It is 12pm: I’m hungry. I’m not going to lie. Half the day is gone and my stomach is on a hunger rampage.

I’m tired, having brain fog and all I want to do is sleep. I’m also nauseous but that’s normal and it was hard not to have my coffee this morning. I know I really need this and I’m feeling really good giving my body a break. It can now heal and cleanse as I prepare for Ayahuasca in just a week and a half.

This video has really helped me to know that what I am going through is normal.

7 Day Water Fast

I’m thinking now I want to go a week on a water fast, but we shall see what happens after day 3 LOL

The hunger is crazy but that’s my body trying to regulate it’s insulin levels. Some of you might be wondering why I’m doing this. In a previous post Let the Cleanse Begin I talked about my IBS and that my entire life I have had digestion issues. Cannabis helped for a little bit but my body just got accustomed to it. I also don’t care for how it makes me feel anymore.

I hear Spirit calling me to be very lean in my body. This has nothing to do with physical image or looking good. This is all about how I FEEL in my skin. My Skin is saying that it doesn’t want to be totally buff, building muscle and working so hard everyday 1.5hrs in a gym 6 days a week. It wants ease, so that’s what I’m doing and what I am striving for. I’m seeing my body more as a vessel to allow the energy to flow faster, and more clear.

If I’m going to be working between the Spirit Realm and our physical world I know that I am to be the best conduit I can be. This is the next step in my journey so I can serve all of you authentically.

I quit smoking cigarettes in September 2017, and I don’t drink alcohol. I’m already more vegan/vegetarian but would love to be a raw vegan. Again I am simply going by what Spirit is telling me and what my body is saying she is ready for. It’s a very powerful feeling. My mind and my ego are screaming at me but my soul is content.

So not much to report today but I’m hungry, wanna puke, brain fog and thinking of going back to bed and it’s only lunchtime.

I’m taking pictures, and I will post them as the week progresses.

If you don’t know much about water fasting, it’s a spiritual and healthy practice found in all cultures and religions. You can read more here: Water Fasting Nature’s Cleanse

4:43pm: I chatted with a friend, I napped, I woke up to drink water and then I napped again. The 2nd round of napping I put on Abraham Hicks as I like to lay down to fall asleep to the messages that came through. This time I was out and my dreams became very vivid. Then Abrahams’s voice got really clear and I came out of slumber just in time to cognitively hear:

” This time your body will rest and it will cleanse. When you awaken and once you have completed this you will be better than you have been before. You will be clear and pure and ready to do the work you came to do. You see you can’t do for others until you can do for yourself. You can’t help others the way you came to help if you are not in full alignment.”

I nodded in my sleep recognizing the direct message from Source. Knowing that I was doing well. I just woke up refreshed, hungry but less brain fog than earlier.

Already the clarity in the message and the visions in my third eye have increased. Needless to say, I am stoked to see where and how I transform!

This is a melding of everything I have learned to this point.