There are many concepts and belief systems on the Earth we gravitate to because it feels good. Granted, on an energetic basis moving towards what feels good is a step in the right direction however this too can be a slippery slope if we are still holding subconscious conditionings and belief systems.

The twin flame movement has become like a whole new religion where many people believe they are in a union when in fact they aren’t. I’m here to dispel a lot of these fantasy belief systems and you may ask why am I the expert? It’s because of my crystal clear abilities and my dead on intuition that surpasses the Matrix Control System.

Take a look around at the Twin Flame Community, those who claim to be twins either don’t want to talk about intuition and psychic abilities while others are stating they can bring you into union with your twin flame but they have no idea how to really activate the medicine within you or how to activate you out of your subconscious patterns. It’s a complete red flag if someone says they can bring you into union, only the Universe can do that.

Twin Flame energy is HIGHLY HEALING and you will feel ACTIVATED immediately in their presence and not by the words they speak. It’s not a mind game of chatter. Words don’t matter because you will feel it. You won’t have to sit and listen to them speaking and explaining things. It reminds me of the preacher in front of a pulpit preaching the word of god, it’s really makes me laugh. Use your intuition, your gut is telling you something. You will FEEL THE LOVE immediately you don’t have to listen to a sermon!

There are only 3 sets of Twin Flames that I completely trust and who have a very divine connection (because not many people can activate my energy):

  1. Opheana and Sikaal I recently purchased 2 of their readings and damn are they dead on! I highly recommend them.
  2. Another set of Twin Flames I love is Laura & Gunther from their podcast The Comic Matrix. They have a high understanding of the dark energies at play on the Earth. I highly suggest listening to their podcasts on relationships
  3. The third set of Twin Flames who I love dearly to my heart are the Ayahuascero’s I work with in Mexico. You can feel their love immediately and in my opinion are some the most authentic and best healers I have ever come across.

I have worked with other “twin flames” in the community and I have been able to see cleary right through them, nor have they been healing. Those I have worked with never activated my divine crystalline energy system, instead they activated the dark energy I had already healed (well they were trying to activate it but I was completely aware of the energies trying to seep into my system and manipulate me. Not everyone has this awareness and many people are being taken advantage of)

True twin flames will leave you feeling in a high vibration of calm and peace. Every client I work with walks away feeling very peaceful and calm. I can’t tell you how many clients were so afraid to book a session with me after their experience with other Twin Flame teachers in the community who did nothing but re-traumatize them by activating their darkness within them and left them feeling like crap. It’s because these so called teachers are channeling dark entities and not divine love. A true twin flame healer will bring up your darkness but in a way where you can face it and feel empowered to work in it. You should never leave a healer feeling worse then when you started.

I believe those who claim to be Twin Flames are more Divine Counterparts/Soulmates and their true twins are still out there, but instead they have attached so deeply to the label of Twin Flame. Wetiko has taken the Divinity of Twin Flames and has manipulated it within the Matrix to take full control of people and their energy bodies. Some of the couples I hired for myself who claim to be Twins were not been able to activate my energy because they are connected to the darker energies masking and pretending to be Divinity. One lady during a call who was over 15 mins late for a 30 mins session gave me some crap advice on health and when she appeared on the screen all I saw was dark energy looming all around her. She was actually very intimidated by my energy, which I am not surprised. People who play in darker energies are VERY intimidated by the power I hold. When she came on the screen all I wanted to do was purge.

I also purchased several sessions with a couple who took my money and never honoured the sessions. Instead they ignored my messages completely. They will take you into your pain without even knowing how to really guide you through it leaving you feeling worse then when you started. It’s all because they do not have a clear connection to the Divine.

Why is this happening? Here’s why.

People on the planet are addicted to the chemicals of addiction created in the brain. Everything in the Matrix is about addiction and codependency, from the food we eat, to the relationships we have etc. It’s all run by the Wetiko. Humans are being siphoned by the Matrix control system and channelling mediocre teachings that are keeping people stuck by activating the brain chemistry instead of the intuition that is located in the gut. Most people aren’t even aware that your truth is in your gut not in your head nor in your heart.

If you would like to know more about brain chemistry, and the energy the Matrix control system uses to keep people trapped, watch this!

REAL TWIN FLAMES who are ready to do a mission together do not get stuck in this darkness, instead they surpass it immediately when they are together. It’s why Spirit would never bring Twin Flames together until they are ready for mission, it’s because their energies are too potent when they are together. Both twins must be ready to serve humanity in a very big way!

I have memories of my Twin and I before we incarnated into this lifetime. I asked him if he would remember me because I was choosing to incarnate into some very dense, dark energies. I also purposefully picked a body, a culture and a lineage he would have to break his ego around. He promised me he would remember me and he would honour our contract in this life. He kept his word and he did recognize me and as for our mission I don’t doubt this won’t happen. I feel him on the inside and I know this to be true. I don’t even have to be in physical contact to know this because our connection to the Divine and our telepathy is so very strong.

Twin flames are here to usher in the new grid for Mother Earth and in order to do that both twins must be able to channel high level teachings. They don’t take teachings from other people instead they are given clear direction and new teachings by Source.

Not many people on Earth have been able to break free of the Matrix control system, and continue to work in these dark energies believing what they channel is real. Oh it’s real. It’s real dark energy masquerading as light. To know if you have broken through the Matrix is that your life has taken on a tremendous amount of peace, alignment, and ease and flow. You are in service and you are not struggling to connect everyday. I know this seems “fairy tale” but it’s a reality I live everyday and I worked damn hard for it! Inner peace is a regular lifestyle for me.
The Matrix is very dense, getting out is not easy but you will know once you break through it. There will be a new sense of freedom, you will feel alive and connected and yet humbled by this Divine Power. If the suffering is still happening in your life, if you are struggling then you are still in the Matrix.

In order to smash out of the Matrix there needs to be a radical, huge leap of faith that Spirit asks of you. That means you must forego all your belief systems around love, sex, money, security, relationships, power etc. None of it is real, it’s all implants. The sex agenda is a huge implant that’s keeping many people stuck. This includes physical attraction, and playing in perverted dark energies like BDSM. BDSM is a gateway into mental entrapment, pain, confusion and suffering. Twin Flames are unable to go into that type of darkness because their connection is so healing the dark cannot exist between the two. Instead the force of Divine Creation will take both into new awareness, bliss and harmony.

When you are ready to leave the Matrix control system, you will lose everything you have built up in the Earth plane. You will have to work through your mind concepts associated with a true connection. This will not include physical, mental, emotional or sexual attraction. You will be asked to surrender when your mind is telling you this connection seems impossible, but that’s the rites of passage. In order to come into a divine mission and true soul expansion we must relinquish and surrender all personal desires so that the Universe can clearly work through us. It’s a complete breaking down of our humanness into a complete state of humbleness. This is how you know you are with your Twin Flame. If we find ourselves clinging, attaching and hanging onto old patterns of how we lived up until this point there is no way Divine light can work through your body for the type of work that Twin Flames are here to do.

As a child I heard a verse during a Christian wedding ceremony from the Bible that has stuck with me. I believe there is truth in all text but again, all religions have been manipulated to some degree by the Matrix and Wetiko. The verse is: “What God Has Put Together Let No Man Put Asunder

My understanding of this became very apparent during a ceremony where I was shown what a true sacred marriage looks like and it all starts in the spiritual realm. The only truth to divine love is who you were created with and not anything outside of that. What man creates in the 3D world no matter how hard you want to believe a connection is meant to be, if it is not in alignment to what God put together then it’s attached to to some layers of darkness!

During one of my Ayahausca ceremonies spirit brought forward the divinity of creation. I was told my Twin and I are the original seedlings of the Earth and because we are both Starseeds we helped in creating her. That’s how old he and I are. I was shown when our energies merged it was so beautifully perfect it made me purge all the old ideas I had about sex, love and romance. The verse continued to ring through my head as flashes of divine merging with masculine and feminine energies was presented to me. It was such divine perfection my entire body literally could not handle such high vibrations that I purged very hard. This type of love is unexplainable and it’s this energy when the two come together will bring in a new grid to help others find their way out of the Matrix. Humans are taking the Twin Flames concept and making it to suit their agendas that are attached to brain chemistry, addictions and codependency. Everyone has a Twin and it’s completely holy and sacred. Anybody and anything outside of that is not real. It’s mental energy creating emotional feelings that connect you to your conditioning and pain.

God did create every person with a perfect match and depending on your soul’s evolution process right now you can find your person, but it’s going to take a HUGE step in working on clearing all of your belief systems, including who you believe is your twin flame. You must surrender your love life to God. You must detach so what is meant for you can come into alignment. Deep healing and the will to face your darkest internal patterns is the first step.

This brings me to the misconceptions of romance, sex and connection and why love is so painful while you are still inundated in the Matrix. Wetiko is the dark energy that is running the Matrix. Here is a checklist to help you better discern your way out of it:

  • You can have telepathy with other souls other than your Twin Flame. That doesn’t guarantee a Twin Flame connection. The matrix will use your empathic abilities and manipulate your energy into believing what you are feeling is real. It’s real, but in a very dense frequency. If your telepathy is connected to sexual feelings that create an emotional response then it’s 100% dark forces manipulating. If the emotions are painful and you just aren’t sure then it’s dark forces. With your Twin Flame there is zero doubt in the Divinity of the connection
  • Twin flames connect through the energy of deep knowing and nothing else. No sexual attraction, no romance, instead it’s peace and comradity.
  • Twin Flames don’t fight or argue so if you think you are with your twin and you are fighting look again. It’s too painful to hurt your twin or to fight with them because the underlying energy is peace. Yes there can be some debating but there are never harsh words, nor a power struggle. Never.
  • If the sex entails BDSM, or if it’s hot and steamy it’s dark forces
  • The person you are with matches your physical preferences and activates your brain chemistry. Twin Flames choose physicalities to transcend the ego. This can be a large age gap, gender, different countries, sexual preference, race/culture etc.
  • Karmic partners trauma bond meaning you were either raised in a similar fashion and have the same wounds. Twin Flames don’t share the same wounds, instead they share the same way in which they handle their pain. Twin flames heal internally exactly the same way.
  • The matrix control system states you feel your Twin in your heart. No you don’t. You feel them in your gut. You will hear their voice deep in your gut and in your soul knowing. The heart is only meant to feel, not to guide. It’s our gut that holds our intuition and inner knowing.

The best advice I can give you is to keep healing, to dig deep beyond what your mind is telling you. Even if your emotions are all over the place and you are feeling very intense emotions, please realize intensity is the Wetiko. Divine love is PURE PEACE and CALM. It’s time to start learning how to work with your internal energy bodies so that you are able to understand exactly what is happening to you on a very deep spiritual level.

If you are interested in learning how to work with your natural internal energy systems please email me at to apply for a free session.