Everything is intention, and if my intention is great then my healing will be great. Granted, healing and intention go hand in hand but what most people are forgetting when they are wanting to manifest abundance, or to heal certain aspects in their life, setting an intention seems to be the end all answer. We tell ourselves, if my intention is good and I’m doing this from love then what’s the problem?

The problem is how healed are you?  Your etheric shield is only as good as your inner wounding and healing. There so many new age tactics running around that are in fact keeping people stuck in their growth, believing that if I think it then it will happen, or if I set the right intention things will come to me. It will but only to the frequency to where you are healed.

I live by:

“If you want to change the world go home and love your family” -Mother Teresa

If you still have family issues then the brunt of your deep healing is still needed. So many clients come to me after working with so many different types of new age concepts, more lost and deeper suffering than before. It’s because when we believe that all we have to do is set intention and go along our merry way, this is a way to spiritually bypass the true lessons you are here to learn.

When you open your energy up believing that your intention is enough to connect to the light, it simply doesn’t work that way. That’s being naive. Energy attracts that same vibration and until you are holding that healing high vibrational energy in yourself completely is the only way your channel will be completely cleared and healed.

I can tell immediately what demons and darker energies have a hold on you, they get very uncomfortable while around me which is why I tell my clients, please come with a humbled ego when working with me.

I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Nothing in this life comes easy including our healing and obtaining a clear direct pure connection to Source. We have to work for it and that means getting real with our healing and admitting that if we aren’t completely healed then my etheric energy system also has holes in it where it’s inviting darker frequencies in. How can I go in and heal this? How can I seal up the holes in my energy field so that I am attracting what I know my divine birthright is? These are the questions we should be pondering.

The spiritual path is not easy. It’s the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, but what I find most people doing is gathering up “nice” feeling rituals and going out with friends and deeming it a healing. It’s not. Healing is burnt work, and very heavy lifting. It’s purging, crying, and being completely disoriented and confused. This is because the ego has a very strong hold on us, it is not going to easily die by placing your hand on your heart and decreeing peace. In fact, that’s what most unhealed people want you to believe. If a healer does not activate some deep ugly stuff for you to look at, I would question the healer. A true healer will bring the darkness to the surface so you can find your internal medicine. You have light buried under that darkness!

Everyone on this planet wants to be seen and acknowledged for their gifts but we are completely going about it the wrong way. It’s this setting of energetic intention that gets everyone stuck on their number of followers, or how they look on social media (don’t you love the bikini posts lined up with a meme declaring some spiritual mumbo jumbo) honestly your meme is getting the attention because of your skin not because of your words. If you are falling into this, please take a humbled step back and consider where that intention is coming form. Sure, it might be from surface space of love of wanting to get your message out, but then why the conformity to physical world acceptance? Ponder that for a moment. Get deeper.

This desire to be seen creates attachments to labels determining your “personality” or trying to label your soul.  Oh, look I’m a starseed, I’m a shaman, or I’m this type of empath etc. In all honesty, these labels are still keeping you stuck by feeding a deep desire to be seen and acknowledged. If it feels good then it must be good mentality is where most people continue along their merry way not ever getting deeper into the depths of their inner worlds. Instead, they are subconsciously buying into the labels and attaching to an identity, an identity so deeply ingrained with the pain of not being acknowledged becomes the perfect formula for spiritual bypassing and not doing the burnt heavy healing work.

This is why I love Ayahuasca, it will rip you down and humble you in your egoic ways, including your spiritual practice. For me Mama Ayahuasca keeps me deeply humbled and now when I drink, it’s never around healing (just a tune up from living in the system as I have completed my healing) it’s around getting messages and guidance directly from Source of how to move the mission forward.

To be seen is such a deep desire to the soul because on an energetic level we all know that we each have a unique gift to share with the world. We are separated from the collective that immediately after birth, we lose a sense of self on this planet because we have entered the world of separation, and all we want is for others to see us. It’s this wounding that gets activated where darker forces lay in their hooks, and wonderful hooks of seemingly bright love and light, but it isn’t. It never is. True healing will take you into the midst of your suffering where you haven’t met yourself for eons, where all your demons play and hide under a guise of light labeled as a healer, a starseed, an empath etc. You must want to see yourself in an entirely different light, a desire to get to yourself as a SOUL and not as a HUMAN or the labels of the new age movement. You won’t be able to know yourself fully until you rip off the ego spiritual bypassing band-aid solutions and look hard at your pain buried deep inside of you. It doesn’t matter if your childhood was stellar, or if you never had trauma. Every single person born into this world that is inundated by darker forces. We fall in consciousness to come here, and once we are born, we continue to descend. Everybody has been infiltrated, and everyone will have to get deep and honest to face their soul contracts no matter if those are dark or light.

To be seen for your amazing beautiful gifts, you first must see yourself in all it’s horrible glory of pain and darkness as much as the loving soul that you are.

Your true power is hidden so deeply inside, Great Spirit intentionally put the medicine inside of you in the hidden caverns of your inner world and it will take a consistent act of breaking and repairing yourself, for the rest of your life. Our system is too toxic for anyone to fully maintain a Zen like state every day; we each have a human form. Even those we consider “enlightened” like the Dalai Lama etc., yes aligned completely but Zen every day without the dark presenting itself? No, not true. We each have a dense human form where darkness will try on a consistent basis asking to enter your vessel.

The dark stops bothering you when you respect its power and make peace with it. When we respect it as much as the light and then choose the power we wish to evoke is when you reach complete healing and freedom. Our ideas of what enlightenment looks like has been painted by the same brush of expectation, bright lights and stardom. What it is, is a state of being at peace in all energy, where you can stand fully in your peace and love beside the devil and all the demonic energies and not bat an eyelash. That’s true healing.

Casting darkness out is a joke. The dark doesn’t leave because you say so or reclaim your vessel, there is so much more to it. We have an ancestry line where dark energies from the DNA coding was activated eons ago, in order to activate the medicine in your ancestry line is going to take deep healing, not a ritual around a fire singing a mantra.

Healing is a humbling act, it’s not about power struggle of who’s right and who is more aware, and what’s better the light or the dark?  Too many times I see very gifted people stuck in the energies they believe are “real and good” and who continue to choose to live in the spiritual bypassing of their own healing.  To believe if they think it, then it’s so. The other piece to the equation is to FEEL IT DEEPLY and KNOW IT.

What most don’t realize is what you are channeling and connecting to can most definitely be wearing a mask of darkness using your own sovereign light to enable spiritual bypassing. This tactic is only to siphon and suck energy from a completely unaware host. Trust me, it takes a great amount of deep, inner work to be able to see how these darker forces will use your goodness, your light, your intention and your pure heart to trick you, to manipulate your mission, all the while making you feel really good, and aligned; However I ask you this, in those “ah-ha” moments how long do they last? Do you not realize they too are fleeting and you then are repeating a cycle of healing, thinking it’s another layer but it’s the same thing? How many days of peace can you hold? When the dark appears do you run and try to fix it with some tapping technique or a meditation, or do you speak to the voice of darkness. Do you ask it to show you the teaching? Darkness resurfaces to either tempt you to open up to it again, or it has a hold on you energetically. That’s because you never really healed it. Maybe you took off a small layer, but patterns only come back because patterns need to be ripped out by the roots. It’s why you are in a loop or why your growth has become stagnant, and why new vibrations are not entering your life.

What most people believe healing to be is if they can get a good understanding psychologically of the issue, feel the surface emotions that arise, clear them, then that’s the brunt of their healing. If they recognize the pattern then by changing their mind and clearing that emotion they have healed. This is a very surface level of healing, and it won’t be until you recognize how the same pattern surfaces in different ways, the root of the pattern will always be the same. This is the basis of spiritual bypassing.

In fact, the psychological patterns are the least of your worries. Crying and feeling those emotions are simply the tip of the iceberg. True healing is getting the energy out of your energy body so deeply that it leaves your cellular memory, another reason why I work with Ayahuasca. It’s the only medicine that has helped me get to the depths of my own demons, to meet them and end my contracts with them. In our world we are so focused on the mind power which I have come to realize holds the least amount of power as it’s only a reference library of past events. When you work in the mind you are simply creating new psychological patterns to bypass the pain you are wanting to heal (hypnosis does this). Your heart is only meant to feel and act as a compass and so living from that space keeps you more stuck and confused than the mind.  What I teach is your gut intuition because this is where the portal to the energy world is. Most people think it’s the third eye but that’s false too. The third eye is only to see what the gut is rising up through your energy body known as kundalini.

Once you learn how to get into your gut, and allow that energy to rise up and work the chakra system is when the beginning stages of healing starts to happen. It means getting real with yourself. That’s why most of us avoid the gut, or the pit of our stomachs, it usually doesn’t feel good in there.

Until then, the mind will seek proof in the physical world to feel better, it will seek outside of oneself in methodologies that prove to work. Spirituality can’t be measured, the mysticism is something where great power arises from and if we start to believe that we can even logically understand this energy, then we aren’t seeking deeper. The energies of the Universe are so vast and complex, it will take faith and a courageous heart to get to the depths of healing I am talking about and no new age practice will be able to explain it. Instead they will fight it and call it hogwash. That’s because true healing from a Divine Source will never be able to be explained and why it has been coined a “miracle”.