Wow wow wow. Seriously woke up ENERGIZED.


Seriously if you want to get closer to the Universe you gotta FAST. Last night I was seriously having a trip. It felt like I was already doing Ayahuasca (although I have never done it I was shown this is what it feels like)…I’m not kidding. I remember my dreams vividly and Spirit was showing me the clean energy channels in my body and how it brought me up to the gates of heaven that were psychedelic in colour, hippie designs and filled with glitter.

Spirit showed me that the moment my thought changes I could either be at the gates of Heaven or eating greasy french fries (which is funny cause I don’t care for fries all that much) It all depends on how I direct the energy in my body. I was also shown that the “sludge” and energy from everything I have eaten in past blocks the energy lines to Source. Even though I am mostly a vegetarian if I end up going out etc I do eat meat. I was shown the energy from those animals, the residual energy of that carcass sits in the energy channels of our body. It also sits in your colon.

I was also told that is what the Ayahuasca trip feels like.

I truly believe I have hit ketosis, which is a state where your body burns fat for fuel. As many of you know working out, changing my eating habits, and leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t new to me, but over the last year, I have packed on the pounds.

Here are my symptoms waking up to Day 2.

  • Metalic taste in my mouth
  • Vivid dreams
  • Waking up in a puddle of sweat
  • Energized
  • Clear-minded
  • Slight hunger but very sustainable and nothing I can’t handle

It’s pretty early right now 7:20am so I will update this blog post as the day progresses.

I have so much energy I want to go workout LOL but I know that isn’t the best thing to do right now as I’m just starting this water fast.

Truly, everyone reading this, there is a reason all religions and spiritual practices talk about fasting. There is something that aligns us in such a profound way if you are willing to let go of everything the world has taught you about food.

Our bodies are incredible. Give it more credit. Listen to it. For instance my entire life I HATED eating breakfast and our world tells us it is the most important meal of the day.  My body NATURALLY told me not to eat breakfast. I have been forcing my son when he fights me telling me he wants to throw up in the morning. I know the feeling and yet here I am forcing him to eat.

I was already only eating 1-2 meals per day and I was worried because all this time my body was leading me towards fasting! INCREDIBLE!

Forget it. He can listen to his body too. I’m done with what the system has told us to do. Including how I listen to my body and knowing what it naturally wants.

There is nothing natural about what our medical field tells us to do, it’s all a pharmaceutical game.  It’s another way to stay sick. We have been embedded in lies that the system tells us.

Ancient teachings have been telling us to fast. There is some major truth in that.


8pm: At around 6:30pm I was feeling sick, chills, dizzy and exhausted. I cleaned today on a rampage and then went out to get more water. It wasn’t anything too strenuous but I am only on day 2. So I napped. I feel much better but not nearly where I was earlier today and I woke up in a sweat. My body is definitely readjusting to its natural operation. I truly feel that I am being reset. This metal taste in my mouth is just nasty and its getting stronger. It’s all about the detox baby!

The hardest thing today was making dinner for my kids. Making a salad had me salivating and I was soooo tempted to lick the little dap of dressing off my hand LOL But I didn’t!!!

I’m doing this because I really truly want to be healed of my digestion issues. I have lived my entire life with these stomach pains and going between constipation and diarrhoea.

So off to bed again to watch Netflix and on to Day 3 tomorrow!