I get many clients asking me to tell them their soul blueprint, in other words their soul’s journey and what they are meant to do here.

Getting glimpses and a knowing of the big picture vibration if that person is good with animals, an intuitive, meant to build new structures etc, does filter through the energy but Spirit hardly ever gives me details until that person has done a significant amount of self discovery.

What I have realized is that your soul’s mission won’t ever come hard, it will be as easy as breathing. We have all been conditioned to believe that we are to work hard for what we have and many of us have grown up sacrificing a lot to get to a certain point of accomplishment in the matrix. I know as a single mother for most of my life, I would be breastfeeding and studying at the same time for an exam to pass at work while going on very little sleep.

These experiences give us the contrast and experience of what is still to come. Yes the Universe does like it when we focus and take action towards our dream, we all know to be weary of  waiting around for a silver platter to show up, however we take the working hard to the next level and forget about the ease.

Moving out of the mental mind of working really hard to get a result is something I struggled with profoundly building my spiritual business, first because I come from working with the 3rd largest Canadian Federal Government Department where structure and politics was as natural as sipping water, when I took that early retirement and said goodbye yes I was filled with anxiety.

Just moving out of the mind concept of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm mentality took a good year to sort out!

We don’t realize how conditioned we are to operate in such small parameters. Another concept I had a hard struggle with was money, and how it flowed. No longer could I relay on a steady income every 2 weeks. I’m blessed I had the funds to support me until I could get a regular income, but again it took my mind breaking.

Moving out of the matrix and into your soul’s calling will take your mind breaking. In all honesty I truly believe my mind had broken several times around all sorts of belief systems we have as a collective, including where my soul originated from.

Ayahuasca has left me with very little matrix reality in tact, so much so that I have integrated such large cosmic information I could step back and observe the inside of my mind as it psychotically broke.

Yes, I know that sounds scary, but keep in mind the medicine will only give you what you can handle, and I have been thrown into the spiritual world since I was a child, seeing all sorts of demons and angels for this entire incarnation. I grew up out of this matrix reality, and the medicine used that to show me more.

It’s because now that I am coming up to running my first Ayahuasca retreat (please message me if you are interested!) Spirit has been showing me that all of my skills, every single piece of knowledge I have is being used for mission work and helping people really work with the Medicine. Working in the Government and knowing how to run projects/business, the piano lessons my parents put me in as a kid, the flute I played in high school, being able to speak French now I must learn Spanish….the list goes on. I just laugh at the brilliant plan that was put into place!

You won’t have to try hard when your true mission unfolds as the Universe will utilize ALL OF YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE! Nothing will be left out. Not even the suffering and pain you experienced because that’s your medicine to help others!

I knew many years ago (15 years ago) I didn’t want to do readings for a living. I knew I was bang on all the time but it never spoke very deeply, I always knew there was more but I couldn’t place it, and although I fought getting on YouTube the Universe pushed me.

The Universe will push you into things you can’t quite explain and into doing things you don’t want to do. Loyalty to your gut intuition is a deep rites of passage into figuring out your true soul’s mission.

Things will change and in all honesty I know my family watched me going back and forth, figuring out what I was doing, from being on a radio show, to doing readings, to meditation circles, and now Ayahuasca. But it’s a filtering process, we are such cosmic beings filled with so much power our brains could not handle the mission in a one shot deal. It takes incarnations!

My Medicine Woman calling is a big karmic cycle that is only completing now from a life I was shown that happened eons ago, during a time where we lived in peace and harmony in the Amazon. I was shown my Twin Flame and I rising into a mission to serve the medicine and karma was created as the fall of consciousness happened. This life never completed.

For me I am getting the chance to finish this life for myself as my Twin chooses to be on another path. My soul keeps telling me not to create more karma, move away from drama and stay aligned. By doing this I am completing the karmic cycle that took place eon’s ago and clearing it now by moving into my true soul’s path that has been wanting to flourish for thousands of years.

This is why we can’t rush our soul’s journey’s, we must take what is being presented to us bit by bit. We must continue to seek for it’s the seeker who continues to question their path and their knowing to expand their consciousness are the ones who discovers their soul’s intricately.

Getting to know yourself as a soul as opposed to a human personality is very deep work. It will take a consistent drive to dig deep into the depths of the unknown within you, and then allow your physical world to shift and sort itself out no matter how crazy it looks to the outside world. Your soul is guiding you on an amazing journey of self discovery, and yes things will change and never be the same, you are learning to ride the natural ebb and flow of nature.

When we look to nature we feel it’s peaceful, and yes it is because the underlying current of energy frequency of lifeforce is peace; however, above that peace we see nature in chaotic states as well. Volcanoes erupting, earthquakes etc. The underlying peace drives all creation, it’s the feminine energy. The masculine energy sits in the peace gathering lifeforce momentum and when the time is right it will create masterpieces on the Earth. The feminine will always fuel the masculine, as in your personal’s soul journey as well.

Within yourself is your masculine and feminine energies, use them both to propel yourself forward. Find the peace and make that peace a priority. The longer you can tap into the peace the more you can feed your masculine energy within you to create. Feminine energy feeds the masculine. You will then get inspired and the Universe will show you synchronicities on which way to move. You won’t feel doubt or question things, if you do sit back and see where that energy is coming from.

I will be attending my first Moon Dance in March, a rites of passage for me to becoming a Medicine Woman and getting my Chanupa (sacred peace pipe). Before this pipe can fully belong to me I must attend this Moon Dance for the next 4 years.

I knew when my true mission would come to me I wouldn’t have to seek signing up for a medicine woman class or ask someone to be my mentor etc. I knew the Universe would present and bring that to me. I prayed and said to Spirit, being a Shaman is a big deal, I don’t know if  this is my path, but please if it is I will sit back and follow what I am being shown and I will say yes if you bring this to me.

I followed. I went and did Ayahausca when I was called, sometimes wondering how I would have the money to go and the money always came. Going and doing Ayahuasca as much as I do was never my conscious decision, trust me, this past December I wanted a break, but when the medicine calls she calls hard.

I figured I would get a break between December and running my first retreat, apparently not. There is a ceremony the day after I land in Mexico.

Now I am being pushed! This is how your path is to unfold. If your journey feels stagnant, or it’s not moving, it’s for a reason. Be in it. If you aren’t getting clear cut answers, sit in it. You might not be ready for the full mission yet and that’s ok.

Keep seeking and learning as you go. Look back as to where you came from and see the progress. When we look back we can see the trail and find the synchronicity that helped us along the way. Trust those pieces of synchronicities for that was Spirit coming in and guiding you. Build the trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

Realize that if it’s hard right now on your path that it’s time to find the ease. Nothing in our life is meant to be hard. If it’s not flowing let it go. If it isn’t working move away. We have been taught to fight and work hard. That’s a human control concept. What I have discovered the more authentic I was with what I wanted in my life and held my stance in that truth was when Spirit brought me ease. I had to get out of my people pleasing mentality and into self love. I had to fight for my TRUTH and not someone else’s idea of what and who I was to them or to a situation. I had break many hearts as I moved deeper into my calling and I lost many friendships.

This was never my intent, it’s what happened. I was alone for a very long time until Spirit brought in my true soul family. Now I am building with them, but that took YEARS of deep healing and seeking.

I’m not saying it will take you years, but what I am saying is that if your Truth is asking you to follow your inner direction by removing certain things from your life then trust that it’s for a good reason. We always don’t know the bigger plan and the why but that’s is where faith comes in.

There were many days I would cry to Spirit and say how alone this path has been, and that it better be worth it. Even without my Twin Flame by my side I never thought I could do this without him here, and yet the abundance and happiness pouring into my life now I can’t explain how amazing this feels. 

Truly our happiness is never EVER in our outside circumstances, for it’s in the alignment of your Soul’s calling. Being aligned on mission right now feels so good, better than I ever thought.

I had ideas of doing this with a partner, but it feels better just me and Spirit and my tribe. I get to sing, play music everyday, help people and now run Ayahausca Retreats! I could never imagine this was my path! NEVER saw this coming!

Your path wants to unfold in this same way, in a way that will pleasantly thrill and delight you! You can’t know what’s coming if you want to experience the magic of the Universe!

When we surrender the outcome and what we think it should look like so much more comes! When we accept the path the Higher Self guides us on and we then sit and allow the unfolding of manifestation to open up and thrill us is an experience I would never give up! The hardest part of getting to this part of the journey is the hard work in getting clear with our inner worlds first. That means consistent inner work, healing, healing, healing. Integrating. Choosing from our deep authenticity FIRST. Being fine with change. Allowing the change and to recognize when we cling that its brings suffering and attachment. We are learning to live in a non-attached yet harmonious ebb and flow.

Soul work is never easy, it’s a complete destructive process to get your Higher Self to operate through your vessel, but it is the most rewarding.

Be easy on yourself and where you are at in your journey and know that it’s ok that you might not quite know what your calling is yet. It’s definitely a process of self discovery. We have to try new things out, play in certain situations to gain wisdom, because every experience is getting us closer to knowing ourselves. What most humans do is cling to a new opportunity believing “THIS MUST BE IT!” this is the path! Let’s do it! Instead it’s just another piece to a bigger puzzle.

All your puzzle pieces want to come together, but first we must learn and get to know our souls and align to that truth before the pieces can fully lock into place. Once they lock into place you will be at deep knowing of non-attachment that you will no long attach to anything that flows into your vibration. Instead you learn to appreciate it even more knowing that it could go in an instant. If it’s only here for a short time we let it go in appreciation of the growth it brought us. If it stays we honour the comradity and abundance it brings to our path.

These lessons aren’t easy to learn as we are also breaking out of the Matrix mind games that plays on the mass consciousness. We are doing some serious deep work so please take it easy and love yourself through this.