Feminism Hinders Yin Yang Balance

Speaking as an ex-labelled “lesbian” I know all too well what feminism is all about. I also know that it isn’t all black and white, and there are many facets to this equation. I’m going to show you that as humans, we continue to separate and label instead of binding and uniting.

There are three stages that the human consciousness has been going through in regards to intimate relationships. Keep in mind I am talking about the energy and not about the physical body.

masculine.jpegStage 1 Relationships: Marriages between masculine and feminine energies started as a method of survival or political gain. We married to bring together countries, nations, families, to aid in financial strife by saving dowries for our potential mates. This energy is still prominent on the planet in certain areas of the world.

This stage of consciousness is fully physical. The focus and learned behaviours we gained in this conditioning brought us to only focus on the physical aspects of attraction. Many people today are still seeking a fulfilled relationship in this stage, looking solely at the physical body first, the face, the financial security, the education, the family lineage, etc.  The growth and expansion in these types of relationships are very limited and can feel more like a prison for those who are ready to evolve their spirits into a new consciousness because the balance of the masculine and feminine energies are not aligned.

So what happens to the masculine and feminine energies in this stage? In most cases the masculine energy is dominant and the feminine energy is stifled. This is where feminism laid down its roots. We tend to believe that because the masculine energy is more dominant that owning this power is therefore fulfilling. That is further from the truth.

The masculine energy in this stage of consciousness has all of the privileges to make the decisions, the power to direct the choices in the physical world, but they are not able to feel their emotions.  Our divine masculines who are stuck in this stage are suffering as much as their divine feminines. They are unable to break the heart open, to be vulnerable, to cry and share their feelings and if they do they are seen as weak. Most masculines never enjoyed this power or the responsibility that came along with having to uphold such a strong unemotional “tough” stature. It hurts them in the long run and causes more disconnection to their true selves than connection.

The feminine energy in this stage is where most of the attention has gone to raise up the energy in stage 2. The divine feminine did not have any rights to make changes in our word. They were given specific roles to carry out that caused limitations in their true creative nature. They were treated unfairly and this ignited the rise of the feminist movement.

There are still many people on the planet today who are operating in some areas of this consciousness mainly because our parents shared the same belief systems.  Anyone can still hold belief systems and different elements from this stage of consciousness as well as in the others stages. Again none of this is black and white, it is up to you to recognize where you are stifled in your own soul evolution. The relationship energies are shifting quickly and evolving so if you are feeling the call to end these types of relationships in your life, take a look at where you are at and where your consciousness wants to expand.

In Stage 1 it is the divine masculine who is seeking to break down and feel the emotions that have been pent up for so long. They deeply want to honour and bask in the feminine energy if the divine feminine agrees to hold that space for the masculine. The feminine energy in this stage has a difficult time holding a loving space for the masculine because of deep seeded resentment caused by the limitations in power and control in the physical world.

Then there are some feminines who are quite content having the masculine take responsibility for everything where they can continue to blame them for not upholding their end of the bargain. There are also other feminines who want to break free and gain power. They do this by jumping into stage 2 and rejoicing in the power of the feminist movement, however, they are hindering their own evolutionary expansion when they deny themselves to open up to the masculine energies because of their own judgements and pain of being repressed for so long.

feminism.jpgThis brings us to Stage 2. This is where the rise of feminism has reached its peak where it has fought for voting rights,  to enter the job market, and to have the same rights as the masculine energy. This balancing of the feminine energy was needed and yet the masculine was still unable to open their sacred hearts and feel the emotions that were deeply suppressed. As the feminine energy gained momentum we saw many changes in our economy and in our physical world. Marriage shifted from physical survival and moved into seeking a love connection. The switch between stage 1 and stage 2 rapidly transformed our world and yet the masculine energy is still hanging onto the energy vibrations of stage 1.

There is a misconception in feminism that if the feminine energy fights for the rights to rise up to meet the masculine energy, to gain the same rights as the masculine, then that energy of power and control will be shared. What most people do not understand in this movement is that the masculine energy was already unbalanced and sitting so far right winged that no proper expansion and soul evolution can operate in this dynamic. Imagine trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe 3 sizes too small? The right winged container cannot hold this type of conscious expansion.

The world’s divine masculine and divine feminine energies are trying to find a balance in a space that does not honour balance. It is the middle ground where expansion happens, it is the balance of both energies where sacred union happens.

In Stage 2 the divine feminine has risen and has yet to acknowledge the pain and suffering the masculines have been enduring all this time. The feminines currently are about rising more in power, and its that power that can feel amazing but it also takes away the basic foundation of what feminine energy is.

This is the aspect that most hardcore feminists have a difficult time accepting, myself included at certain growth points in my life.

True feminine energy holds the sacred grail, the cup of creation and love. The divine sacred feminine is nurturing, loving, accepting, a soft space to rest. It is the shade we seek on a super hot and sunny day.

Hardcore feminism has been incorporating the energy of out of balance right winged masculine energy in order to match and make right the past injustices. This will never bring balance because feminine energy isn’t masculine at all.

True feminism is to recognize that it requires the masculine balance to come into the divine feminine to rest, to be nurtured, to be held, loved and fully accepted as the masculine breaks down into their vulnerability. This is truly powerful feminine energy. It doesn’t want to be anything it isn’t. Feminine energy cannot be masculine energy and nor can masculine energy be feminine. It’s a dance between the two of equal giving and receiving. Feminine energy is to be so open and loving that it draws the masculine in for rest. Once rested the masculine can rise in the feminine energy to create a union as one in the physical world together.