This is one of the best quotes taken from the original text from A Course in Miracles reworded by Marianne Williamson. When we feel resistance in our path we feel a pang of fear or anxiety deep in our guts.

Humans have been so conditioned by this world that we have defined our emotions in opposition to the Universal Love we were born out of. This appears as fear. Whenever we feel something is off we automatically without even realizing it, allow ego patterns to react to certain situations that keep us in a safe cocoon of the mind.

As children, we begin to do some powerful emotionally internal associations with feelings and considering the mass consciousness on the planet is derived more from fear than love, this creates an automatic imbalance in our energy systems.

This is why I tell my clients that fear and resistance is your biggest gift. They are the clues to follow on your path. It’s these clues that will illuminate the puzzle pieces that will fit your internal life back together.

Healing and enlightenment aren’t easy. It is through pain and darkness where we find the power of our light, buried deep underneath all the falsehoods we have taken on.  If we continue to hold onto the belief system that there is an easier less painful way to deep healing, that’s the ego trying to fool us.

We were not born into this world pain-free. There is labouring, contractions, pain, birth and blood. Birthing is messy. We have been shown in our physical world the signs and life experiences that will mirror the internal world we are to face. It’s up to you to notice how everything in your physical world is a reflection of something deep inside of you. You are experiencing this current situation because something inside of you is resonating with it.

To birth ourselves we must face it, feel it, accept it, grieve it, labour in the pain, and hold onto the tiniest pieces of light that come shining through no matter how insignificant. That light is Source Energy breaking through the layers of falsehoods, like the sun shining through the dark forest, just enough light to feed the vegetation on the forest floor.

In this journey of honouring and seeking true Cosmic Love, we will be given only the bare necessities to survive. This is to keep us depending on faith and to grow in our union with the Universe. When we break it’s through these cracks where the light can enter and it is only then when we can bask in true love. It all depends on how much of your dark comfort zone are you willing to shed away?

We become accustomed to our darkness. We have built homes in our dark, comfort, marriages, emotional mind patterns, finances and foundations. When that light comes shining through in its brilliant truth we fear of seeing those lies.

Healing and enlightenment is a destructive process, it will show you the truth of the Universe and that is what we fear. The truth.

Being in the dark is easy. Facing the light is hard, but the maximum fulfilment of life is the warrior who is ready to face the light, who is ready to bask in the heat of the sun to burn off the dark residue that keeps us suffering deeply in our souls.

The choice is yours.

Namaste xo