WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Day 3 of my water fast and I am down 8lbs! Originally I was only going to do 3 days and I kept that in the back of my mind when I started although I said I was going to do 7. Now I want to do 10 days.

Now keep in mind, I have hit ketosis many times in my life having working out since my teens. So my body is accustom to burning fat, even at a young age. I have always lost weight fast until I hit my late 30’s, then everything slowed down.

I also have a lot of lean muscle mass, I swear I am more built like a man. I had to work VERY VERY hard to maintain a size 8 5 years ago.  Trust me I was squatting 100lbs dead weight at that time.

Back in 2012 when I lost 100lbs I was working out every day from 1.5-2hrs 6 days a week with a personal trainer. I had 2 gym memberships, one at my house when I worked from home and 1 by my office.

But that was HARD WORK. Then I hurt my knee because of bad form and the rest is history. I have considered going back to that but my body is saying no, it’s too strenuous.

Doing this cleanse was all about clearing myself out and getting healthy. Never did I think I would drop 8 lbs in 3 days (start of my day 3 today!)

So I’m going to keep going as long as I can. Break my fast at day 10, go on my retreat and then do a 15 day fast.

Something like that. I know my body so intuitively so I am trusting and listening to her. She knows better than the medical community.  I birthed my children without medication, I have been every size in the book (size 5 to a 25) I have done every workout, I even lead aerobics and was on the swim team. I ran marathons and was on track and field. So when I say that this is really working better than what the system has told us to do….hell ya! There is definitely something in our genetics of how we use to live in ancient times and what our bodies are capable of! Again we have been LIED to that we need to eat multiple times a day.

There is an entire science behind this and get this. Your body already has all the nutrients it needs on the inside! This is why I’m not dizzy or about to fall over and die. LOL

This fasting isn’t about losing weight so let me reiterate that. It’s a total body clean out, it’s cleansing emotional stuff, mental mind patterns, and getting me into physical and spiritual alignment. This is a TOTALITY of cleansing!

I feel CLEAN. Like SO CLEAN on the inside. It’s nothing like I have felt before! Even though all the years of working out never have I felt this alive either! Yes not eating is hard, but it’s worth the way I feel. Yes, the detox is hard, but heck it’s worth getting all that crap out of my system.

This was the last stage of fully loving myself. I did all the other stuff, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. Now it’s all bringing it into the physical.

I woke up  SO energized. Had a crazy dream that a Government Agency was chasing me because of my empathic and intuitive abilities HAHAHA.

It’s so nice to have such entertaining dreams at night like I’m at some Hollywood Premiere featuring me and then wake up feeling this alive.

Life is GRAND xo

12:30 pm: So much for feeling good. It’s been up and down and apparently, I am doing a deeper detox now. Nausea has come back as well as the fatigue. It’s still much better than day 1, so I’m just going to rest and see how this goes.

6:41pm: My energy is back!!! YES! Did some more detox today so that’s what the fatigue was all about. It’s my body working hard at clearing out all the years of crap in my digestive system.  I don’t know how people do this while going into a job or running errands. Resting is so important during this process. It really depends on how toxic your body is too. Keep in mind I was already somewhat fasting. Prior to my water fast, I never ate breakfast. I wouldn’t eat until lunchtime and then a small meal in the evening. It wasn’t always the best food so that was just adding onto my digestive issues. I think because I was already accustomed to eating less has really helped me to keep this water fast. I am so grateful I can do this