Many of us are confused about dark energy and many aspects of the new age movement focuses more on alleviating the pain associated with dark energy in our lives. What we must acknowledge is that the dark is here for a reason and it’s meant to help us recognize our power in a very deep way. There are many shadow work courses and workshops surfacing in the world today due to a shift in the consciousness of recognizing that shadow work is definitely needed, but I tend to question these practices if I don’t find an underlying element of peace within those teachings.

The only truth we can fully depend on is peace. Peace is the only calming force I have discovered that has lead me to recognize deep authentic truthful expressions of the Divine in me and working through me. You simply can’t find truth in chaos, drama or toxicity. Of course we have an array of emotions that we can not neglect even if they are denser, darker emotions; we must find healthy spiritual tools that ignite our power, broaden the reach of our light that can hold a strong stance while in tumultuous terrain.

In order to get the hang of holding peace in very dark energies, you must first powerfully detach from the stories that begin to surface, then seal the holes in your etheric field that catalyzes law of vibration, (I show clients how to do this) and finally being able to sit and have an open conversation with this darkness.

We have demonized (literally) the darkness, including the evil we see in our world. It’s because as a mass consciousness we are first working in the etheric realms trying to figure out how to experience ourselves BEFORE it’s physically manifested. Yes, this might break your belief system especially if you believe that once we leave the Earth plane it’s all peace, love and light. Isn’t it a bit on the naive side to believe darkness does not exist beyond our physical reality?

Lets dive deeper.

How are planets formed? Think about the mass destruction, the chaos in creating a planet. How are mountains created? An earthquake must happen. Everything has a purpose including the power of darkness. The only law that all life must follow, no matter the frequency of energy being dark or light, is free will. Not to say our new age gurus aren’t speaking the truth that it’s all love and light, in fact, yes light and love does trump all energy, but that’s not realistically how the Universe works, nor ourselves.

We are expansive multidimensional beings that nothing is linear nor rational. Our systems and the way we live on Earth has been created by us to better understand, and categorize the variety of energies at play. We have forgotten that these systems only feed the mind, and how we factualize and organize information feeds a mass belief system that proof is truth. This is why as a human race we are emotional dead, emotionally triggered and emotionally in deep suffering.

Darkness is running rampid on our planet not to torture us but it’s physically manifesting to show us, as a One Consciousness, as a God Consciousness, there is an element of evil we are reflecting back to ourselves to wake us up out of this slumber.

If this is the case then the dance of relationship between light and dark are correlated, tied and tethered into the ebb and flow of life. You can’t have one without the other. This is the Yin and Yang, the dark and light, it is duality. We purposely came into a 3D existence to experience duality. Most of us have only learned to suppress the dark, what if you were to able to face it, love it and work with it?

I truly believe the next step in the mass consciousness is to experience and face darkness. Your dark is a direct correlation of how much enlightenment you can achieve. We don’t have to suffer in the dark, yes it can be painful, but that pain, just like the pain of achieving anything worthwhile in your life, must be felt to know your true divinity and your true power. If you are suffering it’s a trigger to look elsewhere. You don’t have to suffer to own your power, you only have to recognize the pain.

We have seen this with every great master on the planet, yet we only focus on their enlightenment. Buddha spoke greatly of his pains leading up to his awakening, and Jesus accepted being crucified. These are just 2 examples, but do the research, upon great awakening, first there is great pain and suffering.

You most definitely do not have to live in suffering and pain, but the pain is present to utilize your dark as a catalyst into your true power. It’s a portal, a doorway that wants to be opened into your greatest self, but instead we fight our dark, we push it away and we seek something outside of ourselves to feel better. That can be a relationships, a drug, or a nap. These old ways of coping then become detrimental to our spiritual health because we aren’t evolving, instead we stay stagnant and miserable, and trapped in fear and suffering. You can’t run from this darkness, the only way is to face it and that is with a clear mirror. Someone who has walked this path and who has reached the other side. If you are in a relationship that is more in darkness than love, take a look if you are trauma bonded. Do you have the same wounding? If so it’s harder to see who you truly are if your pain is constantly being reflected back to you.

Everything can be healed but the key to healing is to accept our dark. We birth our babies the same way, we go through tremendous labour and pain to hold our beautiful children. Don’t avoid your darkness, dance with it. If you don’t know how but you have been seeking a mentor/coach, go ahead and book a free session with me and let me show you how fast and quickly you can own your power.