This post is going to be difficult to write. Mainly because there are no forms of human communication that can express the magnitude of this power. Telepathy would attribute to being a clear form of communication, and yet that can only happen when you are fully tapped into Source energy.

Many people see me as strong, a warrior but it was Mama Ayahuasca and the staff at Bluestone Ayahuasca who showed me true mothering as I melted into my vulnerability. This was the pivotal moment in my growth. Being an overly sensitive child where I naturally picked up empathetically to others energies, heard their thoughts, saw energy, I grew up very confused not being able to trust myself for a long period of time.

I doubted everything about me, and although I broke so many patterns, came out successful on the other side, I could recognize manipulation in a heartbeat, but I learned to love myself fully where I am fully happy on my own without having a relationship. I knew everything would manifest in my unwavering faith in the power of the Universe, so I chilled in my life. Unbeknown to me there were unconscious patterns I couldn’t see.

This included the abuse that hindered certain deep intimacy I was lacking as a child. I withheld a deeper space of love against my own children, and I wasn’t even aware of it. I was so afraid of being evil like the evils that were done to me, I held back. It wasn’t until Mama Ayahuasca showed me that I am nothing like those who are unconscious, and how beautiful I am as a soul, I cried at my own beauty. It was this deeper inner love I was holding back from my children because I didn’t quite see it in all it’s totality.

I can genuinely love everyone now, the shift is so real and so transforming. Ayahuasca is truly a medicine and not a drug. It heals your psychological patterns, its breaks your ego, heals your emotions and provides deep insights into your path and journey.

I got so many affirmations around myself, my sexuality, and my true divine compliment, my mission, my skills, my gifts, my femininity, my sensuality, and so many other gifts. I even got to be the first to hack on the first ceremony LOL

For more information on the retreat, I attended I highly recommend them. They have an amazing caring staff.