Twin Flame’s Journey: Don’t Choose Potential Choose Action!

I know this is a very difficult step for many people who are on the Twin Flame journey. Myself included and even through I can feel my twin, and the fact we are both awakened to our mission shown by Mama Ayahuasca, I must still walk away. I know we have great powers when we come together to serve the Universe, however there have been recent shifts and activations where I am connected to ALL THAT IS that I no longer care if he’s in my life.

Is this true surrender? I believe it is. Although I know he and I are the same frequency and the amount of healing capabilities we have together to heal our planet, I have also come to realize he is nowhere near my vibration nor is he truly willing to work on becoming his best self.

When our Twin Flames choose karmic situations, or when they choose to please other people instead of radically loving themselves there is nothing we can do but to move on.

Trust me the energy on the other side IS SO MUCH BETTER! Yes there is a piece of me that would love to share this with him, because he and I have some crazy soul merging capabilities! For instance one night after a sweat lodge we looked up at the moon and I had taken off my glasses. We were so connected that he saw through my eyes how blurry the rainbow halo was around the moon. We were both in awe of our magical connection in that moment. This is also without being intimate. We didn’t have to make love, or kiss to fall in love because God’s love is always there and it will shake you awake. It’s unquestionable, and it’s pure divinity. For many Masculine’s this scares the shit out of them where they try to control it or run for the hills!

He and I were sitting on the steps looking up at the moon, both being very present in each other’s company and that was the power we generated. Can you imagine the force of power we have if we ever came together? That’s how powerful we are together, but not everyone wants to live in this power. I DO! It’s why I came here, and I have decided to step into it without him because this power is to be shared, it’s not owned.

If we can get away from wanting to share a life with our Twin Flames to fully trust in the magnificent power of the Universe over our logical minds then you will be blessed a thousand fold for stepping into a higher vibration, trust me it WILL BE WORTH IT!! Trust and faith is needed to do this.

Lately I have been studying the work of Twin Flames Opheana & Sikaal Their meditations have shifted me so profoundly that last night I was finally able to hold my consciousness during one of their high frequency meditations and visions came pouring in. Cities I have seen during Ayahuasca ceremonies reappeared and showed me my soul’s origin and why I came here with my Twin Flame. I was then told that he has chosen to suffer with a karmic partner and he is too scared to move towards this magical connection that we share. They then told me that the doorway for him to choose to discover he and I together is closing, and very fast. 2019 was a time to heal, and clear karmic patterns. 2020 is to integrate the choices you made in 2019. This is why it’s the end of a massive decade of healing. Those who are ready for 2020 will be heading into an entirely new vibration, and those who choose suffering will remain this way for awhile.

To my suprise, I was at peace with this. To know that the door is finally closing and I can move on to some magnificent, high vibrating opportunities to create more freedom in life where everything I desire will pave the road to abundance, hell yes I am down for that! I am thrilled it’s finally coming. It’s been coming in spurts over a few years (especially in the last year) but now this feels entirely different! I know this is it. I have worked so damn hard the last 10 years to get here, nothing is going to hold me back not even my Twin Flame and the vibration he chooses to live in. When I feel his energy out what he is choosing to live in truly disgusts me energetically! It really makes me want to purge ……ewwww I can’t go there because I have healed beyond that vibration. The Universe has helped me close off my vibration so tightly my Twin Flame no longer affects me! THANK GOD! When I do feel him out I literally want to throw up! What he’s dealing with is dark shit! I encourage him daily to push through the darkness because everything he is experiencing right now is all an illusion. I see him struggling with everyone around him but he has to choose to rise above all of those people trying to cling to him. I refuse to engage in that vibration because real love only rises, it doesn’t lower. My unconditional love for him in my soul will pull him up, because we are the same, but I also realize it might not be in this lifetime.

In all honesty My Twin Flame is going to have to pull a damn Indiana Jones to get through this doorway. I truly know this is it. It’s now or never in this lifetime, and I am fine because I am ascending and that’s why I came here.

2020 is approaching fast and it’s for those are truly ready to step into their calling. I am seeing whatever you choose now is going to greatly influence the next decade. If you are in separation with your Twin, then spirit is asking you to continue choosing yourself. 2020 holds significant gateways and portals that will push you deeper into your calling based on the choices you make now.

I am choosing ascension. My Twin can choose old patterns of suffering that’s his free will and it’s why we can’t be together. I have lived my entire life in that energy and I can’t do it anymore. Health, peace, wellbeing, truth and authenticity is my way of living. I want you to choose the same. No matter how much healing it takes to get to this place, the more you keep choosing you the more you will peel back those layers. Eventually you will discover your core (the seed in the centre) and you will have learned how to love yourself in your darkest moments, and how to keep healthy boundaries to maintain your vibration.

Your frequency level is very important, especially those on a Twin Flame journey, it means you are highly empathic, and sensitive to energy. The moment you engage with lower energies, even if you think you can handle it you can’t. It’s not possible. Even Jesus had his select few that he kept close and did not engage with lower vibrations. He just healed. That’s who we all are, magnificent magicians of energy here to be the example for others. That’s it. You do not have to engage in vibrations that don’t serve you. The Universe is begging you not to please others because you feel bad. These patterns will keep you in a state of suffering.

I keep telling my Twin on the inside this is it. I can feel that’s he’s sad but again, he hasn’t healed that inner child and only knows how to suffer through things. You can’t hold onto sadness! You have to hold onto your soul’s calling, no matter what is happening outside of you!

As his true Divine Feminine I want to show him the magic of being able to surrender that suffering and how to manifest in great ways. Our Twin Flame’s must come to a point in their own evolution process to want to leave that old vibration behind, to trust the unknown, even if it looks like a risk and completely irrational. Since when does the Magic of the Universe make sense to the logical mind? It doesn’t! You just have to JUMP! The Universe will ask everyone to take this leap of faith. There is no other way around it.

Let’s just be honest my loves. If you are on the journey of becoming your truest self and you are wanting to ascend and expand your consciousness that takes a great amount of bravery and courage. If your Twin Flame is not as brave or courageous as you are in this moment of time, then how is that ever going to work? I have come to realize how feminine I really am. I am super feminine, soft, nurturing, and kind. The masculine I desire truly is a warrior and that’s not to say I don’t see these characteristics in my Twin Flame, I do, however it’s only potential energy. I don’t see it being actioned. That’s why Divine Feminine’s have such a hard time on this journey, we see potential energy and sit around waiting for the potential to manifest. I’m sorry. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

What I have learned is that potential is not enough. We need action. Action is sexy. Action is hot. When a true Divine Masculine takes action to face his fears, damn does that ignite a deep fire and passion inside a Divine Feminine. True Divine Feminine’s don’t wait around, we know our worth. We hold a space of unconditional love for our Divine Masculine’s to grow no matter if they choose to show up. We have also mastered that if he continues to play in karma then it doesn’t matter because we have healed the suffering energy within. It will no longer affect you.

This new vibration are for those who have completed their karma and all karmic cycles. The healing is done or very close to being completed. 2020 is all about integration.

Looking back at all my relationships this action was always lacking in my partner and I will no longer take someone for potential. If you are a Divine Feminine, and know how fucking powerful you are then Twin Flame or not you deserve a Powerful Masculine beside you. I just can’t wait to see who the Universe has lined up for me because I know he will be a courageous animal, earth loving vegan medicine Ayahausca warrior man. A man who can stand next to the power I hold and who is humble enough to be called to protect this power with me.

Until then I am having a blast seeing how fast things are manifesting. All I have to do is think it and it happens. This is Christ Consciousness and I’m tapping into something magical that has been lost and repressed on our planet by darker forcers.

The magic is worth it. Trust me. Keep going! When you get glimpses of the Magic it’s means you are breaking out of the Matrix! DON’T STOP! I am proof that this is real. Keep following me I will continue to show you just how real this is!