This world is so caught up in labelling what true love is, and unless we feel that exciting lust, the rush of attraction, the Zaza zing or the butterflies in our belly, we then assume and judge that it can’t be true love. I beg to differ.

In order to understand true Universal love is to know yourself fully on the inside. If you haven’t been working on that aspect of yourself, unfortunately, you will fall prey to this ego world. It’s natural and it’s the point of our Earthly existence is to know duality. To know and experience the exterior world and how we relate to it on the inside.

The key to awakening your spiritual divine partner is to switch the way you relate to the outside world and how that affects your inside world. The divine task is to honour your intuition and gut feelings within you FIRST and to trust in that to create the world you want on the outside.

Awareness and consciousness always start within. If you have been on the spiritual path I’m sure you have heard it all before, that in order for the physical world to manifest it first starts from within. It begins with an idea, a feeling, a desire that is channelled energy from Source, into our bodies that is then translated into actionable tangible outcomes in our physical world.

Nothing comes into this world until it has been thought of or desired first. What we get confused about, especially if you have been asking the Universe for true unconditional sacred love is that we will recognize it when it arrives. I’m here to tell you that you won’t until the Universe directly and powerfully shows it to you, and it won’t be anything you could even imagine either.

If you have been asking and desiring true Cosmic love, and if it has manifested into your reality,  if it doesn’t fit your conditioning or your internal belief systems of what you assume love to be, then you will reject it, unconsciously too.

For true spiritual love, you must be very aware of your internal world.

This goes with the saying, be careful what you wish for. The internal world is far more vast and truthful than our outer worlds, and yet we tend to believe what we have been taught about love than to be open to possibilities that in truth, we really have no idea.

The closest example I can get to true Universal Unconditional and pure love is when you hold your baby for the first time. Or a puppy.

If you can recognize that you can love that sentient being without thinking about how they look physically,  that you don’t feel lust or that Zaza zing, but you hold the utmost respect and divine love then you have opened the doorway to God’s love. That’s just the start. Yes, we are given sexual attraction to our partners, but what I have been shown, in truly sacred unions this doesn’t happen until you can walk through the depths of your own internal lies about how you think and know love to be thus far in your life.

If you can admit, hey I don’t really know what true love is when you have given yourself an opportunity to experience it.

The ego is cunningly smart but it is not wise. It will use lust and sexual attraction to get you to buy into its maze of love. Ego love is fast, lustful, attractive, hot, fun and most of all exciting.

True Universal love can be this way too but it never starts off that way. This is when we want to categorize this love as friends and we end up seeking the rush we are accustomed to.

Why do you think so many relationships are failing? Ego love runs dry and unless you cater to the outside world of lust, and attraction to give to someone to feed a compromise, then there will always be something missing.

Universal love is pure. It’ soft, quiet, patient, humble, kind, and allowing. It brings true freedom, no expectations and an unknown energy we tend to feel uncomfortable in.

It is because of this unknown energy that the mind is quick to pick up on the uncertainty and downplay a true spiritual connection. This is why so many people who believe they are in a twin flame relationship are suffering. The initial connection is so strong because of the sexual chemistry, romance, the outside attraction, and the feelings of lust and love we have bought into for so long matches our internal belief patterns.

True Twin Flames and truly sacred unions do not start off romantic, sexually, nor will it fit any ideas you think you know about love. It’s the purest form of love you will ever experience, and it will haunt you because it won’t ever fit your ideas of what love is. If you can’t label this connection, and all you know is that you feel super deeply and pure unconditional love for this person then it’s something to investigate.

It isn’t until you set aside your ego, and what you think real love is all about and start to dive deeper into self-love, and healing your inner child wounds is when you can move further into a sacred connection. It is the wounding of our inner child is where we first learned about worldly love, and if you do not dig deep then you will continue to be trapped in the ego love.

True love from the Universe takes courage because it’s unknown love. It won’t ignite the old feelings of love you have experienced before with others. How can it? Wouldn’t that mean you would continue to create the same types of relationships you have always had based on your internal belief patterns? Hell Ya! True Spiritual love will make you question yourself, what and who you are attracted to and if you have ever truly loved before.

You will feel scared and unsure of what this is, and yet the thought of this person will bring an immense amount of peace. It is this peace that you know it is God within. The Universe has an unwavering calm consistent undercurrent of fine balance, patience and peace. If anything, allow that peace to be your guiding light of what identifies true love.

A sacred union that is directed by the Cosmos will always start off as curiosity, peaceful, deep friendship, calm, and authentic. If you are not aware of yourself you may just pass it by….all because you were more willing to buy into the conditioning of romance and lust instead of the peace.