You will only attract what is going on inside of yourself and that includes your deep seated subconscious patterns. Many people have magic within themselves but its hidden in the pain and the darkness we don’t want to face. We are most fearful of facing that darkness not because of the pain but because of what is on the other side. The unknown.

Magic does exist in our world; miracles are happening all the time. The fact that you breath in life’s essence every day is a miracle but we take it for granted. As you are reading this someone on this planet in this very instant is breathing their last breath.

I’m writing this today to talk about true healers, souls that came to the Earth at this time who placed specific fated and destined synchronicities in their soul’s blueprint to be activated at certain points in their journey. These are magical occurrences something the mind cannot fathom and yet the soul recognizes on a very deep level.

This is not going to be easy to convey in words as language is in fact the lowest vibrational way to communicate. Our natural way of communication is telepathy and we are not the only mammals on the planet who are able to do this. Elephants are able to speak across vast distances to warn one another of any dangers.

Magical moments happen when the mind is completely absent from the experience, it’s when you are unable to explain it because the feelings are so intense. This is the Garden of Eden we left so long ago and why Twin Flames have come to the Earth at this time. Twin Flames are the exact same soul frequency in two different bodies. The experiences together is pure magic and it can’t be faked nor replicated with anybody else. You can have all the romantic hot sexual attraction to your partner, but your twin flame heals you deeply and they align you to your true life’s purpose. It’s a deep pull you can not avoid and if you are awake enough it will literally create a deep suffering until you honour getting into alignment with your mission.

The current gridlines on the planet have been disrupted by darker forces and trapping souls as they evolve and grow. Finding someone who is pure in their energy work is very difficult. I can attest to that. My hypersensitive pulled me away from much of the new age community as I had a very strong stance in what the darker energies felt like due to my soul’s blueprint and the trauma’s I experienced in this lifetime at a very young age. My hypersensitivity allowed me to feel very dense energies where I am able to compare and weigh them against other vibrational frequencies which gave me a very strong discernment. It’s very hard to manipulate me because in the past I was very easily manipulated. It took very hard life lessons to know the slight shifting between the dark and the light. This is why I will not partake in energies anymore that do not align to my calling.

Everyone is exactly where they need to be and the healers you are attracted to is what you require at this moment in your path, but if you have been brought to my page then you have completely hit a different frequency than most.

A true healer will be able to sit with you in your pain and they will be able to hold the space no matter how dark you go. Not many people can handle this as it is the power of true unconditional love that scares us. It’s not really our darkness. If you are having fear I would encourage you to face it because what you want on the other side is the medicine you seek. The bigger the fear the bigger the love.

Instead, us humans shrink away and choose fear instead of the magic and we never truly experience magic because we continue to get in our own way. We believe we are to struggle, and to work really hard. True magical moments are actually quite easy as they are natural and flowing. You don’t have to work hard at it as long as you are willing to face the black wall standing in front of you blocking your birthright abundance!

You can’t fake magic either. It’s either aligned or it isn’t. The only free will choice you have is fear or love. When you become so aligned to your soul’s blueprint you realize free will is a big game because why in the world would you choose anything other than unconditional love?

We choose fear because our souls know it’s time to grow. The darkness has its purpose, for we would never know true love if we didn’t know what suffering felt like. It all comes to a head when are able to remember the vibration of fear and suffering so intensely we can use that memory in our energy system to keep pushing us forward for greater alignment. This means you don’t have to experience fear or suffering in your everyday life because you have already lived it. Instead you are now utilizing the memory of it to catalyze and push you forward without buying into the triggers or the story that goes along with the memory! I show my coaching clients how to do this over time as it depends on how deep they are in their pain.

The next choice is to stop choosing the suffering because you are so darn sick of it. Surrender and let go . Once you have hit that point there is no turning back. Magic becomes a regular daily event.  Your path will unfold in a miraculous way and you will be romanced by the Universe. We seek comfort in our regular human conditionings like human romance, partnerships and the way we work in our businesses and careers, and yes they will fall apart to bring you into alignment that’s the brunt work; However once you are aligned, you will no longer seek vibrations that triggered your past pain. Instead you will be free and living with complete ease.

Most people don’t believe you can have a life of ease. I’m here to tell you it is possible. All you have to do is find the healer who works in magic, who has that unconditional love, who feeds your soul and not your mind’s desires of getting or wanting more.

True law of attraction works when you get aligned to your soul’s calling, not the house you desire. Most highly evolved souls are lost right now thinking if they just focus on building the business and doing all the right “business” stuff (getting on social media, creating content, etc.) that the material world will manifest. It will but only because you are working so hard for it. Do you see how you continue to suffer for it? Eventually the rewards will no longer feel that good because your soul will be begging you to get into alignment.

True healers will show you that when you face your biggest fears, when you surrender and take the plunge, when you get dead honest with yourself, and once you clear the darkness, it is this alignment that will bring you the contacts you need, the clients, the money etc. You won’t have to seek it for it will just come to you.

That’s why I do the work that I do. I get you through your dark, I sit with you, I pull down your soul’s blueprint and get you to face things you have been avoiding your entire life. Once that clears my clients have HUGE manifestations. You don’t get the clarity and the fine tuned gifts until you have walked through the valley of death….literally.

Your fear is inside of you for a reason but remember you are always bigger than the fear because you were created out of unconditional love.

Get real, face it and live. AHO xo