the freedom that you can be however you wish? When you are fully aligned and authentic within yourself instead of an expectation of what your behaviour “should be”, is when your natural way of being as a soul will flourish and flower. It’s when we try to fit these “ideals” of what is good vs. bad is where we get ourselves trapped.

I’m sure you have heard: “I only did that because I care”

How many times have you hurt someone else and you had no idea why they were upset with you when your intention was all about being nice? Even if you knew they would be upset but you went ahead anyways out of the guise that you care?

This pattern is one of the hardest to break as it keeps everything you have been stuffing down. This is where in the depths of your darkness these patterns morph into more subconscious actions, all because you created an identity in a tightly sealed container labelled “Good Person”

We then utilize that our own experiences to support this behaviour makes it harder to hear the person (or people) you are working things out with as your perception has now been infiltrated by a learned societal behaviour. Then there must be communication and compromise where neither person fully feels completely satisfied. Instead the compromise is “acceptable” It’s this “dissatisfied” feeling we are left with where we either learn to live with it and “accept it, or for those who are truly wanting to ascend and evolve in this lifetime will eventually find these types of relationships boring. It’s part of the deep calling for your true Twin Flame compliment.

Sound familiar? That’s how “human compromising” relationships work. Nothing wrong with that, as it works for those who are still in need of this type of relationships at this point in their journey, but for many who are on a Twin Flame journey this type of human compromising will no longer feel aligned for your path.

True Divine Feminine’s do not work this way because they express what they desire without fear of judgement because they do not judge themselves for how they are feeling.

This doesn’t mean you let your rage rip and you go on rage rampage. What it does mean is that you become very selective of who you do feel safe with and who can be with you as you release, no matter what that looks like without judgement.

The lack of judgement will heal not only yourself but everyone around you. Lets take a look at Sacred Feminine energy in comparison to above list:

Distorted FeminineDistorted Feminine QualitiesAligned FeminineAligned Feminine Qualities
Victim/Martyr MentalityComplains, or has deep inner wounds of how much they do for others and nothing is ever returned in equal amount or based on expectations.LeaderDoes nothing but observes. Accepts all situations with ease and faith in the Universe.
Codependency/ControlHow the other person feels directly effects how you feel. It even changes your mood. InterdependenceYou have zero judgement on how others react
Spiritual BypassingYou excuse behaviors although you are aware of them by either ignoring them or not addressing them. Or you have such strict boundaries if they are crossed you are immediately triggered. You believe you can work it out on your own, or that it will unfold and naturally work out according to the Universe, or you purposefully wait to work on it next time because it’s too intense. Ownership/Taking ResponsibilityWill take time to observe deeply their accountability and accept what is their’s. At the same time have the ability to set healthy boundaries and speak soul’s truth.
Inability to express all emotionsYou bite your tongue afraid of upsetting the other person, the energy in the room, or knowing you can’t handle the energy so you say nothing, tell part truths or lie. Or your emotionally defend your “rights” and your boundaries. Ability to express all emotions without fearEven if angry, frustrated or sad, you express it freely or acknowledge it for what it is and allow it pass through you.
Over giving/pleasingYou just want everyone to get along and so you side with constant kindness and compassion without looking at the darkness and addressing it or recognizing it for the energy that wants to teach you something. Believing if you give love all the time everything will work out. THIS IS A HUGE DISBELIEF ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON’T LOVE THE DARK BEING PRESENTED!Balanced to both giving and receivingKnow yourself well enough to say no/yes without feeling that you are depleted, and overworked.
Using lust/emotions/ intelligence/sex to connect to peopleFocused on the energy created by a physical response over intuition and soul direction. This means you are attached to the story of your connection, and the feelings generated by a physical touch, spoken word or expectation. It’s exactly how we respond to addictions. Trusts energy alignment over the mind and all other emotionsNo matter what your physical situation looks like you trust your intuition and the small voice within FIRST over anything else!

There are so many who are here doing their “goddess” work when in fact not doing it at all because they are not looking at dark magic, and the powers behind working with darkness. The Yin is dark and mastering this energy has been lost since the time of Isis (if not before). Based on the above list you can see how a truly aligned sacred feminine can work equally in the dark as the light once she has done her work.

Even our masculine energies are so afraid of the darker energies and this is why they continue to choose distorted feminine energies who claim the misalignment of love and light to be a healed feminine. Instead our masculines have been so afraid of the power of dark magic (this isn’t about doing bad things to people, this is about knowing how to be in all energy including the dark) they continue to align to distorted feminine’s who continue to claim that kindness, compassion and love are the only ways to healing darkness. That is only partly true. You must be able to be that love in such density that the most sinister acts including facing them eye to eye and welcoming that darkness with open arms, all the while being able to discern easily between the small shifts between light and dark, knowing when to be silent, when to hold space and set boundaries all the while speaking truth is the work of a true sacred feminine.

What our masculine’s are truly wanting is a warrior spirit divine feminine who can see his demons, love them instead of trying to fix and heal him because he’s already an awakened holy soul. She can do this for him because she has traveled through the dark on her own. When a feminine who has been called to heal and befriend the demons from her own life is when her masculine will realize the power she truly holds.

Feminine energies (this is energy based not gender based) are the natural bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. We are here to labour and birth the Ethers into the physical Earth plane to feed all life including our children, the planet, the animals and humanity. When Twin Flames heal their karma and do the inner work there is no power in the Universe that can stop their reunion, unless the Universe itself. The only way that free will comes into play is when you are not choosing pure divine alignment. Once you choose true alignment Twin Flames will come together harmoniously.

The natural grid-lines on the Earth are for the Sacred Feminine to relearn and activate these grid energies for humanity to better connect and ground the Etheric energies into the Earth. Once a feminine has reached the energy of service and divinity, her true path will unfold, and easily. The main reasons feminine energies have a very difficult time balancing on the planet is because sovereignty and sacredness has been taken out of this.

The word “Goddess” in our new age communities is overused, and today you can find a slew of bathing suit bikini loving spiritualists selling Sacred Feminine energy. The feminine body has nothing to do with Sacred Feminine energy. The body is the physical manifestation of what energies where passed through that body to bring it to where it is today. That means loose skin, scars, and bodily traumas. Remember everything manifests from the inside out, and granted not all inner work can be seen in a photograph, but be mindful as to what you are purchasing? A bikini model or someone who has truly done the work?

True Sacred Divine Feminine energies know how to work explicitly and very well in energy, plus they have healed deep wounds. Keep in mind not everyone in this incarnation is meant to hit this type of energy frequency unless it’s in your blueprint. You know if you have been called into Divine Feminine energy. You will be drawn to face your darkness and doing that deep work and nothing can hold you back! You know it’s time to face it! You are willing to look at your demons completely alone (meaning just you and spirit) and forming a deep relationship in getting to know yourself as a soul and your mission work. You aren’t here to get married, make money and die. That’s not your main priority.

When you are on the a true Sacred Feminine path, this means you have been called to do the brunt work and you are no longer afraid to face and befriend the darkness including some if not all:

  • Incest/sexual abuse
  • Emotional/Physical abuse
  • Addictions/Codependency/Lust/Sex
  • Dark Magic/Curses/Psychic Attacks
  • Exorcisms/Demons/Possessions/
  • Religious rituals (satanic etc. )
  • Self Loathing/Suicide/Self Abuse (including cutting, picking)
  • Mental Disorders

I have completed and healed every single thing on this list. That doesn’t mean that this is your path, but I’m sure there is something on this list that needs your attention and love. The dark wants to be your friend and deep down your soul wants this as well. What is being presented in the new age community is to transmute the dark. Its a big misconception. We are here to become the dark as much as the light. We are here to allow our dark and light to reflect harmoniously off one another, not to eradicate them.

This is where I come in. Most people on this planet have no idea how to deal with these energies and that is because there are not many Sacred Divine Feminine’s that have completed this work.

It’s not good or bad, its just where we are at. Some women, like myself, have done this work and are gearing up to usher in this new vibration so that other women can finally do this work. I wanted to share the depth of darkness that truly needs to be seen and loved in order for the Feminine energy to rise.

We are in the “big “leagues” now. This spiritual work isn’t about clearing the path so that our lives are easy and comfortable. That’s the belief pattern of the part time spiritualist. Those who work with me and who are dead serious about this path, this is deep, hard ass, warrior work. If you are called to this depth then you are being called to be a trailblazer for the collective, especially for the Divine Feminine energy that is wanting to birth at this time.

As a collective we have hit a new energy era, and soon you will see most foundations falling apart as this new wave presents itself. Those who were once at the top will fall, and those who have been kept down will rise, and the only deciding factor is your humbleness to the Divine and how deeply you are following your calling.

You know who you are.

This is why this workshop is the first of many to come. I have been told that it’s time for the rise of true Sacred Divine Femininity to happen, and the deep work I have done will help to usher in this vibration. Once i do this I have been shown that there will be a time when the Divine Feminine energy will balance and sustain a certain frequency that the next in line will be the masculines. They will bound deeper together and rise up to support one another, and in turn they will then take their appropriate place next to their divine counterpart.

Until then many harmonious unions won’t happen, and I hate to be the bearer of “bad” news but the energy frequency the collective is currently operating from is not the frequency that can maintain a sacred harmonious union for the new Earth. This new energy vibration must be sustainable to hold many unions. The Twin Flames in union right now doing mission work will also need to expand their vibrations to the new frequency as they were here to simply open the doorway for this possibility of sacredness to take place on the planet. If you notice nothing much has changed in the Twin Flame community where the energy vibration still feels very separate and codependent.

That’s about to change. Many systems are changing so be ready! If you go back to some of my posts I called this new vibration out around November/December. These new changes are all about the Feminine’s rising up, the trailblazers who have been doing this brunt work for quite some time (for me it’s been most of my life since I was 16) are the ones who will be placed first to usher in the new frequency.

Blessings and love to you all as we head into these massive shifts!

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