Well, I’m going to be blunt and say it. The medical community doesn’t know a rats ass what they are talking about when it comes to fasting.

Granted I believe Western medicine is good for things like surgery etc. but other than that I don’t see the point in going to a doctor. I can do my own check-ups at home and I would rather do natural forms of healing then prescription drugs.

I’ve done it before, I’ve even healed strep throat, something I have had since I was a kid, it would return whenever I got the flu. The last time I got it,  I made up my own concoction and it has never returned. Take that Western Medicine!

Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep. I drifted out at around 10pm but then boom at 10:45pm I as up. Wide awake with all of this energy. It was so much energy I wanted to go for a run! Seriously, I have NEVER felt this burst in energy before where I am INSPIRED TO WORKOUT??? WTF IS THAT? LOL  Finally at around 12:30pm I passed out but I woke up at 5:30am bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the world!

5 hours of sleep and still on a high energy! This means I gotta work out today.

This is the thing. In the past, I have had to motivate and push myself to workout until I taught myself to like to it once I got into a routine.

I can see now, how fasting and intermittent fasting can naturally cleanse you and at the same time give you all of this energy to burn. This means that I am burning my own body fat for fuel now, so there is no reason I would need to eat. It’s also a myth that I’m burning muscle. If you have fat stores, your body is going to go through that first before resorting to anything else. How perfect is that? I have all this energy because my own body is eating itself for energy, and I reap the benefits of feeling clean and alive.

I love food, but eating is overrated. It’s another addiction like everything else. We live in a world of addiction where we look to feed our souls with relationships, a new car, vacations and dining out. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but when it consumes you and it becomes what you live for, well that’s suffering in my honest opinion.

Today is going to be a great day to work out. It boggles my mind. I haven’t eaten anything in 4 days and yet I have all of this energy I just want to go for a run. Incredible. Our bodies are so perfectly designed if we just listen to it. I have experienced miracles in my body that doctors don’t even see today, like natural birth. Did you know most doctors in Western Medicine will hardly ever see a medication-free birth? My own doctor was sceptical that I would be able to do it. HECK everyone around me thought I couldn’t do it. Well, I did it…TWICE. Just like I’m healing my own body beyond Western Medicine.

Truly, that’s really sad in my honest opinion that humans have reached this point where we have lost the ancient ways of trusting the Divine perfection of our bodies.  We are taught that our bodies are to fail us when our bodies are the most incredible design that will heal you naturally if you are willing to trust it.

3:19pm: I slept the entire day LOL It’s really interesting how this water fasting detoxes you and it’s really important to realize that when you feel like crap that you need to rest. It’s all the toxins coming out of your body. I realize that the crappy feeling gets less each day and the energy picks up and I’m hoping eventually the energy will just be more prevalent.  I have noticed that around 11am or 12pm my detox happens, it’s funny because that was the time I would eat breakfast. Then my energy picks up into the afternoon and evening and I can’t fall asleep.

Today has also been filled with nausea and a super white tongue so I know my body is releaseing a lot of toxins that contributed to my years of digestion issues. Tomorrow is day 5! I’m doing pretty good, it’s been gradually getting better each day and so onward we go!