For very old souls on the planet, seeking and working with your internal energies including how you manifest will be very different. This is why if you have found yourself here, you are most likely stuck with most of the teachings in the New Age movement. 

Our conditioning has taught us to seek our feelings outside of ourselves which is why self love has been the basis of the spiritual community is to help guide us to deeply work on ourselves. This is because love will always guide you home. 

I truly believe when we choose to seek the deeper internal world of our emotions and intuition, we then have access to highers states of being, dimensions and other worlds. Because we are all connected the only way to gain access to the Multiverse is by knowing your soul from the inside out.

Your inner world and insight is not imaginary, nor is it fake. The visions you experience are VERY real, and no they aren’t all symbolic either. We have been taught to ignore these “imaginary” visions but in fact I have proven that when you learn to discern these visions and live by feeling these vibrations they will guide you into your greatest self because you are enhancing your natural intuitive abilities.

When we come to a place in our path where we choose to look at our own perversions objectively by working through deep shame, pains and traumas without judgement, is then we begin healing the conditions that were passed down through our family ancestry line.  It’s this choice when you face your dark is the moment you become a light warrior of your internal worlds ( this is merging the dark and the light).

We begin to realize that this inner work will create a mirror effect directly in our physical world. You will instantly begin to feel an energy shift that you won’t have to question it. The deeper you choose to go within the brighter your physical world will mirror your internal world.

This is why old souls have a harder time manifesting from physical/material desires, because old souls are able to feel energy in the hidden internal realms. These realms go deep into the soul blueprint layers making what you are experiencing inside of yourself becomes indescribable to most people.

Have you noticed that you don’t always know why you are doing something you just know you HAVE to do it. When you merge your inner masculine and feminine energies working from your internal world, your choices and the ability to logically explain your choices to others soon lose it’s mindful rationale that you might as well just stay quiet. When this happens you know your higher self is fully in the driver’s seat AND you have finally surrendered the wheel of your life over completely!

When you manifest there are certain frequencies  and vibrations already made available to you which are picked up by your gut instincts and your heart knowing. The mind is unable to fully understand the depth of these types of frequencies. It is your gut intuition and your heart working together harmoniously to discern the frequencies you are picking up from your external world.  When you are able to sort through different vibrational frequencies of your internal emotional world without buying into the push/pull energies, and the doubting darker frequencies projected by your ego; When you enter the energy of witnessing your emotions is when your authentic self is given permission to choose from your inner knowing. This is when the feminine energy of intuition merges with the inner knowing of masculine energy.

When you begin operating from the inside out it is important to be completely in observer mode as much as possible. This is why meditation helps you to clear the mind, it allows you to deeply dive into your inner world. You will gain expansion in your ability to discern and match your inner world FIRST with the events happening in your outside world. At first when you dive within yourself you may realize the synchronicities of this matching up or it might be a scary/chaotic or confusing time. Either way it’s an indication of where you are at with your internal frequency and where you need to start with sorting out your internal world.

Use your current state as a guiding point of what is inside of yourself energetically. The problem most of us have is the attachment we form to our physical manifestations instead of realizing that life is always an ebb and flow. When we attach we attach emotions. If you experience guilt/shame it means that you have attached an unhealed part of yourself to the outside experience. This is when the suffering emotions arise making working through the dark emotions very hard because we must clear FIRST before we gain the internal clarity. Unfortunately this is where most people give up or remain in a conditioned loop for many years. 

Remember, we have been stuffing down our emotions for most of our lives until we finally decide to get super serious about digging through the gunk of our own suffering. Warriors of the light are tired of the back and forth, the push and pull and most of all the drama!

My main trigger points have shown me, if there’s drama I detach. My past martyr/victim conditioning was to always put myself aside and dive deeply into the drama to help others. There is no honour in suffering, not even giving yourself a badge of honour that you are loyal.  True spiritual loyalty is when you are loyal to your soul. When you act in this way, you will manifest loyalty to you.

If you want to maintain peace in your life you must be willing to choose peace in all avenues of your life. Keep in mind this isn’t about avoiding what is happening in your life, not at all. When you cultivate and strive for peace, you are able to observe and use the mind from a deep seated space of intuitively knowing the vibration of peace. You can then match your inner knowing of this frequency and match it to what is happening in your exterior world.  Your merged inner masculine and feminine energies will be able to discern the inspired soul action and it will have the ability to move forward as your physical manifestations gradually unfolds. 

You become patient with what is presented to you in the physical world as you will have the discernment to feel the energy, sort it, sit in it, allow the images to surface, and soak in whatever arises BEFORE you make a clear decision. You simply sit in the energies until you are internally guided to move. 

As you can see this way of living is the complete opposite of what we have been taught on Earth!

For most of my clients, they seek my services because they have become stuck in their lives and are feeling a bit crazy of what’s going on with their internal world and the visions they begin to experience. Waking up when you are an old soul plus being super sensitive in this world can be a very nerve wracking anxiety filled experience.

These soul’s are so exhausted because seeking outside of oneself no longer feels authentic nor aligned to what their soul is seeking. Once you have completed seeking the outside world is when you begin the activation process of your natural internal navigation system. This system will guide you and show you how to manifest what your soul truly desires. It won’t ever show up in a person, a place or thing, instead it will show you the real reason why you are here. This internal world will show you your untapped potential and an entirely new way of living…If you are willing to listen and follow based solely on your inner knowing.

This transition can be a confusing time because up until this point we have learned how to operate from the outside in, matching vibrations that feels good based on an event, and then moving and directing that external energy inwards to match a level of success within. By doing this we validate our internal feelings to the outside world when in fact we are only matching a small piece of what has manifested in our external world to a small emotion inside of ourselves. Yes, sometimes this “small” emotion can feel VERY BIG, but it won’t bring you peace. Remember peace is Spirit. 

Many old souls can only function this way for a short period of time before they become frustrated with the stagnant energy, this is also because old souls learn and integrate energies very quickly. What can take an old/ancient soul a year to integrate can take another soul a good 10 years. Time is irrelevant but this is also why old souls have problems in traditional relationships, especially if the soul you are with doesn’t have the same soul experiences you have from other lifetimes. The energies won’t quite match up the deeper you go. 

The more you access your inner consciousness everything you thought you desired changes and you learn to trust that whatever the Universe has aligned for you will thrill and delight you because there is no way your mind could have planned it out!

This is the magic, the gates of Eden we have all forgotten! Yes, living becomes extremely fun, yet more stable than you ever thought possible! It could never be this perfect unless the Cosmos were involved!

Where most ancient/old souls get stuck is feeling what the mass consciousness is doing when they intuitively know they are to be making a decision to move beyond the past and  to trailblaze in a new direction! It will always be a scary moment becuase fear wants to keep you stuck! This can be confusing because you might see others manifesting the house, the relationships, the cars, the career etc. and being quite content with these achievements.  Old souls need time to integrate high vibrations into the Earth, but once integrated, mission work and guidance manifest super fast!  You aren’t happy with monetary, physical manifestations, because you are still missing something deep inside. You are seeking your soul’s purpose instead of security. 

If you are soul that is here to trailblaze then you will be given a great power that will support you in every way possible to make that happen. Keep in mind these trailblazers have had the brunt of hard work for the collective, it isn’t an honour badge to wear, instead it’s a very humble call that will leave you crying and weeping to the Universe in gratitude for the life you have. This is when you are called to rise up and do something completely out of the norm/status quo.

We see posts of happiness and wonder “hey I know I’m doing what they are doing but why doesn’t this feel good?” or “why doesn’t it quite work out the same way for me?” The reason for this is because you are an ancient/old soul here to create a new system on the Earth, to be of service FIRST before you reap your FULL abundance. What you have achieved thus far is very small of your true potential. Don’t ever believe that abundance has an end point, it doesn’t. It keeps growing and touching more people, pulling others into the healing mission you have signed up for!

Being a very old soul means you are meant to discover your powers and abilities in other ways. The path of the outside in will no longer work for you and this way of manifesting physical desires (like a house) will soon tire you out.

When you have been to this world time and time again, you have already manifested from your physical desires regarding a bigger home, money, love etc. You can now say…

“Been here many lifetimes, done that always”

You have experienced these external adventures already either in this lifetime or another, and there is nothing wrong with that nor does it mean you are better. It’s just an indication of your path and a clear direction of your next steps in your personal journey knowing that you are meant to get even deeper than you ever thought possible!

This is why you feel stuck and unfulfilled. Your higher self is asking you to do the switch, to move into your inner worlds and to start adventuring with all the crazy insights your imagination brings up within you. Your soul is asking you to get real with your emotions and to trust that deep gut instinct.

You have now been asked to level up! This means going into the unknown world of your emotions on a whole new level. It means facing the depths of the shadow work you have already been doing while choosing to set the logical mind aside.

Setting your rationale aside is not something many people can do. It’s truly the journey of the warrior to learn how to discern energy and how to work solely from your intuition and internal guidance system.

This is when many of my clients soon realize the shadow work they have done before our first consultation was simply a small layer of their depth. I have had to take my clients back into shadows they thought they cleared and to get them deeper into their darkness, but I also have the discernment to hold a safe vibrational container so that they are not  re-traumatized! My work has nothing to do with re-living pain, my work shows you how to observe darkness while holding a strong powerful light so you can see all the shadows that have been trying to get your attention to recognize them.

Your darkness are missing pieces of yourself from other lifetimes that you have been running from over and over again. I’m going to be fully honest with you, they aren’t that scary, but the mind and the ego will make you believe they are. What darkness is are deep missing pieces of who are still being held hostage by subconscious pain. From changing your perspective by seeing that the darkness isn’t as scary as you first thought will help you to gain more leverage into your true power, but first there are big archetypes and roles we must give up.

I have found the biggest archetype running the mass consciousness is the victim/martyr role. Everyone on some level is doing it and it’s the hardest one to overcome. We see war, starvation, and bad things happening to good people. I’m here to tell you even the darkness has a purpose.

If you are truly wanting to move into “Living Internal Freedom Everyday” (true meaning LIFE), and you want to get to know the deeper realms of your subconscious and the emotions that come from this depth. If you feel the guilt/shame patterns are still ruling a piece of your life, then it’s a must to look at this main archetype. If you can resolve this within yourself, I promise you will experience an increased sense of freedom.

The feelings that arise from your internal triggers that keep you in the victim/martyr roles is guilt, shame, and a false sense of feeling good about yourself. These emotions play on the ego, inflating it’s grandiose side of the personality for being “right” or “awakened” while at the same time hiding and bypassing feelings of deep shame or guilt. When you are in the state of grandiose ego, you will not be able to feel shame and guilt, however when you are in alignment to healing shame and guilt these feelings will be rising up. You will FEEL them deeply. Feeling good is when you are comfortable in your world, feeling uncomfortable is when true growth and expansion happens. 

The key here is not to buy into the stories of unworthiness that these feelings bring up, instead it’s your choice to feel them, observe them and then to choose to go even deeper into them WITHOUT beating yourself up over it. This is how you know you are truly healing your inner worlds when you no longer feel bad for choosing YOU! This is why I am able to sit in deep darkness with my clients. I had to go through this process myself, many times over to find the medicine inside of me. When you work with me I guide you to that internal world of sameness, where we all meet on an energetic level.

The journey is within, it has never been outside of ourselves. The deeper you go you will find others in your personal depths. It’s not about who is outside of you, instead you will start to recognize the important connections in your life, those who are external to you will all of sudden show up as vibrations inside of you. Your friends, family, children, pets, lovers etc. These people will pop up as you heal these deep layers of shame and guilt for they are your greatest teachers to heal this archetype. You can then weigh the vibrations to see if you are meeting these people in the frequency of shame/guilt? You can seek the frequency level that you met them, the frequency where you maintain the connection, and the vibration of what does not serve your highest good. This will give you better discernment of the actions and choices you are to make.

The deeper you go, eventually you will come to a space where we all meet. That word is..


The deeper you meet others inside of yourself, is when you will know the true meaning of this word. This is when you will activate your soul’s purpose, it’s power, and you will have the ability to read and work all energies authentically no matter the frequency.