My Calling into Pure Divine Feminine Embodiment

Happy New Decade 2020 my loves! This post is coming to support all the beautiful feminine energies (no matter the body temple you house) who know they are on an evolutionary path to fully embodying Sacred Divine Feminine energy, then this post is for you!

I have contemplated writing this but as I look down at the clock it’s 10:10. Complete validation that this needs to be written.

10:10 is about completion and coming into complete balance within the masculine and feminine energies. 1 represents the masculine’s direction and 0 the feminine’s ability to receive.

As most of you know I’m bold, open and super authentic, but I haven’t always been that way as it has taken this entire incarnation to come into a Divine Feminine embodiment and I am only in the very early stages of it!

Our planet has not seen true Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies for eons, instead we have all been playing in distorted energies to serve a system that is completely out of nature’s alignment. This is why the Twin Flame journey is considered to be so difficult. I want to change that perspective, it doesn’t have to be hard. We have all been conditioned to believe that we have to work really hard, we have to suffer to reap the rewards, but if we were to look at nature, that’s not the case. The only reason there is strife or hardships in the animal kingdom has to do with how humans are treating the Earth and changing our natural biodiversity. Animals flow with nature, and are completely aware of when natural disasters are about to hit, they also have a complete acceptance of death knowing this is simply a transition of life.

Sasha & I December 2019, Cancun Mexico.

There was a time during an ayahuasca ceremony when I had complete telepathy with the Shaman’s dog Sasha. I was sitting on the steps, honouring Father Tobacco looking up at the stars when Sasha came up to me. Everyone in the maloca was having a difficult time purging and naturally Sasha as caring as she is wanted to go in and comfort everyone. With my mind I called her and said “Sasha, no you can’t go in there” She stopped in her tracks and came back to me responding “but I’m worried everyone is so sick” I gently petted her and smiled and gave her some kisses and looked into her eyes speaking with my heart I said ” They are ok, trust our Creator, trust that Spirit is taking care of them” She sat there looking at me with wise eyes, turned away and sat on the step with her back turned to me looking up at the stars. She was contemplating what I said for a good couple of minutes. She then turned looked at me and left.

This is the magic and the abilities we all have. This is the flow of life that is all around us but it is our own inner blocks and fears that keep us in the mundane energy of suffering. It’s not real, and the only way to unsee it or to no longer live in that vibration is by taking a deeper look at your internal masculine and feminine energies. This internal balance is crucial in order to come into full alignment of self. We all have both energies within but today I’m going to predominantly speak about the Divine Feminine energies.

Ancient Egypt’s civilization reigned for over 3000 years, and during those years I have been shown by Spirit is that human consciousness underwent the fastest decline from spiritual power into ego than any other time. We fell from knowing deep Universal truths within us and gradually shifted into seeking exterior gratification. Those who resonate with Egypt will completely feel the vibration of the this post. Several of my passed lives with my Twin Flame have since been revealed to me of our time during Ancient Egypt and again I was shown how our mission and our love have not fully been able to come to fruition because of the fall of consciousness and karmic cycles which are still currently playing out.

We are all connected and our environment including the gridlines of the Earth’s energy system effects all of us. Mother Earth’s energy grid system as been offline for quite sometime and it has been manipulated and changed to ensure that human consciousness would remain at a certain vibrational frequency. How these guidelines were thrown off, I have been shown some examples but that’s another post.

The Earth is our Divine Mother, she gives us everything we need to sustain life. When she is offline so are we as humans and all other sentient beings. Peace on Earth isn’t some fairy tale made up fantasy, it has existed and it does exist. We have been so removed and living in separation consciousness for so long we have forgotten Nirvana on Earth. It’s peaceful, calming and loving. It’s hard for us to grasp this peace because of our unbalanced masculine and feminine energies we associate with on a deep subconscious level. All of us have been conditioned into believing what enlightenment actually looks like which is also false. So many new agers gawk at this Nirvana psychedelic ah-ha experiences with the vibrant colours, and the wow factor as real alignment. This is still distorted masculine energy. Masculine energy has an aspect of holding a lot of wow factor because that is what we have created from our current state of consciousness. Masculine energy has become a powerful lightening show where we all sit back in amazement of it. The truth is we have lost what real Divine Masculine is which is sturdy, grounded, slow moving, step by step process, methodical and precise. It’s only after all the steps have been reached do we see the lightning show, but as we are all operating from distorted energies, humans have come to enjoy the end results instead of the process it takes to get there.

It’s why I will never go to festivals like Burning Man, I don’t believe it to be real and true alignment. It’s a great way to see how a system could work but the energy intention for the mass consciousness that go there is about the WOW factor and to feel free. You don’t have to partake in anything to feel freedom, it’s all an inside job. God isn’t in awe of creation, God is at peace with creation all the time. God is observant, wise and calm, it’s the energies that manifest out of this peace is what put’s human consciousness in awe. This is why I coach my clients out of the ah-ha moments and into peace. Peace is the truth of true spiritual alignment, however it’s not easy to get there. We all need steps along the way. Festivals like Burning Man is a great step for those who are still in the self discovery stage of knowing the sovereignty of their soul and that’s perfectly beautiful! We can not judge how others find themselves. I used this example to illustrate the misalignment and usage of Masculine energy.

The greatest fall of the Divine Feminine energy can be traced back to 48 BC war between Julius Caesar and the Great Cleopatra. Cleopatra was destined to rule but she was revolted and expelled from Alexandria. It was then that the library of Alexandria which held ancient wisdom texts were completely destroyed. It was this catastrophe where we lost teachings and writings of who we are as a species.

The loss of our human lineage with the burning of Alexandria

Before this significant falling of Divine Feminine energy, ancient Egypt operated very differently than what you will find in our current text. The reason for this was after the Library of Alexandria was destroyed a subservient smaller library was created to replace the lost teachings with Roman texts. It is from this point on where our knowledge of what is true and false has left humanity in a great state of separation consciousness.

Many great feminine leaders have since been put aside in our history books, however if you do the research you will see the great power these Divine Feminine’s held as they were the bridge between the Spiritual and Earthly realms. These Feminine Goddesses were so aligned with our Great Mother Earth’s energy system that as they tapped into the healing modalities of Earth medicine, they were then able to uphold this potent vibration for the Divine Masculine. Divine Feminine energy holds and honours the energy frequencies she transmutes so that the Masculine can use it to fuel the direction in the physical realms.

During Ancient Egypt it was the feminine’s who were the healers and the men stood and honoured them and protected the high potent energy she brought forward because this energy is pure lifeforce. As a Twin Flame, it was only her true masculine who had the privilege of drinking from this lifeforce and it is why a true Divine Masculine comes and honours the power of his Divine Feminine. This lifeforce brings forth creation energy not just for his own livelihood, but for life itself.

As the energy grid lines were destroyed this hindered the Divine Feminine’s connection and because Divine Feminine’s are the ones to anchor this healing power into the Earth, the Masculines began to fall and suppress their emotions. Divine Masculine’s find their emotional sovereignty through the channelled energy of the Divine Feminine. Divine Feminine’s honour the Divine Masculine’s direction and how to move and build on the Earth plane. When the connection was lost by the Divine Feminine because the energy grid lines were destroyed, this left Divine Masculine’s seeking power from outside of themselves which is the same cycle recurring today. Feminine energies continued to fall and with the Masculines now in separation without their emotional sovereignty they have no idea how to channel these energies into the Earth. Feminines had no choice but to close off their psychic channels in order to survive. This is also the work that I do in helping unblock Divine Feminine’s natural intuitive abilities and reconnect them to their clear channel.

It has been this fall in consciousness that brings us to present day and that we are all living out of distorted Masculine and Feminine energies. The sacred Divine Feminines that have graced our Earthly presence have been hidden from our history and religious texts.

At a very young age however there have been certain Divine Feminine Goddesses who have presented themselves to me and who who have played a very important role in my life. These Divine Feminine energies began communicating with me as young as 2/3 years old with potent 3D visions, channelled messages and synchronicities that have allowed me to open up to their teachings. The process has been a slow step by step process as I had to heal deep feminine wounds towards masculine energy including sexual trauma. The Universe brought us together and during our intense embrace my Twin Flame completely healed my sexuality simply by the two of us remembering who we are together. After our meeting more messages came to me to work deeper with other Ascended Divine Feminine Energies. To this date I am sharing with you the Sacred Feminine teachers who have been helping me along my path for the last 20+ years to present day.

Mary Magdalene honoured and supported her Twin Flame Jesus no matter what happened in the physical world. She stood by him and the calling.

Mary Magdalene is a new teacher for me however Jesus has been a very prominent guiding light in my life. Mary Magdalene has taught me to honour the Masculine energy as she did with her Twin Flame Jesus. She stood by him and supported his path no matter what played out in the physical world. I too had to look at myself and where I was not supporting my masculine energy within me and for my Twin Flame. Being in separation with him has shown me that I can energetically support his choices as he ascends into the truest version of himself. When I feel and think of my Twin I hear the old language that he is “my Lord” and not in a subservient way, but quite the opposite. The power I see in him and how well our energies flow together is such a humbling feeling that I bow to his greatness. For my Masculine to be able to drink from the pool of potent energy I channel is not something any “regular man” can do. I’m powerful and I knew my Masculine would be just as powerful, and he is. I know he will be able to walk into my energy like he did that first night we remembered together of who we are to one another. Words aren’t needed with him and I as we both know it and speak telepathically all the time. We have done more healing telepathically than physically. I don’t have an ounce of doubt that he will be able to nourish himself in the power I bring down so we can move and create new Divine structures in the Earth plane. Mary Magdalene also illustrated a great strength in preserving the purity of the mission and the teachings given to her and Jesus, as she continued to teach and hold a strong presence in France after the crucifiction. (If he even died on the cross but again another post) Walking away from my Twin Flame was the Goddess Kali Ma asking me to go into full separation but it was Mary Magdalene that showed me how Divine Masculine’s drink from the cup of the Divine Feminine. If he and I continued to have daily communication I was shown that in his unawareness he was taking the high channelled energy vision of our centre we shared together to build that with someone else. This was done completely out of his ego (which I have forgiven). Mary Magdalene showed me I had to cut all ties in order for my Twin Flame to ascend, and for him to feel and know the different energies between Karmic Love and True Divine God’s Love. We don’t always want to follow the Universe, but there is always something to be said about humbleness and honouring the direction you are given. I followed with an open heart as I always do.

Divine Mother Mary took the time to authentically guide, nurture and honour her son’s calling

Mother Mary came to me early in my teen years when I was going through a very deep internal spiritual warfare between dark and light energies. It was a time of trusting my high sensitivity and my dead on intuitive abilities. I had to learn how to trust my inner light no matter the brilliantly clear visions I received when working with lower vibrations. This is where most healers on the planet are stuck in their psychic powers (but not knowing what they are channelling is masking as Divine light) is because they are believing and trapped in the wonderment the dark energies provide. God’s psychic gifts when given to you are hard to hear, and hard to feel. It’s the softest whisper. It comes in stages based on your inner healing and it only gets stronger when you follow and trust this whisper. This is when Mother Mary taught me inner nurturing, compassion for myself and what true peace is. She showed me the dark energies playing and tricking most people on Earth away from the soft whisperings of the soul by following the passion, the attraction, the ah-ha moments and the dazzling lights. What she showed me at 18 years old has been a slow releasing of codes and teachings that has finally brought me into a deep wisdom in my 40’s. Mother Mary’s love and patience with me has shown me how to do this for myself and for my Masculine which I am finally able to incorporate into my life.

Kali Ma is greatly misunderstood but she is making a reappearance as many feminine’s are ready to do their deep shadow work.

Kali Ma is rising up in our world right now and I have a very strong connection to her. I have recognized her essence in me when I was around 8 years old. Based on Hinduism Kali Ma is the dark feminine who deals with time, destruction, and she relishes in the death of the ego. Completely misunderstood in our society, and feared by the masculine energy, Kali Ma has the ability to smell out dishonesty and to call you out on your patterns that are keeping you stuck and she isn’t always nice about it. She brings up the uncomfortable for you to face without sugarcoating it. She communicates bluntly with dead honest truth. Although she is depicted in a darker energy, she is the most compassionate Hindu Goddess, nurturing those whose egos she has broken, nurturing them back to health as their true selves begins to shine through. Kali Ma reminds me a lot of Mother Ayahuasca (also known as the Vine of the Dead) being the most loving and nurturing but also very strict. Kali Ma has been with me to help me see through very dense levels of lies, manipulation and deceit. I had to know what these energeies felt like in order to stay in alignment and balance. Kali Ma happily kills off your demons because her fierce love is to grant you liberation of your soul. Our world depicts her as dark, scary and ugly when that is the furthest from the truth. She kills what no longer serves you in order to free yourself from the lies that nourishes the ego. Kali will end karmic cycles and anything that keeps you out of alignment. I feel that is the brunt of my work and why Kali holds such a strong force in me. She is a liberator of truth because her love is so deep. It was Kali’s spirit that helped me to walk away from my Twin Flame due to a karmic cycle so he could become clear within himself of the truth of his own Soul.

Joan of Arc trusted the voice of God to move forward despite what was happening outside of herself.

Joan of Arc has been my constant voice of truth throughout my life. My highly intuitive abilities and the high criticism I received from family , friends and most people around me had me convinced for most of my life that I was insane or crazy. Nobody ever believed anything I said and so if you ever get to know me I usually start a sentence with “Let’s be honest” This is because of the conditioning growing up based on what I saw, felt and experienced everyone around me thought I was crazy or mentally ill. Even my aunt told my father not that long ago I should be checked into a mental hospital, but alas we have to love these souls for what awaits on the other side I’ve seen it, and boy is she in for a SHOCK! LOL This isn’t a curse I am truly blessed and I worked hard for it! I no longer believe what the world has told me that I’m crazy, quite the contrary I’m highly tapped in! I thank Joan of Arc for her guidance because she too faced oppression for her highly psychic abilities.

If it was wasn’t for Joan of Arc’s guidance I probably would be living in a mental hospital (by the way everyone in the mental hospitals are highly psychic!) It’s us humans who lock them up, medicate them and call them crazy. Instead they need help to learn how to work with their abilities! Joan of Arc’s bravery to follow the voice of God’s guidance which included her being burned at the stake resonated deeply in me as a child. I knew what I heard, saw and felt was real but I had to be careful with this gift. For many years I just tried to fit in, but again it was my Twin Flame who encouraged me to come out and be me, no matter how weird I thought I was. He always said I’m crazy but in a really good way, and those words have helped me more than anything. It was this faith in myself when the calling took off. Joan of Arc taught me to strongly believe in myself, and my Twin Flame reiterated that. I knew I had to follow that whisper of truth no matter was going on. If it wasn’t for her and for my Twin Flame I wouldn’t be here helping others.

Isis’ angel wings signifies her connection to the Universe & her spiritual ascension

Goddess Isis was such a powerful feminine energy on our planet that she was able to save her Twin Flame Osiris by travelling to the underworld and bringing him back to life with her love. The depth of her love to face any darkness to revive, and protect the purity of balanced masculine and feminine energies illustrates to us in today’s world the dishonouring we now place on women and on ourselves. Women are seen as sex objects, conditioned to conform to beauty standards and from a very young age we are distracted by being in competition with other women. This only keeps us from accessing and trusting our own internal divine intuitive channels. Isis trusted in the power of the Universe when other God’s told her what she wanted was impossible and tried every possible way to stop her. Isis did not relent and did not let that deter her. She was guided and shown where to find Osiris and it was her great love that immediately revived a great King. Isis appeared to me when it was time to be open to receiving such a great love this past December. My conditioning had left a small piece of me closed to the outside world because it was this inner space where I would commune with the Universe. I had enough relationship experience at this point in my life to know that I could give all of myself to a partner with the exception that this space was saved for God and myself. Until I met my Twin Flame…

The night my Twin and I rediscovered one another he walked right into that space like he belonged there (overtime I realized that yes he does because we are the same soul). It shocked me because it was the most sacred space within me that nobody could penetrate and so this connection left me utterly shocked and confused. As time progressed I realized of course he had access to such a sacred space, and I have access to his sacred space within him. It’s a lock and key that Twin Flames have and only your sacred counterpart can have this access. Isis’s love for Osiris has shown me how to be open to such a great powerful love, like the never-ending vast womb of the Universe, showing me to encompass that same energy. My love for him has no beginning and no end (which he has told me many times) and there is no way to tell who is who as we are the same. Isis has given me a gift of receptivity and to trust in my Divine Feminine power as it’s never harsh, yielding, restrictive nor controlling. It’s open, fierce for truth, compassionate, allowing, and patient. It is this love I bask in for I know it’s only he and I and the power of this type of Divine love can conquer everything to restore true sacred alignment to the cosmos. We are so deeply connected that sacred space within him will only house me and God as it does in me and so it does not matter if he physically returns to my life. Nobody can access what he has in me and what I am in him. Not even a soulmate. It’s up to the Divine Feminine to be able to utilize that gift to align deeper into mission which I am doing.

My first vision of a divine feminine was at around 3 years old when White Buffalo Calf woman came to me

My very first vision was very strong and impressionable and came to me at around age 2/3 years old when my father gifted me a small indian doll dressed all in white. Immediately in my room I had a vision of the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Woman who spoke to me and told me I housed the same energies as she did when she walked the Earth. My connection to the Earth is very strong, so strong that I had a deep hatred for humans for most of my life and was unable to walk barefoot on the Earth until I had my first child. I avoided feeling what our Divine Mother felt and the pain humans inflicted on her which caused me to recoil and deny this suffering. I don’t feel the Earth like most people do by basking in the beauty of it, or by taking pictures, or sitting in nature and feeling the energy outside of self. I honour this form of connecting but for me it’s on an entirely different level. Plants and animals speak telepathically to me, I know when they are hurt and in pain. I hear them inside of me. Earth SPEAKS THROUGH ME including her medicines. Ayahuasca told me I am one of the clearest channels for her and it’s why I am here to serve her and the Earth. I feel everything Pachamama is going through on a very deep and intense level. I have such a deep love because I see and know her very intimately. It was very painful as a child to feel such intense emotions that I found ways to keep myself separate including pulling away from most humans in my life. I saw the misalignment very early on and it hurt me greatly. It wasn’t until an Ayahuasca ceremony Pachamama (Mother Earth) thanked me for feeling her, for hearing her and for understanding the greatness of her pain. She also told me I didn’t have to take it for her and asked me to help her and the animals and to love her and all sentient beings. I was also shown that my Twin Flame and I are the original seedlings of the Earth, very ancient souls and protectors of this planet. My calling was presented to me very early on, but it wasn’t until now that I can understand the full extent of why certain visions came to me, or why certain things happened in my life.

These powerful Divine Feminine energies came to me to show me the way to helping other Feminine’s who are truly ready to step into a deeper knowing of their sovereignty. What I have gathered from these great teachers was to help women come out of codependency, competition, and suffering. With each teaching I continued to go deep within myself to ensure that I was following the teachings of these great women who came before me, and with the meeting of my Twin Flame the teachings secured even deeper as I came to understand what true Divine Masculine is.

Divine Masculine energies can not come back into union with Divine Feminine energies until the Divine Feminine heals herself which in turn heals the Earth’s Grid Lines. When the healing is complete is when a Divine Feminine can hold the vibration strong enough and long enough to call her Divine Masculine home. We tend to look at Twin Flames from a stance of desperation, a wanting, a needing and from a place of the mind that says this is unfair.

The only thing that is unfair is that all of us have fallen together in consciousness and even that fall in consciousness was for a reason. What I am seeing happening with Divine Feminine’s is a need and a desire to rise up however nobody really knows what a Divine Feminine looks or feels like. I can attest that most women are very VERY insecure around me and it has nothing to do with my appearance. I am holding the vibration stronger everyday and when this happens other females become envious and insecure within themselves. I reiterate, I am not in competition with my sisters. I am here to help them get to this place of embodiment. I can feel the envy immediately as it is something I have experienced my entire life. In the past I would lower my vibe and stifle my light to make them feel comfortable but I am so done with that. The energy I can channel is needed more than ever on the planet that I am not here to make people feel comfortable (my Kali spirit)

I have been hearing from my Twin telepathically asking me on the inside to stop posting about he and I as it’s affecting his karmic situation. I have struggled with this and it showed in my break this past summer was partly because I didn’t want to disrupt his new relationship. Ayahuasca soon had her way with me and told me she will take care of him next time he drinks and I need to do the calling no matter what that looks like, and so I am here putting out what I know and what I have learned. The mission is about Twin Flames, and balancing Divine energies, I have to do this. This calling is too big and too important for me to people please anymore.

Kali Ma will give you the courage to face your darkness no matter what and to break through those fear based thoughts the ego is using to keep you trapped. Mother Mary will nurture your inner child and hold you dearly as you grieve and weep for the loss of your old self, or for the love you never had. Mary Magdalene is to show us how to honour the Masculine energy and at the same time to protect the mission you are given from outside influences. Isis will show you the ascended path that when you stand greatly against adversity to truthfully honour your intuition and power, you will be intuitively guided on which direction to take. Remember it might be something you want to do (for instance ending a marriage) but your faith in the unknown and by following your gut instincts, Isis will step in and show you how to resurrect what is meant for you.

Trust the messages you get from within. Joan of Arc followed the voice of God within her no matter who was against her. Divine Feminine’s are warriors for Spirit and for true divine alignment. Some may say, well Joan of Arc was killed that didn’t go well for her, but as an awakened feminine we know death to be a transition and part of the ascension process. Divine Feminine’s let go of Earthly attachments, Joan of Arc did this to show us her alignment and truth is beyond this physical plane. Following that soft whispering of truth will always guide you to your greatest self no matter how that looks to the outside world, including Joan of Arc’s death.

Finally Buffalo Calf Woman guides you back to Mother Earth and all sentient beings. She shows us that we can live in peace and harmony with our animal friends and by honouring the wisdom of our plants. If that means changing your diet I encourage you to do so. I was called very hard to become a vegan again, and I must continue to put my own selfish desires aside ( including my love for bacon cause damn it tastes so good) but I have to remember that I am a clear channel. With that comes sacrifices of my human ways. This is Divine Feminine energy. Following that deep knowing no matter if you must let go of your human delights. This makes room for your Divine Feminine energies to expand and realign you to your true abundance that you placed in your blueprint at this time.

The biggest misunderstanding of Divine Feminine energy on this planet is the sexuality, the tantra, the excitement, the dancing and movements etc. It has nothing to do with that. To embody a true Divine Feminine energy means you do not control anything. You do not cling to anything. You do not plan for anything. Yes you heard me. Divine Feminine energy is in full trust of the unknown. She follows her intuition no matter if the mind disagrees. She is like the bird on a branch, going where spirit leads her. No she can’t explain why she’s moving in that direction, and no she makes no logical sense to the outside world. This is because her insight comes from realms beyond this one. She just knows and it’s a strong pull to do so. It can’t be ignored. There is never lack with a Divine Feminine, she is abundant. She promotes freedom of the soul and she lets go in love. She accepts all vibrations and honours all frequencies of energies even the darkest demonic ones because her love is so pure and bright it can purify anything that represents fear. This is the magic of the Divine Feminine that has been lost in our world and in the current teachings on the planet.

Do your research and ask which Divine Goddesses want to work with you and follow what you are shown. Don’t second guess the synchronicities, every second of every minute is aligned. Ask and say yes. Try this for the next 3 days and watch what happens and what guidance comes your way.