What Does Karma Feel Like & How To Work Through It.

We all know what karma is but what we are missing in our Earth based human experience is to distinguish the emotions that are guiding us along a path of clarity. Conditioning has stifled our natural internal compass and most of us on the planet are operating from a broken compass, which happens to be our emotions.

The mind enjoys creating labels to decipher feelings and as a human race we have agreed upon 2 main categories, good and bad. Instead of digging deeper within ourselves to understand what and why we are experiencing these contrasting feelings, we immediately attach a behaviour in order to suppress the uncomfortable emotion in its entirety or we react in a certain way to defend the ego. This is why frustration, and anger are the first indicators that you are operating from a wounded ego and it’s the ego that is trying to put that wall back up. Our walls become comforting because the ego believes it’s the only thing keeping us safe. An awakened soul knows that this is a lie, realizing that the power of the Universe will support your life if your free will choices are aligned to self love FIRST.

Karma plays a very big part in our emotions as the two contrasting feelings of good vs. bad are intertwined for an utmost learning experience. This is why discerning karma with true alignment is so difficult and yet it’s also the best spiritual teacher. Before your incarnation as we descended through multiple layers of consciousness there is a stopping ground just before your soul journey’s into your mother’s womb. This stop is the final opportunity to make any changes to your blueprint as you go over your full life review for this incarnation. I remember this realm very clearly as I had various conversations with specific people who are big markers in my current life like my parents, my ex husband, my kids etc. In this space we take a look at key soul agreements we make with our closest significant soulmates who we may have karmic lessons with in order for our soul to fully evolve. It’s these closest bonds that teach us the internal lessons, and all other exterior experiences will reiterate the lessons you are to transcend. Twin Flames do not have karma between them because they are the purest reflection of one another. The karma that Twin Flame’s experience is their own karma from other soul contracts that come in between their connection.

During the blueprint review we sit and FEEL each situation to gain a strong inner knowing of how our karmic lessons will align, and how they interconnect with other major soul agreements. We burn these emotional feelings deep into our energy systems as it creates a soul memory from before incarnation that can be channelled into the physical plane. This is also known as deja vu as we have the ability to play out and review multiple timelines with multiple possible outcomes before we incarnate. Karma does not happen because of what you did in a past life meaning you are going to pay for it now, quite the contrary. Karma are lessons you struggled with in other lifetimes where you were unable to transcend and get into alignment to your calling.

When a karmic cycle begins, especially if you are dealing with a soulmate agreement, the initial emotions and electrifying connection can feel VERY real. This is how karma works. Karma taps into the lower realms and uses fast, exciting energy to hook you in. Humans love excitement, so much so we recreate the rush in our soap operas, amusement parks, night clubs, sex, music, movies, video games etc. There is nothing wrong with excitement IF you have a good handle on energy and a deep understanding of your emotions and how they work in the matrix control system. The fact is the more aligned you become to your soul’s essence, the less stimulation you will require and eventually you will no longer seek excitement. Instead you will seek a sense of home, peace and tranquility deep within yourself. It’s this inner peace that opens your energy field to the MAGIC of the Cosmos. This is when you experience excitement in an entirely different way from the INSIDE OUT not from the OUTSIDE IN.

Honing a strong inner peace doesn’t mean that you become a hermit where you pull away from the outside world. It’s this deep peace and oneness with your soul’s true essence that becomes so strong that you will want to share this with others. You will seek to maintain your inner peace and tranquility FIRST by cultivating strong boundaries to feed the high vibration of your soul’s calling so that you may engage with the world and society in an entirely different way than you did before.

Anything with excitement in our world is ego bait. If you take the ego bait and continue to keep seeking more within the situation, eventually you will get hooked. This is your blueprint activating your heavy karmic cycles and lessons so that you can be elevated into your greatest power. This is why your power of choice and altruistic self love is so VERY important. Acting from a space of deep integrity is ultimately for your soul’s evolution and by choosing to work on yourself to hone a high level of inner authenticity will help you move through your karmic cycles much faster. The more you give to yourself no matter what is happening outside of yourself, or how the karma is playing out; When you are holding a strong vibration of love for you and everyone involved, your clear conscience will know that you did everything from a very high vibration of truth. When you are this dead honest and truthful with your soul is when you are allowing the Universe to work through you. Trust that how everything is playing out is for the highest good for all even if it looks like a bloody shitshow!

Not all karma is created equal meaning it doesn’t have to end in turmoil. Depending on the growth points you placed in your soul’s blueprint, working through karma with a person or situation in your life can elevate you and the other person into a higher consciousness. The key here is to have a clear inner knowing if you are to stay or to leave a particular situation. You might not be able to explain why with your mind, but deep within your emotions you will know what to do. When a karmic cycle has ended you will feel completely exhausted, tired, frustrated and burdened that you will want to exit the situation. Do it. That’s your soul guiding you. Listen to your feelings in the situation and do not doubt them. If doubt and confusion are still plaguing you, then it’s a sign to sit, take in, and observe your inner reactions to the stimulus of your outside world. It’s this quiet observation that will bring you deeper awareness of what your emotions and your higher self are trying to communicate to you. They are guiding you along the path to your enlightenment so sit and do not engage with the karma. What keeps most people stuck in relationships, a job, or a stagnant non moving energy is when we get caught up in our own shame and guilt for hurting other people, and putting someone else first over our inner knowing. Trust me you aren’t doing anybody any favours by sticking around if you have a deep desire to end a situation or to walk away. We are told to stick it out in relationships, those who work hard get a reward. If you suffer through it you will win! It’s not how Universal Consciousness works, that how humans work. Source Energy is ever abundant, never a power struggle as it naturally ebbs and flows. When you choose to mimic your inner world to be like the Universe then your exterior world will also naturally lineup. Life will become VERY easy as you release old belief systems that you are to suffer and work hard. This is true freedom of the mind, but unfortunately those who still operate from a human consciousness will see this as selfish, self serving, or distant. Remember when you hold deep soul integrity and honour for your evolution, everything WILL WORK OUT.

Human’s have been conditioned to feel bad for their emotions and instead we are told as children to be considerate of others before listening to our inner wisdom. I didn’t raise my children this way because it’s backwards. Children are very wise, and at one time you too were just as wise, but because you listened to the outside world of how to act and behave you got lost.

When you act from a deep space of integrity you will tap into unconditional love given to everyone by Source Energy. When you choose to encompass that energy in every decision you make, even if the situation at first feels horrible, remember that is just the initial breaking of old patterns. Things must break apart to allow unconditional love to come into your vessel. Once the breaking open has happened the healing aspect of the situation will speed up because you are surrendering to a high vibration of light.

The best advice I can give you in dealing with karma is to recognize the situation or relationship for what it is by stepping back, not engaging as you would in the past, listening and observing and hearing what your soul is saying deep within your gut. Trust the feelings that come up and action them when you feel inspired to do so. If you feel something is off, it’s off. If you feel you are being manipulated (even if the person or situation seems authentic and kind) then you are being manipulated.

When you begin to trust your inner world, this will ignite more of your natural empathic and psychic abilities. Your gut doesn’t lie. Instead your inner knowing will guide you into enlightenment, truth, peace and tranquility.