Earth is the epitome of contrast and duality, it is the reason we come here. In spirit, we are a part of a collective that ebbs and flows towards highest good for all in every momentous choice.

Observe a murmuration, where a flock of birds are moving and flowing together as one. As you watch this, Spirit has shown me that energy in the collective consciousness moves very much in the same way. A school of fish do the same. Nature will always mirror the Cosmos and bring us manifested synchronicities so that we may remember how connected we are in this 3D physical plane.


Notice how the birds intuitively move together. The reason we come to the Earth is to master our individuality and still be a part of this natural ebb and flow.

Free will, in my opinion, doesn’t really exist the closer you become with the Universe. Here in our individualism, we either make a choice for our highest good or not. That’s it. Its really quite simple but as humans, we get stuck in the mind and over analyze our choices.

The Universe is simplistically beautifully designed. Your choices always come down to either the ego or the soul. Your highest good choice, the healthiest isn’t always something we want to pick because it could affect other people. When I left my marriage it didn’t only affect my ex-husband, our home life and our finances, it affected our children. If I was to focus beyond the simplicity of the choices, that choice becomes harder.

We have been conditioned to over analyze and weigh our options out and yes don’t get me wrong, speaking to an ex-Business Analyst I totally acknowledge where  there will come a time and place for utilizing these skills; However when the final choice comes down to action,  the biggest factor to consider is if this is for your highest good or not?

Trust in our higher selves and the ability to hush the mind to believe with an unwavering knowing in the power of the Universe is to take that leap of faith, no matter how much weight it holds in the physical world.

These lessons come to those who are ready for emotional, mental and energy mastery. Something deep inside has awakened and the way we have previously lived will no longer work for us. We have been opened to the powers of creation where those who are still asleep will never fully comprehend the deep understandings we have come to in our lives.

We must now learn how to move through this dualistic reality with this newfound wisdom and to accept that actioning and living this new path won’t ever match what we have done in the past.

We either have to choose our highest good that is lead by our hearts and intuition. As hard as that truth hurts us and others vs. what we have been told is right or wrong based on societal, cultural, religious or ancestral belief patterns, that is where our power resides.

When we follow our intuition and choose the highest good every time we are flowing and ebbing like a flock of birds. We channel universal consciousness through us and in return we move with the magic of the Cosmos.

This is when resistance falls away and the Universe ends up providing for us. It becomes effortless, a playground and truly a beautiful place to live.

Hold onto that peace. I have come to a place in my life that I refuse to give and receive energy that is not for my highest good. When you do the deep inner work to heal and clear your subconscious patterns, and I have been doing this since I was 16 years old, you become very picky with whom to bring into your world. Your inner connection to Source is a priority in order to channel great wisdom and lifeforce through you for the betterment of humanity, all sentient beings and Mother Earth.

This is why having conscious healthy boundaries in place will allow you to walk that fine line of honouring your empathic energy systems and being able to simultaneously share love with everyone you come in contact with.

That’s a fine balance I will discuss in another post.

This connection you have with Source will eventually take precedence over the material wealth, the stimulating attractive relationships, or how far up the corporate ladder, we can climb. Instead, it is the wisdom and living from deep honest Universal truth to help others recognize this amazing power within themselves so that we can all join together to really transform our world is what becomes our driving force to life!

Here are some basic rules of life I have set in my life as boundaries to keep me aligned and true to myself.

  1. Never lie. Be dead honest, open and authentic to the best of your ability in every interaction you have on a daily basis. I would rather hurt you with the truth than with a lie.
  2. Love yourself first, before your spouse, your kids, and before your friends. You come first all the time, make time for that inner romancing of the soul
  3. Go by your instincts and always look inside first before responding/reacting. If you feel resistance towards someone or a situation look within to see where it sits in you. If you feel good authentically on the inside than it is most likely that other people and you are energetically picking up on their issues. Either way, it’s a chance to love yourself and the other person at that moment. Take resistance as an opportunity to dig deeper
  4. You can love and still have personal boundaries. Speak up for yourself and make those boundaries known and stop caring how you are perceived by other people. What others say about you is none of your business, don’t make it your business.
  5. Pray hard and pray daily. Speak to Spirit as much as you can. Form that relationship and get accustomed to what that feels like. All relationships take work including your connection to the Universe and to your higher self. Trust in the feelings you get and go with it.
  6. Do not engage with fake superficial people. Send love and be on your way. They all have massive control factors and are living in a lower consciousness. If you are around lower vibes more than vibes in alignment with your calling you will have to eventually lower your frequency for mutual understanding. Remember it’s easier to lower your vibration to go back where you once were than for someone of a lower frequency to heighten to where you are at.
  7. Learn to let go. Letting go and surrender things and people who not meet your healthy boundaries for living life, no matter the connection, it will only cause inner conflict and anger within yourself for not honouring your spirit.
  8. At the end of the day be grateful and thankful for everything that has crossed your path. Send love and healing to others and to yourself knowing that you did your utmost best today.

Namaste xo