It doesn’t cling, it releases

This love opens and receives all energy

It doesn’t matter if it’s a handful of darkness

A true Sacred Feminine will welcome that darkness

She will mould the dark,

Careful to honour the tiny specks of light caught in its own density

Her entire self opens to the surrendering of the Cosmos

Crying and releasing

Not for herself but for all Feminines who are still lost in their dark,

She weeps for the Masculines stagnant in honouring their intuition

And for the ancestors of her Soul Tribe and for the collective

A true Sacred Feminine honours the energies and guidance that is bestowed upon her

She makes difficult choices where her only validity is the whispering of God.

She doesn’t listen to her mind, her desires, nor her pain

The faith and tethered comfort of her intuition is sound with the Universe

For it is where she will lead others

Including her Divine Masculine.