Day 5 Water Fast: 12 lbs Loss

As promised here are my chunky pics. I’m seeing a slight difference but the way I feel is amazing. I have lost mostly around the rib cage, my legs and my tummy.

Day 1.png

Last night I finally worked out!! WAHOOOO!!! My energy seems to peek at night so I most definitely did not want to be up all night again. I tried to run but my body just wouldn’t do it and I had a hard time breathing. I realized that when you fast NO CARDIO, for me anyways. I’m not sure if other people can but I can’t. I don’t know if it’s my lungs clearing out from the many years of smoking tobacco and cannabis, but I have been feeling a little congested and coughing up phlegm. I stopped running and did some planks, legs work and pushups. I felt amazing, only went at it for 30 mins I didn’t want to overdo it and listened to my body.

By the time 10pm hit I was out like a baby and up at 5:48am.

Woke up energized and alive! Feeling great! We shall see how I feel when lunchtime approaches as that seems to be my detox time.

Some extra added bonus to my detox, my skin is clearing BIG TIME, my teeth are whiter and the scaly skin on my feet is gone! Amazing!

Other than that today I’m prepping for my retreat, cleaning house and maybe do a little shopping 🙂

Namaste xo


I'm a loving highly sensitive, radical nonconformist, really dead on intuitive with a clear understanding of how energy moves, flows, works, attracts etc. I had to learn at a very young age how to work in this highly sensitive place. I'm also a single mother of 2 kids and I have a deep love for ancient healing modalities including plant medicine. I also love to scuba dive, hike, work out, eat clean, travel and try different foods.

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