Yesterday I couldn’t post, the detox was bad. Not nearly as bad as day 1 but definitely up and down. I mostly slept and kept close to the bathroom, I could feel my liver working at expelling the toxins.

I am thoroughly disgusted with what I have seen come out of me, and this might be TMI for some but the smell was like death. Truly, like dead rotting bodies.

My breath smells, my urine smells, my body stinks UGHHH!

6 Days on a pure water fast and I’m still expelling nastiness!!! How many toxins do we hold in our body and for how long? It’s no wonder we can’t lose weight when we are following the calories in and calories out method. It’s no wonder we end up failing in our health in so many areas, it’s because we are all garbage cans with legs walking around and not thinking twice about what we put into our bodies. We then take medications that don’t heal us but to only cover up the symptoms.

As many of you know, I have always enjoyed cannabis, and in the past few months, I have been using it to aid my IBS. It was helping to a certain point but then it stopped. This water fast will end all your addictions. It just depends how strong are you to FEEL what you have done to your body all these years? I have now literally been turned off cannabis. My breath tasted and smelled like rotting weed. I can’t explain it but it lasted for most of the day and I wanted to throw up. Never again. This experience of expelling toxins has left me free of all previous mind pattern battles.

Yesterday on day 6 all I could think about was food, and junk food too. This is the thing, with water fasting. You are taking in clear, high purity liquid from where we were created into your body and nothing else.  We evolved from water. We are born from the womb from water. We are mostly made up of water, so it boggles my mind why we think we can’t fast on just water? It will heal your thoughts, your emotions and your body.

As I was thinking about KFC (which I hardly ate anyways so this is really strange) I was tempted to gorge myself. Like I did in the past with my eating issues, so I know this was something healing in me. Then I would start bawling for no reason.

I continued to allow this to just be and eventually, it subsided. I slept most of the day not finishing up the kid’s laundry and other things  I wanted to accomplish but my body needed the rest. I’m glad I listened.  It’s also Pride here in Toronto and I was asked to head down but there was no way I could partake the way I was feeling.

Today is Day 7 and I woke up feeling much more energized. I’m going to take advantage of this while I can. Officially at midnight tonight, my fast is done.

I will end my fast tomorrow with some watermelon. I then fly out on Wednesday and upon my return, I will practice intermittent fasting where I only eat 1 plant-based meal a day.

Spiritually last night I had an angel come to me when I was speaking to the Universe. I see very clearly but since the water fast, it’s so much more vibrant and clear.  She gave me some messages and as I tuned in I realized it was actually Mother Mary. Mother Mary came to me in my teens and there has always been a connection to the Divine Feminine. I was given some very strong messages and I thanked her.

I have hidden from my Feminine side for a long time, so I know this is opening up for me now. It truly was a beautiful experience and I am so grateful for what water fasting as done for me.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will also post pictures.

Oh! I am officially down 14lbs today! WHOOP!