Welcome to the NEW VIBRATIONS!

After massive integration from my first Aztec Moon Dance (an ancient powerful 4-day ritual) I am ready to share new teachings, and present my new monthly workshops to you that will be based on how to better access and utilize your natural internal empathic and psychic energy meridian systems. 

The rise of the Divine Feminine energy has been quite the talk for many years in the spiritual community but I believe with everything that is presently happening to humanity because of COVID-19, the Earth is definitely on a mission to heal herself. 

Before going deeper into this post, I want to set the intention and vibration frequency to reflect that this virus is not “bad” It’s an energy frequency that is all. There is a purpose for it. Our divine mother Earth is pure divine feminine energy manifested in physical form. The collective energies are where we are all connected via the web of life much like a giant spider’s web. If you disrupt a string it effects the entire web. Mother Earth has given us the signal that humanity is ready for a deep physical matrix cleanse. 

If we can take ourselves out of the 3D human perspective of the logical mind and place it on the back burner, this gives you space to tap into your childlike divine energy channels we have labelled as imagination, make belief, daydreams and mysticism These are adult definitions when in fact they are the gateways into your psychic clairvoyant abilities. Our abilities to perform real miracles, and magic on the planet is not a made-up fantasy. It’s completely possible but the trick is that this type of energy only becomes available when we are committed to a humbled healing journey, a willingness to love our darkness, and a courageous heart to honour your natural intuition (gut instincts) and highly sensitive nature. This means we are consciously working on healing and building a lifestyle that incorporates our multifaceted internal world of different states of consciousness.

When we continue to practice this new way of being, this intention will expand your internal meridian energy system. This means deeper awareness and a divine feminine activation.  This divine feminine is the energy that is deeply connected to Mother Earth, humanity, all sentient beings including our plants. This energy is never controlling, it is completely open and allowing. Everyday our Earth holds back as we rape her. Can we truly be this surprised of what is happening to us? What else is to come?

Nature sets the example as we observe the natural flow of life force on the planet. Everything is perfectly and intricately connected why do humans have this idea that we are above this power, or that we are at the top of the food chain? We only believe we are at the top of the food chain because we have created the situation ourselves to say that we are! That’s insanity making! We have complete control over every life being, including our 150 year old system that keep us working for the top 1%. 

My loves, my fellow brothers and sisters. We are being humbled and called by Mother Earth to hear her cry. Those who have been contemplating doing their deep healing work, now is the time. If you have been resistant to making a choice, maybe now is the time to reconsider and move deeper onto your path. Now is the time to reconnect, heal and reinforce your connections to your divine feminine energy.

The first step is to get real with yourself. Give yourself permission to stop judging yourself. So, what if you mess up? There is no right or wrong way of doing this path, lets take the emotional dramatic story out of everyday life. That doesn’t mean we don’t care, or that we stop feeling all together, instead it means that we consciously choose where we put our emotional investment. Once we realize how much time and effort internal emotional work takes, we become very particular with the vibration we wish to experience on a daily basis. 

Every time we buy into a trigger we buy into an emotional dramatic story. Then it becomes a distraction to our true path. We don’t need to know the why’s or the details. This is what we learned by following society as an example.  Instead we are here to unlearn societal structures, and re-learn how to FEEL our way through our internal worlds. Our emotions are our compass, but there is no use doing this internal work if you don’t know how to use a compass. I teach my clients how to use their internal compass by utilizing all of their intuition which is predominately Sacred Feminine energy.

By tapping into our internal feminine energy, we heal by learning how to feel without attachment and express the emotion freely without judgement. This will activate your sacred feminine energies. 

We are a wounded society who has no idea how to handle our emotional world. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s evolution and expansion. Practicing detachment doesn’t mean we become narcissistic unfeeling humans, if anything, when we detach, we can observe. When we mindfully observe we witness without judgment. This observation is feminine energy, and the masculine is the inspired action that bursts forth once observation, surrendering, and releasing has been completed by the feminine energy. Masculine energy waits, until the momentum of up-leveling energetically is completed by the feminine. Once the feminine has reached a new energy frequency is when the masculine energy burst forth as the masculine draws the power birthed by feminine to maneuver and action it into physical manifestation.

There are extremes on both ends of the spectrum of yin/yang and we can not stray too far into the light, nor too far into the dark. If we do, we will lose site of the dance between our internal masculine and feminine energies. 

The first step to re-balancing these energies begins with sacred femininity as feminine energy creates, grows, nurtures, labours and births. 

Lifeforce/Nature physically manifests of what we already know deep within. It’s this connection to Divine Feminine energy that opens, receives, invites and births energies. It’s why the rise of the feminine is so important right now. When she heals, she will open her energy to receive many energy frequencies who seek to heal from her well, so this energy must be protected, cherished and honoured. It gives potent life to everyone.  

This connection will take you deep into merging and mastering your emotional energy bodies from the inside out while learning how to work from an altruistic intentional space which activates Kundalini energies to rise up through the depths of your core, located deep in the pelvic region/gut. Keep in mind that Kundalini is not sexual as our new age community has tainted Kundalini and tantra for sexual energy. Kundalini and tantra are aspects of Divine Masculine spiritual guided force and release. 

We are at a precipice time in our healing journey as a collective to rise up the feminine energy and that doesn’t mean only “women” or what we perceive as feminine. There are many feminine energies in a masculine body’s and vice verse etc. This isn’t about only women coming together, this is about all of us getting honest with our internal feminine energies and to begin working with the gifts of healing. That means working closely with your intuition, opening up to your emotional sensitives, allowing yourself to be open to feeling all types of energies and facing your darkness with love and surrender, yet a strong stance to claim your light to be in balance with the dark.

Committing to this work and working in divine feminine energies will bring forth everything to heal including beyond this lifetime. When we reincarnate, we incorporate soul agreements, and blueprint lessons of karma we wanted to heal in this current existence. When healing karma from other lifetimes, if you are awakened to your Twin Flame journey, the karma that is to be healed is ten fold. This is because karma and past lives go hand in hand and with Twin Flames because of the dynamic etheric burst of energy when they come together, healing karma takes deeper work. 

Think of karma as law of attraction and vibration. When we put intention out into the Universe it returns. That energy can be labelled by the mind as good or bad. The energy must always return, even beyond this lifetime.  Our struggle is when we keep our perspectives on a strict timeline, or per lifetime. Ancient Egyptians wrote in the Book of the Dead that we are continuous souls journeying between lifetimes, and all of us have created karma. In order for the soul to gain freedom and its fullest potential for this lifetime is to heal their karma (including from all other lifetimes). Twin Flames can not coexist in a harmonious union until they have healed the karma they created with other people (Twin Flames do not have karma between them. Its other karma created with other souls is what keeps Twin Flames apart) 

As we are all sitting in quarantine, pulled away from our daily lives we are in a space of having to look deeper within. For many this has pushed you deeper into your soul where you are seriously questioning life, and why you are here. Others are ready to stand up in your calling and serve the planet and all life.

Wherever you are at, I am suggesting if this blog resonated for you then take a look at the monthly workshops, I will be running through my Soul Tribe Family Membership. All my teachings are channeled weekly and every month as Spirit guides me, there will be a series of brand-new ways of how to work with your internal energy systems no matter what level of frequency you are currently operating from.

I have been given messages that these teachings will have high vibration coding that will filter in and bring you the activation that you are seeking.

Spirit has guided me deeply in Divine Feminine Healing and if you have been following me for awhile many of you know about my deep internal healing I have done around sexuality and love. There was a reason for this and this is why I have been given the clear direction to release these teachings to all of you.

What I experienced at my first moon dance was beyond anything I have ever felt. The purity of Sacred Femininity had nothing lustful or sexual attached to it. My experience was much more profound and intense than my Ayahuasca experiences. The potency of feminine energy was so surreal that the visions, seeing the medicine, and having such profound spiritual insights manifested in front of my eyes, I realized what humanity has lost.

Believe me there is magic in this world. Our minds are so good at doubting and excusing away such potent divine miracles. It’s truly a possibility and because I have been so ever blessed to experience this type of mysticism my entire life (being visited and guided by Jesus, Mother Mary, Ganesha, Joan of Arc, Shiva etc.) especially with my Twin Flame, and now with the Moon Dance, I am eager to teach, lead, guide and share more of what I have been shown so that you too may heal your yin/yang energies.

Remember the mind can not rationalize divinity. It never will. The only way your mind will or can eventually accept divine magic and alchemy is the effort to continuously break the ego, and the ability to surrender all of your desires and earthly attachment into the hands and faith of the power of the Universe.

The first workshop I have been guided to put together starts April 6 2020, however you can sign up and do this at anytime. With my monthly membership you will gain monthly 4 week workshops where you can work away at your own pace.

It all starts next week. My monthly membership, cancel at anytime will provide weekly channeled teachings, meditation activation’s, tips and a monthly group call to answer any questions, plus you can still book a reading for 1:1 time which is only exclusive for members! 

Everything became aligned of how to bring these teachings to all of you after integrating the Moon Dance. This way I can continue to serve spirit and give to all of you at the same time. I wish we didn’t have to live in a world where we had to pay for our conscious expansion, lets pray that one day we can work together in peace with all sentient beings so that we are all free, we all have food, homes, health, knowledge, etc.

What is included for $50/month? 

Upon joining the April Divine Feminine Warrior Activation is readily available. You can begin before the April 6th start time. Material will be posted at the start of each week. 

  • April 6 Week 1: This week you are guided to do the meditation. This meditation is a catalyzing visualization that will bring down your codes into your physical body where you will ground this into the Earth. Use this meditation throughout the month, as much as you require to move around the ether and to get more direction if needed. A past life will be presented to you to work with over the 4 weeks.
  • April 13 Week 2: This week you will learn how energy works with your internal natural abilities. We will work on how to handle karma as you merge the past life that was given to you and how to work with that energetically in your physical reality. Specific channeled coaching tips will be made available
  • April 20 Week 3: New teachings will be channeled on how to better work with and how to properly transmute Karma through acceptance, integration, honour and a humbled ego. Gain power in your vulnerability.
  • April 27 Week 4: Group call and future integration practices in order to create new internal energy pathways that will continue to integrate over time. This will allow the past life warrior spirit to further integrate and create a clear channel in order to merge your spirit from other realms into the present moment.

You can join now as the Activation Meditation is ready to go! New material will be posted on April 6th and the beginning of each week. Every month will have the same layout but with different teachings. 

Register now: https://renawells.com/membership/

$50/month cancel at anytime

Email me if you have any questions: info@renawells.com

Whenever you do decide to join all the teachings from April to present will always be available with your account subscription. This workshop isn’t going anywhere. 

Blessings and love as you learn to navigate these new energies that are coming into our existance. Life won’t ever be the same and this is only the beginning.