Love is overused. We say it, express it, and in truth none of us truly knows the all encompassing Divinity of love. We only get glimpses of it until we truly seek deep within ourselves what the true meaning of self love is. We do this by putting a conscious end to no longer make internal and external judgements. The only way we can truly come to know God’s love is to seek within and to love the creation that is you, by forgiving the way in which we internally judge.

We all came as warriors to the Earth plane to remember how powerful Divine Love really is because the density of darkness has been infiltrating and controlling this plane of existence. The darkness will use our goodness against us, and on some level we all know this to be true.

What I have discovered on the Twin Flame journey is that no matter how divine the love is the Wetiko (dark sinister energies) will constantly seek a hole in your etheric shield to create an energetic implant/pattern that will distort this high vibrational love. None of us are immune to this, it’s because we each chose to come to be LOVE. All of us fell in consciousness because of our pure hearts as children. Open and vulnerable to all energies. It’s this darkness that will eventually break by doing our internal healing first and it will guide us back to these pure hearts. 

The darkness will use physical chemical responses that FEEL SOOOOO GOOD to get you buy into lustful and lower vibrations of masked love. Humans are susceptible to the physical stimuli. If we cut ourselves it hurts. When we make love it feels good, but these things are all based on physical responses to chemicals in the brain. It has nothing to do with our soul. 

Along the way many of use have fallen deep in the darkness. All of us have split from our original selves and are seeking a way back to this remembrance of pure love.

It’s safe to say that nobody on this planet truly understands what Divine Love is as we only get glimpses of it through our children, our pets, and those closest to us, but to maintain this Divinity and to live it is a rarity. Feeling Divine Love on a consistent basis is not easy as we continuously get pulled out of our inner knowing and into the physical stimulus of our material world. This is why the self love movement started, to know our souls in a deep intricate way that will redirect us to home to Divine Love.

This Divine Love is the merging of your inner masculine and feminine energies. For Twin Flames this split happened eons ago by the darker forces. The karma from this split and the desire to merge deeply into inner sacred union is the merging of our inner masculine and feminine energies. This can manifest as a twin flame or it can be your own splitting from within yourself. 

The fall of consciousness is something we have all contributed to as a collective, and the illusion we buy into time and time again is that our physical reality is the truth of our existence. In fact we are always looking for physical proof, a synchronicity, or a tangible validation that Divine Love exists. For some reason we are wanting proof of Divinity, when the only knowing is faith.

Unknowingly to ourselves we get into relationships, and marriages believing in the love we experience is Divine, and not to say that what you feel isn’t real, but how about contemplating that it’s just a sliver, a small piece of what Divine Love is? 

I say it’s just sliver because most of us can not hold such a high vibration of unconditional love. This is what we are all striving for. When we get a glimpse of that divinity we seek more of it, but instead of going within, we seek it outside of ourselves and logically match our desires to a person. Humans are in the habit of seeking love in another person to give to us in a certain way. To treat us a certain way. To be a certain way. This is when you make a list of what you want and match up the physical manifestation.

This is the trap.

Upon meeting a new soul, the energies have been mingling and interacting long before the physical meetup. With a Twin Flame connection, the energies are buried deep inside each person, the dialogue you have with yourself on the inside (speaking to Divine Love within you) will immediately connect you and attract your Twin Flame. For Soulmates, it works a bit differently. Instead you desire love and through that desire a Soulmate is manifested. Twin Flames only meet up when Spirit directs it. With Twin Flames you individually can not manifest it because it’s based on a high vibration sacred contract with Source Energy itself. 

As a mass consciousness, we didn’t come here to build happy homes, work 9-5, pay taxes and die. We all have an innate calling to experience love, to be love and to have love surround us. Yet from our own internal wounds, we manifest and recreate patterns of love that eventually leaves us feeling empty, confused and lonely.

This is when most awakened souls enter into loving themselves, knowing that when you love the creation of your spirit, to know your soul on a deeper level, that when you love self, you are loving God’s creation.

Nature and the Universe loves to rejoice in the splendid creation of life, this is creator force energy. Everything that is a creation is brilliant. When we begin to tap into that space of honouring creation in all forms we being to ignite something deeper within us.

Our energies of masculine and feminine were split and separate eons ago. This split gave us a chance to re-experience the remembrance of our divinity and our wholeness.

Awakened souls inherently know that they can not experience true Divine Love until the complete opposite has been experienced. You may not know why you have had such failures in love, but your higher self is doing it’s best to give you the most potent experiences of darkness to catalyse you into the complete opposite vibration.

Divine Love holds a carrot from one experience to another until we are willing to find it within ourselves. When this happens we begin an internal dialogue with The Universe who then also connects us to our Twin Flame. The inside communication you have with God is the same conversation you have with a Twin Flame, there is no difference. With a soulmate the intention of vibration is put out and that is attracted back. Depending on the next step in your journey, your act of self love and believing in yourself will push you deeper into knowing your Divinity, and your true power. This is when you will be called to balance your internal masculine and feminine energies on an entirely different basis. 

Whatever your experience has been in love, it’s never a journey to seek outside of yourself, and granted depending on your soul’s blueprint for this lifetime, you might or might not be ready for a Twin Flame. Your healing journey is the priority so trust how you are being guided by the Universe, it’s as unique as you are! We must end comparisons of who is more advanced, or who is in competition with us etc. The fact is we are all here to BE LOVE and that begins with balancing our internal masculine and feminine energies. 

The mysticism of true Divine Love won’t ever be able to prove in our physical reality. There is a realm of energy that will flow and manifest through our vessels, and it’s something that can’t be measured or proven. Faith and trusting the energies you are being guided to follow through meditation, prayer and your daily spiritual ways of connecting to Great Spirit will give you the answers you desire. When you come into this vibration and you begin to let go of what you THINK you know the unfolding of Divine Love will manifest in your life. 

It won’t be what your mind thinks love is. It won’t look a certain way or act a certain way based on mindful expectations. Divine Love is to be experienced, and it will rip away all labels of the mind. It will surprise you and change you. It will bring up truths you didn’t want to face and a knowing of a direction you have been avoiding. Divine Love will not only give to you it will take from you. It will take away all the lower masks of lust, passion, physical attraction, and sex. It will change how you connect with people and with yourself. 

Divine Love doesn’t have to be worked on, it’s a place of openness and allowing. When you get to this point it’s easy, it flows and manifestations become the norm. Your telepathy picks up and your connection to transmit Divine Love through you becomes easier the more your surrender your belief systems of what love is. When you start to BECOME LOVE and BE LOVE is when you are fully letting go of all control in your life to allow a great power to work through you. 

To get to this point is when you are fully surrendered and your first reaction to anything is to surrender it to Spirit. 

This is where the healing journey comes in. We aren’t just healing traumas, and pains, we are getting deep into our darkness so that it can contrast and show us TRUE LOVE. We can’t know love any other way. 

The darkness has taken Divine Love and has masked it by implanting belief systems around perversion, lust and physical attraction. It mixes the act of sex and physical hormonal/chemical reactions with love. These energies implant thoughts that physical beauty, mental connections, mind blowing sex, familiar personalities and commonalities is what creates love. It’s not true at all. Divine Love is all about soul frequency based on the energy your soul was originally created in. The merging with another similar frequency (an exact frequency would be a Twin Flame) no matter how it looks on the outside, is when these two then create a dynamic third energy; God’s energy or what some call the Holy Spirit.

Divine Love first will rip away your labels. What does this mean? It could mean that a lesbian falls for a straight man. It means a woman discovers her path to love is through service work (like Mother Teresa) . It means that your attraction to a tall Caucasian blonde woman was a contrast to show you that your Divine Partner is a short chubby dark African Woman. Do you see we already have a list of what we want in love and we leave Divinity out of it. What your soul desires will never match your ego desires. 

Divine Love holds no mercy to rip your labels of love out of your mind. 

We don’t know what we want. Let’s get real. We know what we want to EXPERIENCE but however that physically manifests will ALWAYS BE IN CONTRAST TO THE MIND.

It’s really up to you to take the mask off. Do you want what your mind desires? Or are you willing to allow the Universe to manifest your Divine True Love and are you willing to accept the package and how it’s presented to you?

The Universe knows you better than your human self knows you. It wants you to experience Divine Love but that means it won’t ever be what you think it will be. 

I challenge you to give your love life to Spirit. Ask Spirit to take it and do what it wants and you will follow wholeheartedly where it leads you, even if they are places you never thought you would go. What perversions of love have you bought into? Have you looked deeply into how you love and does your inner love match your Creator’s love? This is the contrast that needs healing and the will to go deep into those places. 

Are you willing to dig deeper into yourself to become whole? Are you willing to take the mask off and seek within the Divine Love you have always been and to follow that call?

When you are truly ready to surrender, and say yes, be ready. It’s a journey only a very few follow. Follow the love inside. You know what that feels like. When something physically manifests match it to the Divine Love you feel inside. If there is a slight difference you will know, but the choice is yours. It always is.