It boggles my mind that so many people, even those who are active in the spiritual community have no idea how to be super authentic.  As a super sensitive empath don’t even try to lie to me. I’m tricky that way and you won’t even know it. I will be open and truthful to my core and ask others questions to feel someone out and immediately I can call bullshit, even if they aren’t consciously aware themselves of their own internal lies.

When I was a baby my parents couldn’t take me out in public because I would scream and cry the moment someone would focus on me. The reason for this was because I could feel their pain. The pain that was found in the spaces between their mind and their soul. In that space was the disconnect from the truth of all that is.

This was when I started to focus on people’s soul’s potential simply because it felt better. To this day I have found myself falling for those who have an amazing soul potential but who are totally unaware of it. It’s the main reason why I have had so many messed up relationships where now at 41 I have to recondition myself to look that this space of disconnect and then set healthy boundaries based on a person’s energetic alignment.

How much have they cleared their mind patterns, their conditioning, their belief systems so they can connect to their true soul’s essence? Are they operating from their heart or their soul’s calling?

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer engage deeply, intimately and emotionally with those who are operating more from their mind patterns than from their soul and heart. It only ends up being a power struggle where I continue to speak from a soul perspective and the other hides behind mind games.

So over it!

I have done so much healing in my life and have come so far that I have said to the Universe until a deep connection and alignment has been established between the mind and the soul, and only when the direction of life is handled by the soul will I choose to engage deeply.

Deep authenticity is the key to enlightenment. That means a deep truth in your gut, not in your head. When you are ready to look at the excuses you tell yourself in your mind that keep you in a pattern and then question those excuses from the viewpoint of your deep gut instincts and how that sits in your belly, you will know if you are being honest or not with yourself. It takes a truly strong courageous person to come into that type of alignment, and because I have done it I will no longer entertain anything less than in my intimate passionate world.

Everyone on the planet is an empath. It is our natural state of being. Every newborn baby is born with this ability. The only way to get back to our natural state of empathy is to be a radical truth seeker within yourself.

The truth shall set you free and isn’t it freedom what we all want? Nothing tastes as good as freedom, truth and alignment so don’t ever settle. Do your deep inner authentic work, and keep striving to align to how truth feels in the base of your stomach, not your heart and not the mind. Go deeper 100% of the time. When you do that nothing in your outside world matters because you have found the secret key to abundance and freedom inside of yourself.

AHO xo