Plants are alive and have conscious awareness like all other sentient beings. If you doubt this take a look at this study conducted by Dr. Hashimoto.

During my ayahuasca ceremonies my awakening expanded to the point where I have come to accept that I am a very clear channel for plant consciousness. They speak through me and I am able to communicate with all of nature. When I sing nature wakes up and sings with me, it’s a pretty powerful, yet super humbling and awesome experience! I bow to nature after every song.

Ayahuasca expanded my intuitive abilities from already being able to speak telepathically, manifest and work in energy in very abundant ways, where I have all types of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, mediumship, remote viewing, astral travelling etc. The list goes on but you get the point. With Ayahuasca my Shiva eye opened which is located at the back of the head and now I work with a complete activated 3rd eye spanning from the back of my head to the front of my forehead.

During my medicine visions I was given clear direction by my Light Council to speak of the different frequencies of plant medicines (in this post I will address, Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Mushrooms and Bufo)

There are many people on the planet who utilize plant medicines to heal and yes, this is a great avenue to understand the widsom the Earth gives us, however like every human conditioning we become attached.

Buddha stated the root of all suffering is attachment. It’s stifles freedom and true authentic expression.

Here in Canada, Cannabis has become legal and it’s helping many people medicinally, what I have a problem with is the manipulation of this plant and the dishonouring of it’s true spiritual purpose, which is helping those who can no longer feel emotions to feel something. Cannabis is a mischievous seductive energy and it will work with your current state of awareness. If you are numb emotionally it will help you to feel those emotions again but that’s the extent of this plant. I use Cannabis oil in my practice to aid in exorcisms and getting someone to feel through their blocked dark energy like fear and repressed emotions. Cannabis works amazingly well with dark energy but it does not bring higher states of consciousness. It simply unblocks feelings that the dark energy was hiding. The next step is to soberly work through those feelings now that you are feeling them again. These feelings can become so overwhelming that most people have no idea how to work through such intensity. Instead they smoke Cannabis to numb and relax. This begins a horrible cycle and leads into addiction.

Many people claim that Cannabis opens up their third eye and brings a sense of relaxation so they can better connect with themselves, and yes these aspects are very true however the attachment to this theory will leave you stagnant in your spiritual growth.

Humans are always looking to excuse their behaviours instead of getting down right honest with their own bypassing thoughts that keep them stuck including that Shiva smoked Cannabis so then it must be ok to use it in Yoga practices and meditation.

Let’s remember that Shiva was completely enlightened and discouraged any frequencies to utilize Cannabis who did not match this state of consciousness. There is good reason for this advice. When you reach a place of being a clear, fully healed, and an unblocked vessel for the Universe to work through you, you would no longer have any form of attachment. Meaning you could smoke Cannabis if you wanted to shift your consciousness however it wouldn’t be necessary as you would already have those abilities activated within you. Cannabis will NOT activate your gifts, nor will Mushrooms. I believe only Ayahuasca can do that.

In my honest opinion using Cannabis in traditional ancient methodologies like Yoga is blasphemy. These teachings are not to be manipulated to suit human consciousness, instead its us humans who are to RISE up to that level of pure divinity. These teachings were channelled for a reason. Yes, it’s hard work, however making the excuses that it relaxes the body and helps you to connect during your Yoga or meditation practices is a form of attachment. Attachment will never bring true freedom into your life and it will continue to enforce codependency and addictions.

Don’t get me wrong, as a long time Cannabis smoker I too made these excuses, but I had to quit when I hit a certain level of awareness when Divine Light started to filter in higher concentrations into my vessel. Cannabis works directly with the 3D realms (mind patterns and emotions), the spirit world where entities are attached to the 3D world and spirits of the underworld. It will lower your vibration.

What I found is that Cannabis is a great tool to use to FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS if you are COMPLETELY NUMB. This has to do with the first steps of looking at deep seeded trauma’s and for most who are just starting the spiritual path. If you are beyond this point in your journey, then you are most likely attached to Cannabis. My suggestion is to move out of using Cannabis and move into Mushrooms if you absolutely can not sit in your own uncomfortable energy.

Unlike Cannabis that works with very dense 3D frequencies including very dark forces like Wetiko (which is why people develop anxiety on it), Mushrooms will pull you into the 4th dimension. It will show you the mental patterns to your emotions on a small scale. Over time Mushrooms will no longer work as you heighten your vibration, and the key yet again is not to become attached.

Energy manipulation by Wetiko

Wetiko is ready to pounce and manipulate your energies the moment you open up your consciousness. If you feel grandeur and powerful I would question the energy that is filtering into your system. You will feel powerfully awakened, that’s the trick. This is the Wetiko mimicking Divinity. In order to discern the fine line between divine truth and power is to recognize what power feels like and what peace feels like while being humbled in your humanness. Power and humbleness go hand in hand. If you aren’t humbled then it’s Wetiko.

Take energy work seriously as that is where all physical manifestations begins. It doesn’t start in the mind, it starts with being in a state of peace and altruistic honesty. Ensure that you are working with someone who is very apparent in their energy work, and where you feel peace and calm in their presence. This is the type of Shaman you would want to work with. Any form of resistance or uncertainty I would take it as a no.

There will come a point in your journey where you will have to sit in your uncomfortable energy without any outside influences. Highly sensitive souls have addictions and are codependent due to being super empathic and feeling energies so strongly. If you are attached to plant medicine without integrating what you have learned during your “trip” it will create more suffering and stagnancy on your path. You are to ACTION and trust your visions instead of avoiding them.

Ayahuasca is just a tool however I believe it’s the most powerful, highest connection to source that clears your channel and brings in Divine Light, but don’t get me wrong I have seen peope misusing Ayahuasca to energetically siphon and manipulate others. It’s very important to know who you are entrusting your energy to.

Some people claim that Bufo and other animal medicines are superior but I have been told by Source that anything that uses an animal is out of alignment of the Divine Plan and Mother Earth. Our Earth gives us everything we need including feeding the animals. Yes these frogs are not being hurt however it leaves them defenseless for a period of time. It’s also not metabolically nor anatomically natural for consumption. Neither is any animal product. Your vessel is truly a temple created from the Earth. It’s to be honoured as such in every way.

I understand this post will be highly triggering because I have been where you are. It might not be time to hear this or to work in this, however if you did get triggered then a seed has been planted in your consciousness.

For those who are resonating with this, take a look deeper into the healing modalities of plant medicines to aid and support your conscious evolution. Where are you in your healing process and where are your attachments? Is it time to level up and do the hard work?